Choti Sardarni 4th February 2022 Written Update

Khushi Says I Love Puris. Why Do You Get All Things I Love. Seher Says Raj Makes Really Good Puris. She Says Remember We Would Eat Them In Childhood? Mama Would Make Them. Khushi Says Remember Our Secret With Karan? Seher Says What Secret? She Says Come To Store Room I Will Kill You. Seher Kisses Rajveer And Says Let Me See. Rajveer Says I Love You.

Dolly Gets Her Nails Done. She Asks Arjit Where Have I Seen You? He Says Sorry Mataji, My Face Is Common. Devika Says She’s Momsi. She Takes Him From There. She Says Be Careful. They All Spy. We’ve Not Even Made Enough Money. We Have To Steal Something Big Before We Get Caught. Devika Says To The Caterers We Will Fire You. They Say Please Madam Don’t. She Says Give Me Half Of Your Pay. The Give Her Money. She Says Finally Fresh Notes. Karan Sees It, He Says I Need To Tell Param.

Scene 2
Seher Comes To The Store. Khushi Says Param And I Would Come Here And Break Things. We Would Ask For Things We Want. Khushi Says I Want Peace. She Breaks A Bottle. Seher Says I Want Rajveer To Be Happy. Seher Breaks Another Bottle. Param Says What’s This Noise? Karan Comes To Param And Says I Saw Devika Taking Commission From The Caterers. She Was Talking So Cheaply. Why Are You Not Saying Anything? This Is About Your Life. Param Says She Took Money From The Caterer Because They Were Overcharging Us. Devika Comes In. Param Says She Gave That Money To Me. Devika Says I Can Understand Karan Must Have A Reason But Why Did You Think?? Karan Says The Way You Were Talking.. She Says You’ve To Speak Their Language. Karan Says But.. Param Says Not A Word More. Devika Leaves In Tears. Rajveer Asks Karan What Happened? He Says Should We Believe What We See? Rajveer Says We Should Consider It Fo Rour Loved Ones.

Scene 3
Seher Says I Wanna Start A Family With Rajveer. Khushi Says I Wanna Find Prince’s Dad. I Was With Him For A Night Only. We Were So Drunk I Didn’t Know Anything. Mom Lied To All Of You For Her Reputation, I Was With Him For One Night Only. Seher Says Di You Hid Such A Big Truth From Us? She Says Yes. We Spent That Night Together, Then I Couldn’t Find Him The Next Monring. His Child Was With Me. I Have To Find Him, Where He Is. Who He Is. Seher Says You Are So Brave. Where Did You Get This Courage From? She Says From Meher Aunt. She Was So Lucky To Have Sarab. I Don’t Want Prince To Live His Life Without His Dad. I Want To Find Him. Only You Can Help Me. Seher Says I Will Don’t Worry. Everything Will Be Fine. Seher Says We Will Find Prince’s Dad. I Am With You At Every Step. She Says What If He Doesn’t Accept Us? Seher Says He Can’t Do That. I Will Make Him Accept You And Your Son. I Will Kill Him He Has A Cute Child. She Hugs Her And Says Thank You. Khushi Says In Heart You Will Give Me Rajveer Yourself.

Scene 4
Everyone Is At Brekfast Tabel. Seher Is Worried About Khushi. Rajveer Says Sit Here Seher. Did You Eat? Harleen Looks At Them And Recalls What Khushi Said. Harleen Says He Ruined Our Daughter’s Life. Robbie Says We Have To Play It Cool. Rajveer Makes Seher Eat. Bitu And Rana Fight. He Says We Have The Best Parathas. Rana Says My Favorite Paratha Is Aalu. They All Enjoy Food Together. Khushi Says I Made This Dessert. Kulawnt Says Wow. She Says Only For Rajveer. She Says Your Favorite Raj, Surprise. Rajveer Recalls He Told Her At The Club. Rajveer Said He Ordered His Favorite Parathas. Everyone Is Shocked At The Table. Khushi Says Eat Now. He Leaves. Khushi Says I Made It With So Much Love. Kulwant Says Is He Okay? Seher Says He Had An Important Call. Seher Says To Khushi Sorry If Rajveer Was Rude. He Didn’t Want To Insult You. His Sister Used To Make These. He Gets Hurt When Something Related To Her Is Mentioned. Khushi Says I Hurt Him. I Should Say Sorry To Him. Seher Says No It’s Fine.

Rajveer Is In His Room. Dida Calls Him. He Recalls Everything. Rajveer Cries. Seher Comes To The Room. She Hugs Him. Seher Says I Know It Still Hurts You But She’s Your Sister. Rajveer Says It Does. Why Can’t We Choose Your Family? I Chose Your Family As Mine. My Brothers, Nani, Uncles. Thank You For Giving Me All The Happiness In The World. Even Your Family. Seher Hugs Him And Says I Love You. Khushi Looks At Them And Says Prince And I Your Family.

Precap-Kulawnt Says To Robbie I Know You’re A Father Too. You Want Your Daughter Happy With Her Husband. Robbie Gets Drunk. He Says Khushi He Left You And Prince. I Will Kill Him. Khushi Says Calm Down.

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