Choti Sardarni 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Dolly says everyone stays here now. Kulwant says there is 10 crore rent here. Dolly says you can pay the rest next week. Rana says we’re going for the preparations.
Seher does the decor. Rajveer says these lights are not for you. Everyone will look at you. Seher says someone will see it. He says I can’t stop focusing on you. My choti sardarni. He shows her the brooch. Khushi comes and tells Raj I missed your dance at your wedding. We danced at the party. You must dance with me. Seher says it’s okay. Khushi dances with him. Khushi holds Rajveer and dances with him, Seher and Karan join in too. Seher says I’m sure the photos from that party can help find Prince’s father.

Ginni says Raj and Prince’s conversation was weird. Kulwant tells Seher that it was not okay what Raj said to Prince and how Khushi danced with Rajveer. Seher says you know Khushi is like that. Kulwant says: keep your eyes open. Seher says I trust them both. Do not worry.

Scene 2
Karan asks Arjit what is your wish? Arjit says what is that? Karan says your wish? He says we all believe in large donations. Karan says where did you study? He says I studied from Udaypur because I wanted to stay here with my parents. Didn’t want to go abroad.
Dolly and Harleen arrive. Arjit says we are going to the preparations. Karan says no, let’s talk. Dolly says I saw you somewhere.

Rajveer tells Jerry you look so good. Rajveer says seeing these kids makes me want to start our family too. Seher hugs him. He says we should consult a family counselor. We will start a new life. Seher says we’ll have our own house. Rajveer says we’ll decorate it our way. She says we’ll have all your favorite things. He says you’re my favorite thing. Khushi comes and says Raj let’s have coffee. He says no, I want to sleep. Seher says to Khushi, can we take the pictures from that party and try to find Prince’s father? Khushi says I need time to find the photos. Seher says it’s okay.

Scene 3
Seher and Rajveer come to Babbar mansion. They remember when they first got there. Seher holds Raj’s hand. They come in. Rajveer says I’m so happy and so happy that I’m starting a new life with you. Seher says we have bad memories of this house. We will make new ones here. And they will be the best. He says you will be the choti sardarni of this house. Seher says let’s do arti first. They play the picture of baba ji in the house.

Bitu and Rana eat outside. Karan is preparing. Karan says to Arjit, show the pictures of your house. Arjit shows them. Arjit says in his heart why he keeps questioning me. Kulwant comes to dolly and says you hide your face with this mask? She says you don’t know what a sheet mask it is. See my face. Kulwant screams and says scary. Rajveer and Seher see the clothes in front of their curtains. Seher says this one is beautiful, right? Rajveer is called. Seher asks Khushi, did you find the photo? She says a little. Khushi says in my heart how do I tell her it’s Raj. Rajveer attracts Seher. She says what are you doing? He says it is the next step of your choti sardarni journey. What does Seher say? He says he’s wearing that brooch. We are going to live our new life. Choti sardanri of the Babbar mansion. Khushi hears it and says it’s me. Seher says I love being your wife. Khushi says that’s my place. Seher says I know you’ll be that brooch tomorrow, but let’s practice.

Seher and Rajveer come to the room. The brooch is not in the drawer. Rajveer says how can I lose it? Where is it headed? Seher says I should ask Nani. He says let’s see in CCTV footage. They see Khushi enter the room. Khushi tries the brooch.

Precap-Khushi says I’m Rajveer’s real choti sardarni. Rajveer says this belongs to my Seher. How did you get that?

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