Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th March 2022 Written Updates

The episode starts with Dhanush recalling Mini and Keshav’s words while punching the boxing bag. Chikoo sees herself in the mirror. Dhanush comes to her house and tells her that mirror shows what you want to see. Chikoo turns and notices him. Dhanush tells her sorry for whatever he said to her in college and he asks her to participate in a Dance competition for her and he promises her that he won’t cheat on her in dance round and he tells her that he is a fan of her dance and he asks her to give him a chance to compete with her which makes him happy and he tells her that Dance completes her.

Chikoo says no one let fat people live in peace and I tried hard to follow my passion but they saw how I look not my talent and people see the size of girls and not their heart and personality and you can’t understand it as you’re popular college guy but I’m tired with these bullying that’s why I’m giving up so leave from here. Dhanush stops her by holding her hand.

Dhanush tells her he is also fat in childhood since 15 and I decided to change my life that’s why changed and I can understand your pain as I bore all them so search courage which is inside you. Chikoo hugs him telling him she can’t. Dhanush asks her to see herself through his eyes and tells her that the whole universe is dancing with her whenever she dances opening her hair and your eyes show how pure you’re. Chikoo thanks him. Dhanush wipes her tears and tells her that he doesn’t care about winning and losing and tells her that he wants to compete with her and tells her that he will wait for her in rehearsals. Chikoo smiles.

Alka asks Mini to do tender work. Mini tells she has to go to college to attend Dhanush’s competition. Alka tells no need as Dhanush can win without you. Mini buys products with a company credit card. Keshav records everything on his mobile. Mini tells her friends that their plan is successful and Chikoo won’t participate in the competition. Dhanush asks Loser gang why Chikoo didn’t come for dance practice. Sameer enters Joshi’s mansion by disguising himself as a pesticides spray person. He plays Nupur’s voice near Kamini’s door. Kamini gets scared and runs out in fear.

The Principal asks Dhanush where is Chikoo? Dhanush tells maybe on the way. Principal says If she is not here in the next 15minutes then Chikoo will be out from the competition and Dhanush will win the competition. Chikoo comes there and apologises to Principal then she joins Dhanush for rehearsal. Dhanush teaches her step Daniel taught him.

Friends of Mini says it’s like Dhanush performing with her not competing with her. Mini says Chikoo trapped him with her tactics. Students mock Chikoo and she is about to leave but Dhanush stops her. Kamini shouts seeing blood. Sameer makes it appear as blood through infrared rays. Everyone comes out.

Savitri asks why she is getting scared. Kamini says it’s Nupur’s blood and she runs out and sees on her car that I know about your sins. Dhanush tells Chikoo that he is with him and asks her to face them in real, not in her imagination. Chikoo reverts everyone who mocked her. Dhanush and her friends feel happy.

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