Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Pakhi comes to the hall. It’s all decorated. Agastya is here. Agstya today says I.. She says I’ve been waiting for it for years. He asks will you marry me? Pakhi says yes I will. Agastya hugs her and kisses her. Agastya dreamed of it. He wakes up. He took a nap in the car. Agastya says how long I will dream it. It’s time I introduced you.

Pakhi is waiting for a taxi. She says the universe will make an arrangement. Tanya comes. She says I’m Universe’s favorite child. She asks: have you met Agastya? She says yes. Pakhi thinks about Ishaan. She says dodo says if you like something, go after it. She tries to remember his name. She searches for him on social media. Taniya says what are you doing? She says I want to go to the hospital. I have a bruise and want to dress him. Taniya says this little bruise? She says yes.

Scene 2
Pakhi calls Agastya and says I have reached the hospital. I’m going to get dressed. She sees Ishaan. Pakhi says what are you doing here? He says I work here. What are you doing here? She says I came to dress this up too to see if you’re really a doctor or joking. He says I didn’t tell you I work here. Did you stalk me? She says no. He says yes you did. He laughs and says a girl stalked me? Come on, let me do your dressing.

Pakhi asks if you can do heart surgery? He says no. She says brain tumor? He says I’m sinew. Pakhi says in movies that they do it all. You are less talented. He says I saved you. She says yes, thank you for saving my life. He says I get coffee in return. Agastya calls her.

Scene 3
Agastya sees a child playing. His mother takes him. the boy comes on the road and runs after his ball. Agastya runs after him and rescues him. The mother jumps before the call. She says thank you. But why did you risk your life? He says because you risked your life for your son. He calls dadi and says that some mothers love their children so much that they risk their lives for them. Dadi says the doctor told you to distract yourself. He says that no matter how old you get, you always need a mother. He gets tears. He says I’m going to the hospital.

Scene 4
Pakhi says this is the best coffee in town. Agastya calls Pakhi. Ishaan says you can handle it. She says we talk too much. He says old friend? Pakhi says 7 years. He says only friends? Pakhi says there was nothing romantic between us. He will always be my best friend. She says in her heart why should I go with you. He says nice to meet you. I have to go now. In his heart he says it would be too despo to ask for a meeting again. Ishaan says I was thinking.. Pakhi says when do we meet again? The hooded man is watching her. He stops his bike in front of Pakhi.

Scene 5
Children play in a house. A joker comes and makes them laugh. Ishaan says who called the prankster at the director. The nurse says he’s the one who funded these wards. Ishaan says such a rich man became a prankster to make them laugh? I can’t make them laugh like that. The joker grabs Ishaan’s phone. Ishaan runs after him. He takes out his phone. The doctor thanks Mr. Raichand for entertaining these children. They laughed so much. Agastya says I want to spend a weekend.

Scene 6
Taniya says from Pakhi on duty that I had to meet with both clients, you arrived at the hospital so late. she sees the man in the hoodie scaring her mother. Pakhi cries and says please stop. The hoodie man plays with her mother’s hand and knife. Her mother is mentally out of order. She says it’s a game. He says I told you never to leave her alone. Why did you? Taniya says I would never do that again. Here you go. Let my mother go. Tanya cries.

Agastya meets dadi. Dadi says your secretary is waiting. He says it’s a big day. I’m going to fulfill your wish. Says Dadi, will you introduce Pakhi? He says yes, she’s mine. I’ll take her home soon. Dadi says she’s mine too. I’ll have this mansion painted in her favorite color. Agastya says that everything would be her choice. she will say yes right? says Dad, of course. She will say yes. Get ready. My DIL will be home soon.
Ishaan’s secretary comes to his room. He says wait outside. What are you doing here?

Scene 7
Pakhi says to her sister, let’s go see a movie. She says I’m not going to watch hindi movie. Agastya says to Pakhi, can we meet today at Kundan castle? She says yes, but why there? He tells me to show you that location. she certainly says. I’ll be there. Agastya says I’ll make you mine.

Taniya drinks coffee with Pakhi. Taniya says this cafe has the best coffee in the world. Pakhi says, can you go pick up the check? Taniya says why not you? She tells me to go and meet Agastya. Taniya says I don’t want to leave you alone after what happened in Haveli. Pakhi says, are you okay? Why are you so tense? Taniya says please stay here. Pakhi says it will be fine. The hoodie man approaches her.

Episode ends

Precap-Agastya tells Pakhi I want to say something.. Pakhi says I want to say something too. I’m in love.. Ishaan. dr. Ishaan is his name. Agastya hides the ring. He is shocked.

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