2022 Trending Forever Together SMS

Love is not just something to be taken lightly. In addition to friendship and making things better, you can decide to make this happen for a lifetime.

The dream of anyone in a healthy relationship is to want a love life that lasts for eternity.

And if this is your desire for whatever kind of relationship you find yourself in, then you can always look for a way to spice things up between you and your partner.

That’s why these trending quotes have been compiled for your reading and using pleasure as they are meant to bring more life to your relationship.

You and me together and messages forever

The beauty of love is when it’s programmed to happen until a day later forever. And with these love sms messages, you can express the perpetuity of your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend as a proof of eternal affection and love that you promised him or her.

1. You are my sun and my rainbow of many colors. My heartbeat and morning dew. I choose you for eternity.

2. I choose the sky by the rainbow. I choose the sea for the fish. I choose air to breathe. And I choose life with you.

3. Forever is until eternity. I choose you again and again, my love.

4. Every time spent with you is always valued and appreciated because I still yearn for more, and even eternity.

5. My desire and only promise is to love you until eternity.

6. I do not desire the presence of anyone other than yours all my life.

7. I love the feeling of being yours and you being mine. I want to feel this way forever.

8. Your eyes speak of your ingenuity. Glad I met an exceptional being like you.

9. This love I know will last forever because it is certainly here to stay, and so it will be.

10. I have always wanted lasting love. And this I found in you, my dear.

11. I will not stop loving you no matter what. Our love is for eternity.

12. The sun may stop shining, the wind may stop blowing, the river may stop flowing, but I will never stop loving you.

13. Before I found you, I made a wish. May I see a love that will last for eternity.

14. I’m glad I found you. Our love is made in heaven and must last for eternity.

15. I can’t fully understand the depth of your love in these few months that we’ve known each other. I can only wait forever to do so.

16. Your love is all I see, all I need, and all I have. You are mine forever.

17. I need you in my life and forever until death do us part. It’s not me without you!

18. You showed up when I needed someone so badly. You are a rare gem, too special to miss.

19. A day would never go by without living on food and sun to survive, so I doubt my survival without you in it.

20. Deep down inside, I knew this love must exist. It arrived and will stay forever.

21. I will never value that love. My wish is to take you to the other world until eternity.

22. My greatest desire right now is just to hold you and never let go, forever.

23. You and I are meant to be together, baby. This love is to last forever.

24. I longed that together we would cross oceans and sail across the sea.

25. Two are better than one, not only because they get a good reward for their work, but also because you and I are destined to walk the same path for all eternity.

26. If I need anyone’s love to survive, it’s definitely from you. It’s not me without you.

27. Rain or shine, our love will last for all eternity.

28. Teach me to love you. And I’m ready to sacrifice my eternity to just be with YOU!

29. I’m ready to do anything to win and keep your heart to be mine forever.

30. Whatever happens, I commit to staying with you forever through the thick and the thin. But I don’t know about you.

31. You have this great spark that makes me want to be with you forever. Keep it up, honey.

32. This world is ours, as long as it’s just you and me left.

33. I depend on your love as much as I depend on air to breathe. There is no life for me without you.

34. Life without you could never be a pleasant ride. I can never imagine being with anyone but you for life.

35. One will face a thousand, but two will face ten thousand. So together forever we will surely sail.

36. I will always keep this promise: to love you for everything you are, and to never hurt you for any tangible reason..

37. One thing I will never do is take that love for granted. All I want is to be yours forever.

38. My heart longs to be yours as long as I breathe. You’re mine forever, baby!

39. I want to look back and see you right behind me always to be my support system always.

40. Can I really live a day without you, my love? I doubt I could survive this.

41. Since you came into my life, my love for you grows day by day. I will continue to love you until eternity.

42. If there’s any place I’ve wished to be, it’s to be in your heart forever.

43. Just as I need air to breathe and live, I need you in my life and to be together forever.

44. I look around the world and I have yet to see anyone who is as close to perfection as you are. You are an angel! I need you to rule my world.

45. Half the time is not enough to savor our good memories together. All I want is the entirety of your being forever.

46. ​​My greatest achievement so far is my sacrifice to love and build you for eternity. I’m content for so long that I’ll have you all to myself.

47. No matter the distance, our hearts will always beat together and forever as one.

48. I don’t just want to be a part of your life, but I want us to be together forever. This is my biggest wish.

49. I will choose to tell a story that begins and ends with you and me together forever.

50. The story of my life can never be interesting or perfect without you in the picture and being together for eternity.

Trust that we don’t let you down with just the kind of forever love messages you’ve always wanted. If yes, please pass on your comments to know how good you feel about them.

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