Choti Sardarni 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Rajveer says what are you doing with this brooch? It’s my Seher and she’s only entitled to it. It’s my family’s legacy. Seher comes. Khushi says I like it, so I wore it. Seher says it’s okay, it looks good now. Rajveer says no, it doesn’t. It’s only for Seher. Seher says I’m sorry di Raj didn’t mean to hurt you. He is very sensitive to his family. I’m sorry on his behalf. She says I’m sorry, I thought we were sisters and we could share everything. Seher says it isn’t. She tells me not to babysit your things. She returns the brooch. Khushi says I know Seher, you will do as I ask.

Seher comes to the room. She says Raj why are you so hurt? He says this brooch, how can she take it? It’s only yours. Seher says to calm down. He says no. Seher says I know this brooch is your family heritage and that it comes with responsibility. Dida was like your mother, Khushi is my sister. We shared everything. She doesn’t think before doing things. If she wore it, it won’t be hers. Her life has many problems. We should try to cheer her up. Rajveer says you’re right. I was too rude. Seher hugs him and says it’s okay.

Scene 2
Kulwant prepares for the event. Seher comes there with Choti Sardarni clothes like Meher did. Rajveer holds her hand. Jeeto says you look so good. Ginni says heroin. Dolly says it’s a royal photo shoot. The brooch is coming. Rajveer has Seher wear it. Khushi is not happy. Seher says I’m so nervous. He says you look perfect. He says you have makeup? She says do I look bad? He says I’m teasing you. They’re taking Seher’s photos.

Khushi comes to her room. The smoke makes Seher cough and she closes her eyes. It ruins her photos. Seher protects herself with her dupatta. Rajveer says you have a solution to all problems. Kulwant says you look like a queen. Rajveer hugs Seher. He also takes pictures with Seher in royal attire. Kulwant says they look like Meher and Sarab. Khushi is angry. She leaves.

Scene 3
Dolly looks at Arjit and tries to remember where she saw him. She sees his light. He opens and closes it. She remembers that he scammed her. Dolly says you locked me up in that plan. You did. I remember everything now. He runs. Dolly is looking for him. Arjit hits Dolly on the head. She faints.

Seher and Raj come to Khsuhi. Raj says sorry Khushi. I shouldn’t have talked like that. She says I should be sorry, it belonged to Seher. Seher says look what Raj has for you? He says a similar brooch. Khushi takes it. She tells you to wear it. Raj is clumsy. Seher says do it. Rajveer lets her wear it. Khushi says let’s take a selfie. They leave. She says this fake brooch for me. Everything to do with you is mine Raj. It’s my right. Seher comes to the room. Rajveer says Seher please never leave me. She says yes, I’m going tomorrow. He says stop joking. Seher hugs him. She says don’t worry. We get scared, this is our new beginning. No one will ever take our happiness away from us.

Scene 4
Devika hits Arjit. She says what have you done? He says she recognized me, I had no other option. DEvika’s father tells us to run immediately. Fake mother says yes. Devika says they will find us and imprison us. We didn’t even get anything. They open Dolly’s phone.

Seher says these are our nursery designs. Rajveer hugs her. Seher says what color do you want?
Khushi comes to Harleen. She says how can you sleep with so many problems in my life? Harleen says you asked us to keep you out of it. She says you can take stress for me. How does my daughter get Raj. Harleen says what do you want us to do?

Everyone says congratulations Seher. Seher says what are we celebrating? Rajveer tells you. I got a call and found out that the government of Punjab is giving you a bravery award for the surrogacy. Seher remembers. The women praise Seher. Karan says and the way you rescued people on that plane. Raj tells Nani to give her this medal. Kulwant has Seher wear it. Rajveer says now is the time to build our house. Khushi says I’ll never let that happen.

Precap-Khushi sees Devika lock up Dolly. She says what are you doing? Let me go mama, I’ll tell everyone. Devika says I know your secret too. Rajveer and Seher get there.

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