Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Someone is coming to Pakhi. She tells you.. It’s Ishaan. How do you know I was here, says Pakhi? He says I only came for the coffee. If I see a girl sitting alone, I make her happy by sitting with her. She says will we always meet here? He says we will meet again? Let’s come here for dinner. Pakhi says I should go and meet Agastya. He says not to worry next time. Let me drop you there.

Agastya sets up the helicopter. Ishaan drops Pakhi. Pakhi says in his heart why does he not say anything? Ishaan comes out and says goodbye. Pakhi enters. Flowers fall on her from a helicopter.

Scene 2
Agastya looks at the ring. Pakhi says Agastya cares about me so much. He cares about me so much. Ishaan says that if you have a boyfriend, he needs Agastya’s approval. She says his opinion is important to me. Ishaan asks do you like someone? She says yes. He says he likes coffee? Pakhi says yes. He’ll say I’m sure he likes you too. She says how do you know? He says that heart affairs don’t need logic. She says this is such a good location. Your event would be perfect. He says I want to say something. Pakhi says I want to say something too. I never said it before. Will anything change between us? He says friendship will become love. She says dodo I’m in love. In his heart he also says to me. Pakhi says the universe has finally found my love. This feeling is so different. Do you want to know his name? He says in his heart that my name sounds beautiful from your lips. Pakhi says it’s Ishaan. dr. Ishan Chandan. Agastya is shocked. He hides the ring. She says he talks like me. He’s so lively. He makes me laugh. She keeps talking. She says Ishaan wants to take me out to dinner tonight. Can we discuss what you want to discuss tomorrow? Can I go? He says of course. Pakhi says thank you. She live.

Pakhi comes out. Ishaan is also there. Pakhi says you didn’t go? He says my car didn’t start. It’s cold. He says I’m lying, I was waiting for you. Pakhi says I know. He holds out his hand. Pakhi holds his hand.

Agastya looks at them and he says: don’t do this Pakhi, this is wrong. Pakhi holds Ishaan’s hand and sits in his car. Agastya looks at them. They leave. Agastya stands there in shock.

Scene 3
Dadi has flowers decorated in the house. Agastya enters. He falls. He is crying. What happened, says Dadi? He says that Pakhi could not see my love. I’m so hurt. She says give her time. Agastya angrily walks out. Dadi says don’t go. He says I should be alone.

Agastya comes to his room. It is dark. The hooded man enters. He sits down at Agastya’s feet. He says boss, I’m sorry. I kept an eye on her all the time. He is the one who followed Pakhi. He says she was in the haveli for a while. How did they become friends in a few hours? today i saw her at his place but i thought he was a customer. I know how much you love her. Agastya says you don’t know anything. He goes to a secret room. It has pictures and videos of Pakhi on all the walls. Agastya watches the videos and smiles. He says she laughs 21 thousand times in 15 years. She doesn’t know, only I know. Her smiling face makes everyone think she doesn’t get angry. If she smiles too much, she hurts. Her mother doesn’t know either. I know everything she’s already asleep, all the books she read, all the things she did. She’s only mine. I didn’t want to lose a moment of her life. I lost her because of your mistake. She will pay for her mistake. 9 o’clock my eyes were not on her and I lost her? Things will never be the same again. I couldn’t be her first love. He is crying. He says my reason for living is gone. I feel I have no mission in life right now. all because of you. They kept meeting and you didn’t notice? You messed up and there’s only one penalty for it. Dead. You must die, died now. Agastya strangles him with chains.

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