Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 14th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Keshav saying Chikoo realised you’re Live Jive seeing your last night’s dance video then she didn’t reply to you and she already told you that she is scared to show her face because of trolling then how you expect her to tell she is Chikoo. Dhanush says he is confused. Keshav says it’s clear you guys are becoming enemies because of this scholarship but you guys are not noticing your connection. Alka comes there with Mini and she warns Keshav to not manipulate her son. Keshav leaves.

Alka asks Dhanush to focus on winning the scholarship. Chikoo returns home in tears. Sameer says your identity is exposed so you don’t need to hide your face. Chikoo asks what about trolling. Sameer motivates her by telling about the people who shut critics with their achievements and he advises Chikoo to trust herself to win the name and he asks her to not disappoint him without giving the trial. Chikoo leaves.

Mini comes to Dhanush. Dhanush asks her to stop her melodrama telling her he is already in the mood off. Mini says my mood must be off as I was not aware that you’re cheating with another girl and you cheated me. Dhanush says you want me to become a girlfriend but you’re not interested to become my friend and lost in your world and Ishq became my friend and gave advice.

Mini says you didn’t ask why I am scared and I care for you that’s why I exposed Chikoo’s identity to the world to make you concentrate in competition. Dhanush tells he can’t believe that she can do this disgusting act. Mini says it’s your attitude. Dhanush leaves from there. Keshav mocks her to shop more from credit card and tells her that he won’t stop until he finds her truth.

Pushpa asks Sameer can their Chikoo ever came out from her fear. Sameer says their is a way, Chikoo doubts Kamini in Nupur’s murder so I’m scaring Kamini to find the truth, and once the truth is out then Chikoo’s wounds get healed. He leaves. Pushpa asks where is he leaving. Sameer says to bring the truth out.

Kamini watches the tv and she feels scared again seeing the person Sameer arranged like Nupur. Family members ask her what happened. She tells them she saw bhooth of Nupur. Savitri and others tells her it’s her illusion. Kamini tells them she will meet Doctor. Sameer thanks the artist and tells her tomorrow will be the next part of the plan.

Chikoo tells her Mom that she doesn’t have any confidence to fight with anyone. Dhanush sees the sky and tells his Dad that he wants to become like him and asks for his help. Chikoo and Dhanush miss each other. Chikoo cries recalling how everyone insulted her then she messages her friends that she is backing off from the dance face-off. Aarav receives that competition and gets shocked. He calls her but her number is switched off. Nivaan gets to know that Chikoo is backing out.

Sameer meets Kamini and makes her believe that he came to Mumbai for a meeting and tells her that he saw Nupur kind of lady. Kamini leaves in tension. Sameer thinks she doesn’t know what’s going to happen with her. The Tarot card reader meets Kamini and tells her that she can cure her. She takes Tarot reader to her home and asks her to remove the past air from her house. Tarot reader tells she has to go to all rooms. Kamini agrees. Sameer asks her to search for the watch. She gets it in Kamini’s room.

Sameer asks her to come out then he thinks to make Kamini confess her crime by herself. Chikoo meets Nivaan and asks why he called her. Nivaan tells her he is leaving the gambling and asks her to not back out from Dance face off. Chikoo asks if he felt bad. Nivaan says it’s not the point. Chikoo says you don’t know how much people troll me, I can’t bear it anymore. Nivaan says those people are idiots like me so don’t spoil your career by listening to idiot’s words.

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