Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 2nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhanush asking why she practices crying when she knows only fear. Chikoo stops him says fear is important, you think you aren’t afraid, your hands were shaking at the time of the quiz, one who is alive feels and cries, you decide what you are. Dhanush gets shocked. Dimple feels happy and they take Chikoo with her and tell Dhanush is shocked with her retort.

Aarav tells he will prepare 7 layers cake for her post winning. Chikoo asks if he applied to baking contest. Aarav tells he doesn’t have full money to apply. Chikoo and others contribute money to them
Mini asks Dhanush to not to take stress telling he is good to sin scholarship. Mini feels stressed seeing Kamini calls and eat more. Dhanush asks if she is fine. Mini goes aside and hears Kamini send her voice note to minimize her phone bill. Mini vomits in the bathroom. Chikoo helps her. Mini asks her to not tell Dhanush about her truth. Chikoo says I won’t but you may face a problem if his mother finds out the truth. Mini tells she will think about it and she thinks to make Alka loves her and she applies for an internship.

Keshav sees the Mini’s application then he asked Dhanush why he looks scared. Dhanush tells he is scared to play in front of his Mom. Keshav advises him to not lose himself and leaves. Chikoo messages from her yeh Ishq nachaye account to Dhanush and thanks to him for his motivation and tells him that she faced the person who us troubling her for long then Dhanush tells it’s good to hear then he asks her to tell her name. Chikoo denies then Dhanush asks her to help him as he is confused whether he have to listen his inner self or his Mother? Chikoo recalls her moments with Nupur and asks him to listen to his Mother. Dhanush thanks her.

Vivaan recalls the warning of the person and he steals the diamond set of Kamini. The alarm gets alerted Kamini. Kamini goes to the room and tells everyone that thief has entered the room. Savitri calls the police. Housekeepers search the room. Vivaan escapes from the room and he places the necklace on Aarav’s bag. The police come there and tells them they will search everyone.

Principal warns Chikoo and Dhanush to play well. Pappu takes photograph of Dhanush and Chikoo. Organizer tells rules and process of the second game to players. Alla tells Sameer that hope my son won’t lose because of your daughter. Sameer encourages Chikoo. Dhanush takes blind folds to Chikoo and tells her he us readying for her defeat.
Episode ends.

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