Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 9th February 2022 Written Update

Pushpa and Tai decide to meet for shopping. Pushpa ends the call and tells me to do the engagement drama until we leave. Sameer says but Nupur will come too. She says they will be wise and not bring Nupur. Tai orders Nupur not to come or she won’t take her to the wedding. Nupur says don’t worry, I don’t want any trouble in Deepu’s marriage. Milind asks how are you going to meet Chiku now. Nupur says Nupur cannot go, but someone else can. Deepu and everyone meet Sameer’s family. Deepu says we can match the theme. She thinks to buy the expensive lehenga. Chiku is coming. Deepu hugs her and asks how you are, I missed you very much. Tai says I thought she was Chiku too, she’s Archie, Nupur doesn’t understand. Nupur comes in disguise. Chiku grabs a dress and asks Sameer how it is, do I look like a fairy when I wear this one. Sameer and Milind say you will look good. Chiku says uncle, Mini is your fairy, I will make her look beautiful. she chooses a dress for Mini. Nupur asks Chiku to try on a dress. Chiku asks her to go with her. Deepu shows the dress to Sameer. He says it’s fun. Mini gets ready in the fairy dress. Tai berates Mini in front of everyone. Deepu asks Tai what she says, how can she behave with such an orphan. She apologizes to Mini in front of Sameer. She says you can take any dress you want. She asks everyone to come to Mini first. The man says we have a staff of 5. Sameer says you’re 6, a saleswoman went with my daughter, that’s that lady, didn’t she come with you. The man says no. Sameer walks.

Chiku shows her room. Nupur says it’s me, your Nupur aunt, someone asked you to stay as Archie. Chiku says I’m Archie, why did you come in disguise, I don’t know you. Nupur ask if anyone has threatened you, tell me the truth, I’m really sorry, I know I won’t send you away from me, don’t punish me. She is crying. Chiku says sorry, I’m not Chiku, why should I get mad at you, I don’t even know you, I only know my family. She gets the photo and says this is me and he is my dad, I’m Archie. Nupur says tell me, where are your childhood pictures. Chiku asks what childhood is. Nupur is shocked. She says I mean when you were a kid. Chiku asks when. Nupur asks what you remember. Chiku says I got hurt and after that I was fine, Gajak told me. Nupur asks how you got hurt. Chiku says I don’t remember. calls Sameer Mrs. Joshi. Milin stops him and tells you to stop here. Sameer threatens the police. He gets in and asks Nupur to get out. Chiku says this is very bad. Milind and everyone watch. Sameer asks if she hurt you. Chiku says no, she just loved me, she feels bad that Chiku is lost. Tai says we’re going to meet on engagement now, I won’t get Nupur with me. Aai asks Nupur to come home.

At home, Nupur says that Chiku doesn’t remember anything, she lost her memory in that accident, she doesn’t remember her name. Milin says I understand, but maybe that girl had an accident at the same time. She says well, why don’t they have any pictures of her childhood, did you notice this, don’t trust me, we have Chiku back, you should be happy. He asks what will we do, shall we bring her back, Tai wants to throw her out, she is with a good family, they love her and give her respect, they treat her like a princess, she is entitled to a daughter, We cannot give her that right, it is better that she stays with them, not with us. Nupur says we’ll see later, it’s implied she knows the truth, she has a right to know, she’s Chiku, if she wants to stay with them, then it’s her decision, I’ll accept it, I’ll fight for this because the people who can lie to a child and hide her identity can do anything to her.

Sameer says tickets are available, but Archie’s visa is due in two days. Pushpa asks if we should be on engagement day. He says yes, we have no option. Nupur says no Milind, I won’t let this matter end, I’ll bring back Chiku’s memory, I lost her once, I can’t lose her again. Tai advises Deepu to win Sameer’s heart. Nupur is coming. Tai avoids her and goes. Nupur says Deepu, I can help you. Deepu says you made the plan to break my marriage. Nupur say I’m really sorry, I won’t repeat that mistake, try to get Sameer close to your heart, do something, go close to Archie, he loves her very much, don’t think I have any intention, I’m thinking of Chiku , they look alike, but she is Archie, his daughter, stand close to her. Deepu doesn’t think the idea is bad, I have to show a bond with her. She says thanks, I’ll think about it. Nupur goes and thinks Sameer won’t let me come home, but I can get Chiku here, she has her memories here, I will try my best to get her memory back. Chiku says I will come. Deepu says I’m coming for you. Sameer asks who you are talking to. Chiku says Deepika, she wants to take me out, I will go. Deepu says hello, we should have gone on a date, but I want to go out with Archie first and win her heart. He asks her to come home to meet her. She says it doesn’t look good to visit Sasural for the wedding, we will meet somewhere else. He says to take her out everywhere but not home, I don’t want Nupur around. Deepu says I’ll take her to my favorite restaurant. Nupur hears this. Deepu goes. Nupur thinks how will Chiku get home, I have to take her home. There she sees Deepu’s phone.
front hood:
Milin asks Nupur not to worry. He calls Chiku’s friends. They meet Chiku and try to remind her. Chiku plays with the children. Nupur says that Chiku is coming home.

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