Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 12, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Ninad tries to calm down Bhavani and ask permission to celebrate Savi’s birthday in Chavan Nivas. Bhavani asks if he supports Ashwini. Ninad says Ashwini is right, but her way of speaking was wrong; he will talk to her and teach her how to behave with the head of the family. Bhavani says that Pakhi will not like Savi and Sai visiting Chavan nivas and they should ask her permission first. Ashwini says she will convince Pakhi and calls her. During the school trip, Virat draws a line on his cardigan and tells Savi that he missed her birthday and from now on he will draw a line on his cardigan with her every birthday, Vinu even says to him. Virat draws 2 lines and says they will do it every year. Savi watches them from a distance and then sets to work on a job. Virat asks Savi if this is her first birthday present from her baba. Savi says her baba used to send her cake and presents every year. Virat thinks that although Sai raised Savi alone, she always made Savi feel her baba’s presence. He emotionally wipes away his tears. Savi says that she, baba and Vinu dada will always stay together and enjoy a lot.

Pakhi joins them and asks how she is. Savi says she will click their pictures. Pakhi feels discouraged seeing the bond between Virat and Savi. Ashwini calls Pakhi and asks her to celebrate Savi’s birthday in Chavan Nivas. Pakhi asks her not to ask her and says that it is also Virat and Sai’s wedding anniversary, so they should celebrate double. She starts to cry. Ashwini asks why she is crying. Sonali says that everyone would cry when they are sad. Ninad asks if today is Sai and Virat’s wedding anniversary. Bhavani says Sai played a good game and hit a sixer. Virat thanks Sai for always making Savi feel his presence. Virat says she did it for Savi and wanted Savi to maintain respect for his father. Virat apologizes for forcing her to come here for their wedding anniversary. Sai says she doesn’t want to remember dead relationships and didn’t want drama for Savi this is an inauspicious day she unwillingly had to marry him and ruined her life afterwards hopes she wouldn’t have met him at all still says a disaster can’t be changed, she doesn’t need his sorry or thanks.

The teacher announces a compatibility test for parents and explains the rules that one of the parents has to choose a token and whoever wins gets king-father and queen-mother crowns. Savi is feeling happy. Teacher chooses a first token and calls Jahnvi’s parents. Father answers 1 out of 3 questions correctly. Teacher then calls Mr. and Mrs. Chavan. Vinu and Savi encourage Pakhi and Virat to take the stage. They both go on stage and take their seats. The teacher says that if they answer all the questions correctly, they will win the game. Pakhi answers all questions well. Guest says Mrs. Chavan knows her husband very well. Teacher says let’s see how much Mr. Chavan knows his wife. Pakhi gets tense and says that is not necessary as her husband can make her lose a won game.

Precap: Picnic bus breaks down while returning and hangs on a cliff with Sai and Pakhi hanging on each side of the door and calling Virat for help. Virat looks in delimma who to save.