Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st February 2022 Written Update

A Guy In Hoodie And Scares A Middle Aged Man. The Man Screams Please Let Me Go. I Will Return Your Money. Please. I Needed That Money To Save My Wife And Get Her Surgery Done. I Will Return It Soon. The Hoodie Man Says I Was Planning To Get Your Wife’s Operation Done With Another Woman. The Man Is Shocked. He Says Don’t Break My Or Your Wife’s Trust Again. I Am Always Around And Keeping An Eye On You. No One Can Escapse From My Sight, Specially Her. His Goons Take The Man Away.

Scene 2
A Girl Is Walking And Voering Her Face With A Dupatta. Her Dupatta Falls And The Girls Around Her Say Sorry To Her. Pakhi Takes A Photo. Agastya Calls Her From Private Jet. Pakhi Looks For Her Headphones In The Room. Agastya Counts The Rings. Pakhi Picks The Call. Agastya Says I Will Meet You After 7 Days And You Answered The Call In 7 Rings Too. Pakhi Says Don’t Throw These Tantrums At Me Dolu. Agastya Says Don’t Call Me That. Agastya Says Go And Eat Something, You Haven’t Eaten Since Morning. A Server Comes To The Room With Her Food. Pakhi Gets Happy And Says All My Wishes Are Fulfilled Like This. Agastya Says You Can Also Get Your Favorite Chocolate Lava Cake If You Want After The Food. He Says Stop Touching Your Bracelets, Why Do Girls Keep Doing That It’s Wild. Pakhi Says Shut Up I Am Not Wild, I Am Hot. Agastya Says This Red Color Doesn’t Suit You. Pakhi Says How Do You Know I Am Wearing Red? Agastya Says I Knew You Would Try That Lehnga And I Helped You Choose It.

Pakhi Asks Agastya Did You Get An Appointment For Dadi? Agastya Says Yes. Pakhi’s Friend Taniya Comes In And Says The DJ Cancelled, The Accountant Deeraj Ran Away With 12 Lacs And MNamrutha (The Bride) Has Refused To Get Married. Pakhi Is Shocked. Agastya Says Do You Need Any Help? Pakhi Says No Universe Will Help Me. Agastya Says I’ve Been Hearing This Since Childhood. You Get Whatever You Wish For. Pakhi Says I Am Universe’s Favorite Child. Pakhi Says I Will Talk To You Later. Taniya Says You Look Cute With Agastya And You Blush When You Talk To Him. Pakhi Says We Are Just Friends.

Scene 3
Agastya Is In London. He Reaches His Office. His Manager Tells Him Tina (An Employee) Has Accused The CEO Of The Company Kanna Of S*Xual Harassment. Kanna Says No Sir, I’ve Been With This Company For A While. She Is Lying. Agastya Says Tina Go Out. He Says To Kanna You Can Tell Me Don’t Worry I Am With You. Kanna Confesses The Truth.

Pakhi Comes To Namrutha And Asks Why Are You Not Marrying Harsh Suddenly? Namrutha Says I Don’t Like Harsh’s Family. They’re Old Fashioned. My Life And Freedom Would Be Taken Away From Me. Pakhi Says Toss A Coin When You’re Confused. If It’s Heads, Get Married. If Tail Cancel The Wedding And I Will Help You In Fleeing. Pakhi Tosses A Coin. Pakhi Says I Know You Love Harsh And Want To Marry Him But You Don’t Wanna Give Up On Your Dreams Either. You Should Call Harsh.

Agastya Tells Kanna Never To Show His Face Around In The Company Again. He Says There’s No Place For People Like You Here. Agastya Says I Am Sorry That This Happened To You Tina And Our Employee’s Safety If Our First Priority. If Anyone Ever Harrsses Any Of You, You Can Always Walk To Me Directly.

