GHKPM 30th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Pakhi planning to embarrass Sai and spikes her drink. She then sees Virat and Sai’s closeness and gets furious. She interrupts them and gives drink to everyone. Virat being intoxicated asks for more and Pakhi smiles looking at him. He struggles to pick the glass while she helps him and then sees Sai drinking the spiked drink. She smirks looking at Sai and determines to fulfill her plan. Whereas, she confronts Sai and reminds that the latter have prohibited her from applying colour to Virat, but states that atleast she can put colour on her. Sai smiles and shows her left cheek to Pakhi, but latter applies it on the other cheek. Sai gets shocked and remembers their previous Holi.

Here, Pakhi also gets flashes of her and Sai’s first holi and remembers how she was hurt. She then moves away from there and tries to take Virat along with him, but Sai doesn’t let them separate Virat from herself. Samrat somehow manages Sai and Pakhi takes him towards Chavan family.

Virat mingles with everyone and showers his love. He says that he really cares about his family and meets each one of them. Bhavani notices him being intoxicated, while Sonali says that atleast he is talking to them. Ashwini tries to stabilize Virat and then they all stands together to get a family picture.

Elsewhere, Bhavani ask Pakhi to move aside and signals Ashwini to stand beside Virat. They were about to get clicked when Sai comes there running and complains that they didn’t asked her to join. They notices her also being intoxicated and she pushes them away to stand along with Virat.

Everyone loses their balance as Sai pushes them and their pictures get clicked. Whereas, Virat keeps demanding for sweets from Ashwini, while she says that he have already had enough. She tries to make him understand, while he vows that he haven’t eaten much. Meanwhile, Pakhi notices Sai trying to get close to Virat and decides to take him away.

Ahead, Pakhi drags Virat along with her while Samrat also follows her. Sai shouts at her and follows them stating that she won’t let Pakhi snatch her husband. Samrat ask Pakhi to let Virat enjoy the party, to which she replies that he isn’t in his senses and says that Pakhi is trying to take advantage of his situation. She states that when he will get his senses back, he will be furious at them.

Mansi serves the guests, while Bhavani and Sonali comes there and gives a befitting reply to the neighbours who have taunted them for Virat. Whereas, Bhavani complains that because of Sai, her pose gets disturbed during their family photoshoot. Meanwhile, Sai starts dancing on “Balam Sami” song. Virat and others enjoys her performance, while Virat also joins the stage and dances with Samrat.

Further, Samrat notices Pakhi being furious seeing Sai and Virat. He gives her a spiked bhaang to make her relax. Meanwhile, Virat expresses his love towards Samrat and tells how he used to miss him. Whereas, they shows their gratitude towards Sai for reuniting them. Pakhi scolds Samrat for thanking Sai, while latter makes her drink more Bhaang. Chavans gets elated seeing Virat having fun and Ashwini distributes money to the servants to celebrate their happiness.

Precap:- Sai and Pakhi dances together on “Pinga Gapori” song. They gracefully matches eachother’s steps on the stage, while others enjoys their performance. Virat keeps cheering for them, while Sai smiles looking at him.

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