Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Natasha says let me go. He says that Pakhi is not stupid. I will wait for her. She sees her videos on the wall. She is shocked. She says you’re stalking her? You have cameras all over her life? You creep. This is not life. This is all the rage. She’ll hate you if she finds this house.

Scene 2
Pakhi arranges the location. taniya says don’t worry. Pakhi says Univsere loves me. We do the event of Mr. Singhanaya. He comes. Pakhi says thank you for this event. He says thank you for having Mr. Agastya as the main guest, he does not attend any events. Pakhi says he is my friend.

Agastya strangles her. She says I will expose you in front of Pakhi and everyone. She tries to run away. Agasyta throws pebbles in her way. She falls down. He says you won’t be able to see anyone after today. Ishaan texts Pakhi that you look like a mango shake. She turns around, he is there’. Pakhi says what are you doing here? He says I have coffee for you.

Navel is coming. He says I don’t like anyone coming into the room without my permission. She says, but I’m not everyone. She says you’ve been busy. You’re not the one who would watch movies with me and protect me from all the bullies. Natasha screams for help. Naveli says who was that? He says we were talking about horror movies. She leaves. Natasha knocks on the door. She begs for help. Yug enters. Natasha says who are you? He says I am Agastya’s shadow. Did he cut your hair? So bad. Let’s go. She says where? Natasha says please let me go. He says even I am being punished. Modern girls don’t beg. She says please… Please don’t kill me. He smiles. Yug says this is my phone. He says: add all your passwords here. I will post on your behalf if you die. Natasha says the police will find you. Yug says you must die. The boss should never know anything about Pakhi.

Scene 3
Pakhi talks to Ishaan. He says how is the coffee? Ishaan says well. Taniya looks at them. Agastya sees video of medallion.
Chacha meets Yug and says you pay me to keep an eye on Pakhi. Why are you doing this? I don’t know who he is? Yug says your news is old and don’t need to know why I’m watching her.
Ishaan says I have insomnia, I keep thinking about you all night. Everything sounds musical these days. He caresses her face. Ishaan says you’re my favorite color. The world looks more colorful. Agastay says should I leave or kill? He calls Yug and says do it now.

Pakhi says to Agastya: Stop this drama and help me with the work. He says wow this is my future. She tells you to move this table. Yug calls Taniya. She says I’d call you. He says that if you love your mother, you should kill Ishaan. She says what?> How can I do that? He says then lose your mother. Taniya says no please. Yug says do as I say. He asks her to open a pipe. Ishaan tells Pakhi that I deserve a gift for doing so much work. Taniya loses a pipe. The grill loses. Ishaan is below. The grill hits Ishaan. He screams.. He falls down. Pakhi says Ishaan is everything okay? She says to call an ambulance. Tanya cries. She calls Agastya and says that dodo hit a pole Ishaan. He’s really hurt. Please do something. What am I to do without him. Agastya says don’t worry. Do I have to come? She says an ambulance is coming. Agastya says this is wrong Pakhi. He takes the gun and puts it on his head. Agastay shoots his arm. Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi says what is this sound? What kind of dodo was that? I heard a gunshot.

Pakhi says dodo hello.. say something. What was that sound? She worries about both. Dad is coming. Pakhi says what happened dadi? DAdi says that Agastay was accidentally shot. Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi says oh God.. dadi is he okay? She looks at Ishaan. Taniya says the ambulance is here. Ishaan asks what happened to Agastya? She says he was shot. Pakhi says I can’t leave you alone. I don’t know what’s happening. He says it will be fine. There are so many people here. I’ll be fine. Please go. Pakhi says I can’t. Ishaan says please go. I am okay. Pakhi leaves.

Scene 4
Taniya cries and says I’m sorry Ishaan. He says chill, I’m still alive. It was just an accident. She says I.. What does he say? She says it happened because of me. Tanya cries. Ishaan says because of you? Yug clashes with her.

Dadi gives Agastya first aid. Ambulance arrives. Dadi says where is Pakhi? Pakhi is coming. She says dodo.. are you okay? Nothing would happen. She says dadi where is the ambulance? Agastya says you’re here, everything will be fine.

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