GHKPM 1st April 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Sai taking Virat along with herself. She helps him to walk while he gets irked as sunlight disturbs him. He couldn’t able to keep his eyes open, while Sai notices it and shields his face with her hands. He looks at her being elated and smiles, while she reciprocates. At that time Virat takes Holi colour and smears on her face sensuously “Tum Tak” song plays. She gets overjoyed as colour falls on them and then takes a white clothe and covers themselves under it. They both stares at one another, while he gets close to her. She feels nervous and looks downwards, while he falls upon her being intoxicated. She smiles and removes the clothe from themselves and helps Virat to walk inside their room.

Here, Samrat also helps Pakhi to go towards their room as she couldn’t able to walk by herself. Whereas, Chavans bids adieu to their guest and then talks that they really enjoyed the Holi function. Bhavani questions about Pakhi, to which Karishma says that one daughter-in-law got intoxicated and other acted to be not in her senses and tricked everyone. Bhavani taunts Karishma and ask her to stay quiet.

Mohit praises Sai stating that everything was possible because of her efforts only. Whereas, Shivani also agrees to him and declares that Sai made the holi celebration enjoyable. Whereas, Bhavani scolds them and ask to stop their chants of Sai. Meanwhile, Omkar ask Bhavani to throw Sai out of their house and lives as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Sai takes Virat inside their room and laughs seeing his funny antics he looks at her bracelet gifted by DIG sir’s daughter and praises it. She shows that it is a combination of their name, while he passes some funny comments, making Sai laugh. She enjoys her moments with Virat.

Sai tells Virat that he is as brave as a lion to which he ask her to produce lion’s sound along with him. She laughs hearing his demand and then OES all the funny things along with him. He looks at her and then gets close. She touches her face with colours “Lahu Muh Lag Gaya” song plays.

Ahead, Virat gets extremely close to Sai and touches her sensuously. They both gets lost on eachother and then he turns her, making her back to collapse on his chest. Her breath increases as she becomes nervous and then looks at his eyes. She then remembers all their differences and gets apart from him. He shows his disapproval, but she reminds herself that he is intoxicated.

Samrat gets inside his room along with Pakhi while she keeps staring at him. She remembers her moments with Virat and imagines Smarat to be him. She smiles at him and hugs him tightly stating that if he wasn’t aware of her love towards him. He also feels elated and embraces her back.

Further, Sai takes Virat inside the bathroom and opens the shower for him. He gets romantic with her and captures her in between his arms. He runs away from there laughing at him and then calms herself down. Virat returns back after finishing his bath and then Sai feeds him medicine to sleep. He falls on her side of bed, while Sai gets worried thinking about Virat’s anger when he will wake up. She says that he will scold her for making him sleep on her side and gets tensed.

Precap:- Pakhi sleeps on bed along with Samrat and gets close to him. She smiles and tells that finally they are together and there is no one in between them. She confesses her love and questions that if he also loves her? She mistook him to be Virat and ask about his feelings towards her, while Samrat gets shocked hearing Virat’s name from her and gets away. She also realises the situation and becomes worried.

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