GHKPM 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Devyani asking Sai to close her eyes and imagine the person whom she loves the most. Sai hesitates while Devyani forces her to close her eyes and make her imagine a situation where she is having all the emotions, like happiness, sadness, anger; she questions Sai that whom she wants to share her feelings with? To which latter concentrates and sees Virat’s face. She smiles brightly seeing him and then opens her eyes realising her love for Virat. She notify Devyani about it, while the latter gets excited and starts screaming that Sai is in love with Virat.

Here, Sai also gets elated and shouted her love for Virat. She becomes overwhelmed and shares her happiness with Devyani. She proclaims that she was unaware of her feelings for him and shows her gratitude towards Devyani for making her realise her true feelings towards Virat.

Sai jumps and shouts being excited “Bahara Bahara” song plays. She dances with Devyani and then goes around the garden telling about her love for Virat. Meanwhile, Devyani suggest her to confess her love to Virat, but Sai gets hesitant.

Elsewhere, Devyani makes Sai again close her eyes and ask to imagine Virat. The latter does as per Devyani’s instructions and imagines Virat. She smiles seeing his presence and goes near him. She bends down on her knees and takes his hands. She looks into his eyes and confesses her love for him.

Sai keeps holding Virat’s hands and expresses all her emotions, while he gets furious at her. He tells that she have broken her trust. He reminds how she insulted him and points finger at his character, even when he wasn’t wrong. He reminds how she didn’t believed or supported him when he needed her the most.

Ahead, Virat denies to accept Sai’s love and warns her to stay away from him. He glares at her while Sai comes out of her imagination. She gets scared and tells about it to Devyani. She remembers how she hurted Virat and states that she can’t confess her feelings to him.

Devyani gets worried and questions Sai’s decision, while latter makes her understand her perspective. She says that if she will confess her love to Virat, then he will reject her as he is angry. She says that first she will get his forgiveness and then he will notify him about her feelings. Devyani agrees to help her, while at that time Virat really comes there.

Further, Sai and Devyani gets shocked seeing him while he questions about their actions. Devyani insists Sai to tell him about her love but latter denies and lies to him. He goes away after taunting Sai, whereas she feels hurt. Later, Sai comes out after taking a bath and smiles looking at Virat’s sleeping face. She goes near him and admires his smile. She determines to protect his smile at any cost.

Precap:- Sai reads her horoscope and learns that she will get close to Virat as the difference in between them will get over. She then realises that he doesn’t even allow her near him and gets worried. She continues reading the newspaper and learns that she should wear rainbow colour to attract her partner, while she gets an idea. She becomes excited stating that she will surely get Virat’s forgiveness. She then applies holi colours to Virat while he was sleeping and gets close to him.

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