Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with College students cheering for Dhanush. Girls think they are behind him but he is behind Mini. Dhanush asks them to witness his proposal and tells them that his bike will stop when his heartbeat Mini comes there. Mini and Chikoo arrive at college. Chikoo tells her she has to meet the principal. Friends of Mini games her with them telling Dhanush got blind in her love. Mini tells them she will meet him after doing her touch up. Nivaan asks everyone to cheer up Dhanush and blindfolds Dhanush eyes and warns him about the stunt. Dhanush tells it’s needed and he takes circles around the love symbol. Everyone records it on their mobiles. 

Some students tease Chikoo about her weight and she imagines that she is teaching lesson to them. They leave to witness Dhanush’s stunt. Chikoo comes there asking for principal room. No one answers her and asks her to watch the stunt. Chikoo comes there. Dhanush stops his bike and goes towards the chair. Chikoo falls down on the chair. Dhanush proposes to Chikoo assuming her as Mini then he opens his Blindfolds. Everyone gets shocked. Dhanush asks who is she. Mini asks why she spoiled surprise of her. Dhanush tells he spoiled her stunt. Chikoo tells he can propose normally too. Dhanush tells he won’t do anything normally. Mini asks why you came here Chikoo. Dhanush makes fun of her name then he gives rose to Mini and leaves with her. 

Sameer packs his luggage. Gajak asks if they shift to Mumbai. Sameer tells it will never happen and I will return bringing Chikoo. Gajak says Chikoo loves her family. Sameer says that family snatched the confidence of Chikoo and I will make Chikok realise that I’m her family so go and pack your bags as we are going to Mumbai. Dhanush tells he is going to get scholarship and tells Mini is his lucky charm and he recalls his promise to his Mom that he always wins her Dad’s name scholarship. Mini asks why he is behind scholarship. Nivaan tells he wants to be number one. Mayank tells their is risk of him entering the room at this time. Dhanush asks lucky kiss from Mini but Sunny gives him. Dhanush goes to principal room. She warns him to be serious in life leaving his love boy stunts and she tells him that Chikoo is competing with him for the scholarship. Dhanush gets shocked. Principal asks them to fill the forms and may the best student wins this scholarship.

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