Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein December 11, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Savi shows Sai Pakhi’s gifted birthday stash. Sai says it’s beautiful. Savi says that Pakhi has ordered a big birthday cake, toys and chocolates for her and she will enjoy them a lot. Sai thanks Pakhi for doing so much for her daughter. Virat says it was obvious as Pakhhi knows celebrations should be celebrated with everyone and not just in silence. The teacher asks why they are all silent, they should do some masti and start antakshari. Savi says her aayi sings well. Vinu says that even his baba sings well and insists that Virat sing. Virat and Sai hesitate. Pakhi sings Hamae Tumse Pyar Kitna Ye Hum Nahi Jaante.. song. Virat sings the song Na Tum Hume Jaano. Vinu and Savi insist that Sai sing from A.. Sai Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh.. song. Vinu sings Bam Bam Bole.. song next.

They reach a picnic area. Virat lifts up Savi and Vinu and sits them in a toy train and enjoys. Savi feels sad thinking that if Virat had supported her instead of Pakhi, they would have celebrated doubly and their Vinu would have been with them, but he is unperturbed by his behaviour. The teacher tells Pakhi that they should leave for another place of interest. Pakhi says we should cut Savi’s birthday cake and then leave from here. Cake arrives. Teacher gathers everyone and reveals cake. They are all shocked to see Virat and Sai’s birthday cake instead. Kids ask why happy birthday Savi isn’t on the cake. Virat realizes that their daughter’s birth took place on their wedding anniversary.

Ashwini and Ninad fix Savi’s photo with family photos. Sonali reminds Ashwini that she made a drama when Vinu fixed Savi’s picture on a family photo wall. Ashwini says she doesn’t have to answer her. Sonali tells her to answer Bhavani then. Bhavani enters and yells at Ashwini and Ninad for repairing Savi’s family photos photo without her permission and taunts that they have to fix the entire photos of Nagpur. Ashwini says that Savi is their granddaughter. Bhavani says she won’t believe without any evidence and breaks Savi’s photo. Ashwini gets angry and wonders why she broke her granddaughter’s picture on her birthday, says she is not afraid of Bhavani but just respects her, that she shouldn’t sink so low in her arrogance that she loses her respect , etc.

Sai confronts Pakhi for getting a birthday cake instead of a birthday cake. Virat also questions Pakhi. Other children’s parents discuss that Virat’s drama with both his wives started again. Pakhi says that she had ordered a birthday cake herself and calls the owner of the pastry shop who informs him that she must have ordered a birthday cake earlier as it is in their previous records and it happened due to a mistake. Vinayak asks why it says anniversary on the cake. Savi explains that it resembles his parents’ anniversary they celebrated a while ago. Kids ask how Savi is going to cut the cake now. Pakhi says she will fix it and clear names. Savi asks what her name is in. Savi says she ruined her daughter’s birthday. Guests discuss the drama of ex and current wife from now on.

Sai corrects cake and writes Savi’s name with gems chocolate. Feeling happy, Savi asks Sai and Virat to cut cake with her. They agree and cut cake. Savi gives them cake and then Pakhi and asks Pakhhi to click their pictures. Pakhi who is sad agrees. Sai tries to leave, but Savi insists on posing with them. Virat also insists for Savi’s sake. Sai agrees. Pakhi clicks the picture and feels very sad.

Precap: Picnic bus breaks down while returning and hangs on a cliff with Sai and Pakhi hanging on each side of the door and calling Virat for help. Virat looks in delimma who to save.