Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Mona taunting Pakhi that she doesn’t need to do any work in this house. Neelima brings Agastya. She says strictly that Agastya should focus only on Pakhi leaving his work a side for some time. She says that they will start the post wedding ritual, finding the ring. Agastya finds the ring and says that he won. Neelima takes Pakhi to her room. Agastya receives Yug’s call. He says that he enquired all, but no one see anyone placing that letter in the mail box. Agastya demands Yug to find out at any cost who has sent that letter.

Neelima brings Pakhi to Agastya room. Pakhi gets nervous on seeing the decorations. Neelima says to Pakhi that she can change whatever she wants in this room. She says that Pakhi used to enter this room as his friend, but now she’s Agastya’s wife and this daughter in law and it’s big change for her and she will need time to accept it. She says that every girl goes through this change and soon it will become her life. Agastya comes there. Neelima says to Agastya to take care of Pakhi and leaves.

Agastya says to Pakhi that he hasn’t asked to decorate the room. He says sorry. He gives Pakhi a box saying that Dadi said that he should gift her on their first wedding night. He insists Pakhi to open the box. She obliges. Agastya takes out a movie ticket and says that this is the last movie we couldn’t watch together. He then takes out a yellow dried rose and a band. He says she sent it them to him to Londonon friendship day. He then shows the empty perfume bottle that Pakhi gifted him for the first time and a broken glay cup that she gave when she joined pottery cup.

Agastya says that Pakhi is the most precious thing in the world for him. He says that he wishes to see Pakhi smiling again as it’s his strength. Pakhi gets teary eyes. Agastya wants to wipe it off, but Pakhi doesn’t it by herself. Agastya says that he forgot one thing. He takes out the ring. He says that he will never let his love lose. He puts the ring on Pakhi’s finger.

Pakhi says that he must be tired and asks him to sleep on the bed while she can sleep on the couch. She moves. She falls. Agastya lifts her in his arms and places on the bed. He says Pakhi to sleep on the bed while he will sleep on the couch. He jokes saying that this is how happens in old Hindi movies and he can’t change it.

Agastya sits on the couch and asks Pakhi to not feel nervous. He reminds her that he promised that they can stay best friends even after their wedding. She can take as much time to accept their marriage. He will wait. He says good night and sleeps. In the late night Pakhi and Agastya are sleeping. Pakhi wakes up on hearing someone knocking at the door. She wonders where the sound is coming from. She goes to check. She decides to wake Agastya up and does so. Agastya asks Pakhi what happened.

Pakhi says that she heard someone knocking at the door. He says that it’s not possible because only their room is this floor and Dadi, Naveli and Mona’s room is the down floor. He says that it must be her dream. As Pakhi isn’t convinced, he opens their room door and says to Pakhi that no one is here. He asks Pakhi to sleep as she must be tired too.

Pakhi is hesitating to fill her forehead with Vermillion. Agastya comes to Pakhi and fills her forehead with the Vermillion. He says that her uncle and Mohit have come to take her home for post wedding ritual. He will join her there after completing his office work. Pakhi sees the doll house and asks who is making it. Agastya says that it’s him. He likes to make things with wood and he learned from his dad. Pakhi says that they have share about lot of things, but he never told her about his dad. Neelima calls them down. Pakhi says that maybe he will talk openly to her about his dad. Agastya nods ok.

The nurse sees Ishan has come out of his coma. The nurse gets the injection.Ishan looks at the nurse pleading her with his eyes. The nurse looks at the spy camera. She stands in the way her back is facing the spy camera she says that she has accepted to look after him to help him get well, but she is helpless as they won’t let him get well. She apologizes to him and injects the medicine in the bottle of glucose trip.

Prema asks Pakhi to tell say something. Pakhi says that she has nothing to say. Prema says to Pakhi to accept her new life as it’s the best option for her. Prema says that she and Shanaya are leaving to her grandmother’s house for a some time while her aunt and uncle rented a flat. Lila blames Pakhi for not helping them asking Agastya to talk the house owner. Pakhi says that she won’t take any help from Agastya. Just then the house owner comes there and says that this house belongs to Prema hereafter as Agastya brought it. Agastya comes there and confirms the same. The house owner apologizes to Prena and leaves.

Prema and Pakhi say that they can’t take such a big help from him, Sameer wouldn’t accept it if he was alive. Agastya says that they’re one family now and he is doing this for Sameer only. He requests them to accept it. Agastya hangs Sameer’s photo on the wall again. He says to celebrate it. Pakhi says that she will work and slowly return him his money. She asks him to promise to accept it.

Agastya agrees. Prema says that she will never forget Agastya’s this favor. He saved Sameer’s memories from becoming homeless. Agastya opens the sweet box and gets shocked on seeing note in which is written that he knows everything he has done with Ishan. Agastya looks on shocked.

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