Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Agastya goes to Ishaan with a knife. Ishaan says why did you want to consult me? Agastya says I’ve heard a lot about you. Agastya holds the knife. Ishaan turns around. He says don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Sit down. Agastya says that pain must be felt, it is my old friend. Ishaan says you have weird friends. You have to change the way that leads to pain. Agastya says that you should remove the one who causes pain. Ishaan says no, you just have to move on to be happy. Agastya says two people have two minds. That’s life. Ishaan says we’re ready. Stay away from injections, it will not heal. agastya says I’ll take all the pricks out of my way.

Scene 2
Agastya launches his company the world’s smallest camera. He says it can even fit in a diamond.

Agastya meets Pakhi. She says come in. What happened to your hand? He says a mistake. I touched glass. He doesn’t say anything serious. A gift package arrives. Agastya says Uncle Aunt this is for you. Chacha chachi enters. Agastya also gives them gifts. He tells Pakhi’s sister that your laptop battery is low, this is for you, new laptop. He hands the watch over to her cousin. Everybody is happy. Pakhi asks what did you get for me? He says Ishaan will get it. Pakhi says no one knows him yet. You have to meet him. Does Agasyta say I don’t like him? What would you do? Pakhi is silent. Agastya takes her teddy bear. Pakhi says you will definitely like him. See this teddy bear, you gave it to me. It was your first gift. He says these are my eyes, it keeps my eyes on you. He smiles. Pakhi says you’re so funny. He says you’re an idiot. She says where is my gift? He says your gift is that I will meet Ishaan today. She hugs him and says thank you. I’m so excited. Let me text him.

Scene 3
Pakhi and Ishaan are at dinner. Does she say sunglasses at night? He says to keep you away from my evil eye. She says stop being so cheesy. Agastya comes. He looks at them. Pakhi talks to Ishaan. Agastya throws a bottle on Ishaan’s head. Pakhi is shocked. She runs to Ishaan and holds him. Agastya imagines it. He goes to Ishaan and Pakhi. Pakhi says dodo, he is here. She says Ishaan, this is Agastya Raichand, my best friend. And this is Ishaan. Ishaan says I met him. He came to the hospital, I put on this bandage. Sit down. Ishaan says she’s your big fan. She talks about you all the time. Agastya says she talked about you recently. Ishaan says, so you’re circumcised now? I am more important? Pakhi says Ishaan.. stop joking. She says he keeps making jokes. He is like that. Agastya does not say funny. How can I give you approval for this man? You deserve much better. Ishaan says I was kidding.. Agastya laughs and says I was kidding too. He is called.

Says Pakhi Agastya? You went to the hospital. They come to you. You went to meet him, right? He says, how can I give you approval for him? I had to meet him. Pakhi says how is he? Agastya says I like him. Agastya says this is your gift. He pulls out a necklace. Agastya says I will always be there for it with this necklace. He lets her wear it. Pakhi says she’s just your girlfriend. When you have a girlfriend, you spoil her so much. Pakhi says I will find you a girlfriend, I know what you would like.

Scene 4
Pakhi and Ishaan walk back. He says Agastya knew I work at Trinty Hospital. That’s why he came there to get dressed, right? Pakhi says yes, I told him that. He is very protective of me. Ishaan says protective or possessive? Pakhi says you don’t have to be insecure. Ishaan says I wonder, how can he not fall for you? He’s been so close to you, how could he not love you? The way he sees you, gives you gifts, how could he not? Pakhi says you have a problem with his gifts? She takes off the necklace. Ishaan says I’m sorry. I did not mean it. I will take a taxi. He says this is the first fight of our relationship. Pakhi says relationship? he says I love you, is not always said in words. You should also read eyes. He gives her her coat. The song oh jaane jahan plays. He caresses Pakhi’s face. Agastya sees it from his camera. He looks away angrily.

Ishaan drops Pakhi. He says if you don’t feel like sleeping, what are you going to do? She says I don’t have a sleeping problem. He says I know you can’t sleep. She says you’re not as cute as you think. He just says a little cute. Agastya’s husband (Pakhi’s uncle) makes their video. Agastya’s secretary calls him and says I was just checking how the appointments were? He says I’ll talk to you later. She says you sound tense. Was everything okay with Pakhi? He says I don’t want to talk. She says how rude you can share with me as a friend. He says I choose my friend and you are not my friend. Agastya comes to the bedroom. The secretary is in the bed. He says what are you doing here? She says I care about you. I know you’re alone and upset. Running after her will make you angry. Agastya holds her. Agastya blindfolds her. She says I’ve waited all my life for this moment. Agastya ties her hands together. She says you’re so aggressive. A successful and handsome man like you deserves the best, not that stupid Pakhi. He blindfolds her. She says it’s so exciting. Agastya says that if someone contradicts me, my passion is to hurt them. He drags her along. She says where are you taking me? leave me.

Precap-Ishaan falls down. Pakhi screams for help. Agastya shoots herself. Pakhi says Agastya what was that sound? Agastya? Hello..

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