Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 28th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Chikoo telling Dhanush that she will go right if she faces him. Dhanush asks if he has to go to the left. Chikoo asks him to go to hell. A while ago Chikoo talks to sky telling she is scared of trolling because of the trolling. Sameer calls her while walking on the wall of the terrace. Chikoo asks why he is doing it when he is scared of heights and tells him she can’t lose him. Sameer finishes his walk and tells her he faced his fear and he asks her to face her fear to answer the people who bully her so win the scholarship as you’re unstoppable. Chikoo agrees.

Dhanush comes out from his car seeing Keshav. Keshav asks if he forgot the values taught by his Dad? As he feels so after seeing his behavior with Sameer. Dhanush says you’re forgetting that Mom gave me this car of Dad and my dream is to make my Mom’s dreams real and I won’t let Chikoo enter between me and my dreams. Mini hears it and thinks he is Mom’s Chamcha.

Kamini calls Mini and tells her that she won’t pay additional charges and I will throw you out after this year. Mini thinks how to enter in good books of Dhanush Mom in this year.
Aarav and Nivan fights in Dhanush and Chikoo matter. Kamini stops them. Nivan asks her for some money. Kamini gives him all money and leaves. Aarav tells Nivan that he is doing wrong but Nivan doesn’t listen to him.

Sameer drops Chikoo and he asks her to face the fear. Chikoo agrees and she meets Dhanush and says I’m not interested to see your face but we have to meet for scholarship and if we by meet other times then I will go right if I face you. Dhanush asks if he has to go to the left. Chikoo asks him to go to hell. Then they receives the Principal message and they go to meet the Principal. Principal asks them to represent their college on inter college competitions as a team. Dhanush agrees. Chikoo too agrees. Principal asks them to prepare.

Outside Dhanush tells he will win for him and both gods in different directions. Sarah says Dhanush can’t do anything this time as he loves victory. Dimple and Param and Chikoo say it’s tough to trust Dhanush. Nivan talks on call and requests him for some time and he gets to know that Dhanush and Chikoo are teamed up for competition. Mini tells Dhanush that she will accompany him.

Alka tells her not needed then she asks Keshav to take more applications for internship. She leaves. Mini tells she will apply for it to work with aunty. Keshav and Dhanush tells it’s an bad idea. Keshav tells Dhanush that you’re going to team up with Chikoo so what you’re planning. Dhanush says he planned it. Chikoo tells Sameer that this time is competition on ground and she feels scared. Sameer tells her she can win over Dhanush too and he makes her recalls her courage. Dhanush calls Chikoo and warns her to not to do any mistakes.
Episode ends.

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