Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Pakhi asking Sameer if he is fine. Agastya says to Pakhithat he is assuring Sameer, who was scared after the accident. Later Agastya says to doctor to check Sameer too. Doctor obliges. Doctor says that Sameer’s BP is very high. Agastya asks doctor if he can take Sameer out of city for some days so that he can feel better.

Doctor says that he can. Doctor takes leave. Sameer says that he wants to stay with his family. Agastya says that Sameer’s heath is more important and suggests them going to his grandma’s house in London. Prema says that they can’t go so far. Pakhi says that Agastya is right and they should go his grandma’s house. Agastya says that he will arrange for flight tickets. Pakhi and Agastya take their leave.

Pakhi thanks Agastya for taking care of her family. She says him to go office as she has some work. Agastya leaves. Pakhi phones someone and gives a location. Ahead Pakhi is waiting in her car. Pakhi’s cousin, Mohit comes to meet her. Pakhi requests him to help her. She asks him to fix hidden camera in her whole house as she doubts that Sameer is hiding something from all. She remembers overhearing Agastya telling Sameer to keep this matter between them. Pakhi says that it seems that Sameer and Agastya both are hiding somewhere. She says that she wants to know the truth and doesn’t want to ask Agastya directly. Mohit agrees to help Pakhi and says that he has to do it hiding from the family. Pakhi says that she will take care of it.

Dadi confronts Agastya and asks if he’s behind Shanaya’s accident. Agastya admits it and justifies that he didn’t have any option to stop Sameer from going to the police station. He says that he took a big risk by freeing Sameer and says to Dadi to not except anything from him. Pakhi comes to them and asks what happened, why they look tensed. Dadi asks about Shanaya’s accident. Pakhi says that she’s fine. Pakhi asks Dadi’s permission to invite her family for dinner before they leave. Dadi agrees.

Pakhi phones Mohit and says to fix cameras while her family will come to dinner here. Other hand Sameer says to Prema that she shouldn’t have agreed to Agastya’s proposal to go to London. Prema says that she accepted for his health’s sake. Pakhi’s family arrives at Agastya’s place. Pakhi says to her family to visit London. Mona taunts Pakhi’s family. Agastya gives Mona a befitting reply. Pakhi gets Mohit message. Mohit says that something is wrong and asks Pakhi to come home immediately.

Pakhi asks Shanaya if she brought her medicine that she has to take before meal. Shanaya remembers Pakhi saying to her to agreed with whatever she’s saying. Shanaya says that she forgot to bring it. Pakhi says that she will go and get it. Agastya stops her saying he will send someone to get it. Pakhi says that as no one is at home only she will be able to find it and leaves. Agastya checks hidden cameras recording in his phone to confirm that no one is at Pakhi’s house.

Pakhi comes to Mohit and asks what happened. Mohit says that there are already hidden cameras in Pakhi’s house shocking the latter. He says that the most of the cameras are in Pakhi’s room. He says that there’s camera even in her teddy’s eyes. Pakhi gets shocked and says that it was gifted by Agastya long back. She says that it means someone is keeping an eye on her from longtime.

She asks if that person can see them now to which Mohit says that he removed all cameras and changed the setting that he can see the old videos in which their house is empty. Pakhi requests Mohit to track that person. Mohit says that he is unable as this is a new technology.Pakhi thinks of taking Agastya’s help, but then drops the idea thinking that Agastya will get angry on knowing this.

Mohit says that he has fixed camera in their house to find the truth. Pakhi goes near to that camera to see. They get shocked on hearing some beeping sound. Mohit signs Pakhi to be quiet. He messages Pakhi that it seems there’s still hidden cameras in this house and asks her to say anything. It could be that person can still see them. Pakhi looks on shocked.

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