Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Chikoo is asking Dhanush to drop her telling him she can’t hear the mocking of people. Dhanush asks her to motivate herself. Chikoo asks how can she do it. Dhanush falls and injures his feet while carrying her. Chikoo makes him agree and she carries Dhanush for the competition and they win the race. The principal feels happy and she makes them have medals and tells them that the whole college is proud of them as they achieved it because of their unity. Organizer tells them winning 3 jodis have to stay in the camp. Chikoo says how can they stay in camp together.

Mini congratulate Chikoo and Dhanush. Sameer and Alka come there. Sameer congratulates them. Alka sees Mini hand on her son. Mini removes it. Alka tells Chikoo that she is happy to see her fighting spirit and mocks Mini. Alka and Sameer take their kids to give them their bags. Sameer asks Chikoo to not get closer to Dhanush. Dhanush stares at Chikoo. Alka asks him to not involve in Chikoo matters and asks him to focus on his aim. Sameer asks Chikoo to fight for herself and don’t trust Dhanush.

Dhanush and Chikoo enter the camp with their bags. Other college students mock Chikoo. Chikoo dreams of teaching them a lesson but they leave. Dhanush tells other students that girls can do anything and don’t forget that Chikoo makes you lose you. Other students decide to teach lesson to them in night. Dhanush sees the first aid kit in his room and thinks it’s Chikoo’s work. Chikoo smiles from far.

Mini thinks about how to reach to Cm. Kamini brings interior designers to the Mini room and tells them it’s the room they are going to renovate. They leave seeing the room. Kamini tells her she will snatch everything from her one by one. She leaves attending Ritu’s call. Mini calls the Cm office like Ritu and asks them to arrange a meeting of Cm with Alka. They agree.

Other college contestant steals Dhanush food. Chikoo collects her food and shares it with Dhanush. Dhanush leaves after thanking her. Other college Couple discusses implementing their plan in the night. Dhanush messages to Yeh Ishq Nachaye and they discuss music can end their problems. They chat with each other. Param tells gossip to his friends that winners are going to be attacked in the camp. Aarav didn’t reveal it to Sameer and they feel worried for Chikoo. In the night Chikoo dances happily. Dhanush sits near the bonfire. The power goes off. Dhanush brings Chikoo with him and they hide noticing how the other 2 couples are searching for them to take revenge.
Episode ends.

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