Choti Sardarni 7th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Khushi asks Kulwant, did you feel really bad? She says yes, you are like my daughter. You are the daughter of this house. Khushi says and then promise you’ll be with me when I find him. says Kulwant, of course. Khushi says Seher and Nani are with me now.
Harshdeep calls Rajveer. Seher says please choose. Rajveer is shocked. He tells Seher that Harshdeep has resigned and that she named everything after Seher. He says you are choti sardarni of the Babbar mansion. We have to go there and take care of it. Khushi hears and says that Raj will go away? He can’t get away from me and Prince. Rajveer says it’s okay if you don’t want to go there. We stay here with our family. Seher hugs him. Khushi dances and says that Rajveer is not going anywhere. She dances. Harleen says what are you doing? Khushi says: go from here. Harleen tells Robbie what Khushi is doing? she doesn’t share anything. Robbie says we know what she wants. Harleen says she’s after Seher’s husband. He loves Seher. we have to stop her. Seher comes in and says stop her from what? Robbie says of taking stress. Seher says I’m with her. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.

Scene 2
Devika comes to the locker room. Kara stands up. arjit sleeps next to him. Karan goes outside to get water. Devika says I’ll steal it all. She opens the locker. Karan sees the dressing room door open. Devika steals things. She sees Karan enter. She’s hiding. Arjit comes and says you need rest. Karan says I need water. Arjit says come, I’ll make it.

Kulwant comes to Seher. She says you are all concerned. How can I sleep? Seher tells her what Dida did. Kulwant says, are you leaving? Seher says my heart is heavy, but it is Rajveer’s house. How can I stop him? Kulwant says it’s your responsibility. I know you had a bad time in that house, but I know you’ll have a happy time. Meher colored this house. She solved it her way. You will be the choti sardarni of the Babbar family. Seher says you’re right. Rajveer has always been there for me. I have to do it for him now. She hugs her.

Scene 3
Seher wakes Rajveer. He pulls her. Seher tickles him. Seher says I made you food. Does he really say? Where is it? She says sandwich? Did you make this too? Rajveer says wow, I feel so lucky. Seher says we should learn to cook. You accepted this house like mine. Now it’s my turn. We go to the Babbar mansion and start a new life. God has given us a chance to restart our lives. We can do anything. Rajveer says you are perfect. I don’t know how it would happen. Seher says we’ll get everything. We have to shop for the house. we should tell everyone. Rajveer hugs her.

KAran comes down. He says what Devika is planning. Seher comes down and tells everyone that Harshdeep has given them Babbar mansion. Rajveer says we’re going to live there. Seher says we will start our business there. Karan says you can handle it from here. Rana says how will we live without both of you? Ginni says the kids won’t sleep without Rajveer. Rajveer says it’s more painful, but we have to take responsibility. Khushi yells no, this can’t happen. Everyone is shocked. Khushi says how can you both leave? We have so much fun. Rajveer says it’s our responsibility. Param says you can stay here and deal with it. Rajveer says how can I live here? I am the son-in-law of this house. Dolly says yes. Rana says he’s our son. Dolly says this is not a hostel. Param says this house belongs to Raj. He is our brother. Rajveer says it will always be my home, but we have to get there. Harleen says in my heart I’m glad they’re going.

Khushi says to Harleen why are you silent? Stop them. It’s the wedding house. So many things have to happen. She says to Rajveer, will you leave me again? Seher says it’s only a 15 minute drive. Dolly says if they want to go, bless them. Devika is happy. Param hugs them. Khushi is angry.

Precap-Kulwant says to Seher, promise me you’ll call me every day. Seher says yes. Khushi says I have to plan how to stop them. The kids stop Rajveer.

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