Pakhi And Namrutha Call Harsh. Pakhi Asks Harsh Will You Support Her Dreams After Getting Married? Harsh Says Yes I Will Always Support Her Dreams. Pakhi Checks The Coin And Says It’s Heads. Pakhi Says You’re Lucky To Have A Supportive Partner Like Harsh. I Don’t Know When Will I Get Lucky Like That. Namrutha Says Remember Harsh’s Cousin Rajeev? He’s Interested In You And Has Asked For Your Number. Meet Him Once. Pakhi Says I Will See. Pakhi Tells Taniya Namrutha Has Agreed To Get Married. We Need To Arrange A DJ. Taniya Says Celebrity DJ Victor Spoke To Her And Agreed. The Man Is Hoodie Records Pakhi’s Video. Pakhi And Taniya Dance Happily.

Scene 4
The Hoodie Man Comes To DJ Victor. Victor Says Because Of You Only I Agreed To Do The Event For Half Of My Budget. Please Delete My Video. Pakhi Comes There. She Notices Victor Is Talking To Someone. Taniya Takes Pakhi With Her And Asys Deeraj Is Here Let’s Go. Deeraj Returns The Oney And Says Sorry I Got Into An Accident. Pakhi Says Get Your Wound Treated First. Taniya Says All Your Problems Get Resolved. You’re Definitely Universe’s Favorite Child. Or Maybe It’s Soemone Always Protecting You And Doing Things For You? Pakhi Says It’s Universe. The Man In Hoodie Looks At Pakhi.

Pakhi Works On Wedding Preparations. She Prepares The Mandap. Agastya Calls. Pakhi Tells Him About DJ Victor Contacting Them Himself And Accepting The Lower Budget Offer For The Wedding. And Deeraj Didn’t Run Away. He Had An Accident. An Employee Says Sir To Agastya, He Says Call Me Agastya. Pakhi Says You’re So Down To Earth Despite Owning Such A Big Business Empire. You Are A Gift From Universe. Agastya Says Maybe The Universe Is Planning A Surprise Gift For You. He Looks At The Ring In His Hand. Pakhi Says I Got A Surprise. Namrutha Told Me Harsh’s Cousin Rajeev Is Interested In Me. I Will Meet Him Soon. Pakhi’s Dupatta Catches Fire From The Mandap. Agastya Says Look Behind. Pakhi Looks Behind At Screams. She Throws Her Dupatta. Pakhi Asks Agastya How Did You Know Her Dupatta Caught Fire? Agastya Acts Shocked And Says What? Your Dupatta Caught Fire? Are You Okay? Pakhi Says I Am Fine But Why Did You Ask Me To Look Behind? Agastya Says I Was Talking To My Office Boy. Pakhi Says Probably It’s Universe Again Who Protected Me Through You. Agastya Says The Baraat Must Be Coming. Go And Change Your Dupatta.

Scene 4
The Wedding Starts. Namrutha’s Mom Thanks Pakhi For Convincing Namrutha. Rajeev Comes There And Introduces Himself. He Says I Love The Setup And Arrangements. You Have Amazing Skills. Can I Have Your Number? The Hoodie Man Collides With Rajeev And Walks Fast. Pakhi Looks At Him. Rajeev Says We Can Meet After The Wedding Somewhere. Pakhi Says Okay.

Agastya Calls Pakhi. Pakhi Tells Him About The Wedding. Agastya Asks About Rajeev. Pakhi Says She Met Him At The Wedding. He Looks Like A Nice Guy, And Asked Me To Meet Him After The Wedding. I Will Meet Him For A Short Time And See How It Goes.
Rajeev Says To His Brother, I Will Get Closer To Her Tonight. If She Doesn’t Agree To Go To Room With Him, He Will Add Something In Her Juice. Pakhi Says To Agastya Don’t Worry. If He Isn’t Good For Me, Universe Will Show Me A Sign. The Man In Hoodie Shoves Rajeev From The Terrace. He Screams And Falls Down. Pakhi Rushes To The Terrace And Sees Rajeev Down There In Blood. The Hoodie Man Leaves. Pakhi Is Shocked.

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