GHKPM 21st March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Sai getting outside her room and sees the decorations. She stands alone in the garden and becomes emotional remembering her moments with Virat. She gets teary eyes as she faces the reality that no one is there to support or help her. She misses her close ones and feels sad. Meanwhile, at that time Devyani comes there and consoles Sai. She accepts her fault and says that she was extra strict towards her. Sai questions if she will again slap her? To which latter denies and kisses Sai’s cheek, apologising for her action. Sai also asks sorry for her mistake and reconcile with Devyani.

Here, Sai questions that how suddenly Devyani agrees to talk to her? To which latter tells her that Pulkit made her understand her mistake. She notify Sai that when she went out of the house after slapping her, Pulkit had followed her. She apprises him that she wants to stay with her family for a little longer as Virat only use to talk with her. Whereas, Pulkit agreed for it without any problem.

Devyani continued that she showed her gratitude towards Pulkit, while he reminds her about their love connection and says that there won’t be any problem in between them. She hugged him and expresses her love and tags him to be a magician. He smiles seeing her innocence, while she remembers Sai and gets furious at her.

Elsewhere, Pulkit calms Devyani and ask her to think from Sai’s perspective. She replies that she don’t want to think like Sai and calls her bad. He reminds her that how Sai helped them to get together. She tells that she wants Sai to stay away from Virat, but latter keeps disturbing Virat.

Pulkit smiles and ask Devyani to remember how her family use o keep him away from her, but he always fought with them to stay near her. He says that it’s good to fight for the people we love and so Sai is doing the same thing. Devyani understood Pulkit’s concern and agrees to talk to Sai regarding it.

Ahead, Sai shows her gratitude towards Devyani and gets emotional after expressing her pain. She says that didn’t had anyone to tell her problems as everyone is angry with her. Devyani consoles her and encourages her to get Virat’s forgiveness.

Sai blames herself for hurting Virat and remembers all the beautiful moments she had spent with him. Devyani supports her and boosts her confidence to gain Virat’s forgiveness. They both laughs talking about Virat’s strict nature and enjoys each other’s company.

Further, Devyani ask Sai to close her eyes and questions that when she feels urge to share her happiness, sadness, trouble or anything else with anyone, then who she thinks about at first? Sai remembers Virat and smiles while Devyani ask her that it is her sign that she loves Virat. Devyani insists Sai to accept her feelings, while latter gets elated and embraces it. She gets delighted to realise her feelings and decides to confess it to Virat.

Precap:- Sai holds Virat’s hand and bends down on her knees. She confesses her feelings for him and declares that she loves him a lot even more then her life. She smiles staring at him, while he gets dumbstruck hearing her confession and keeps looking at her.

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