Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 8th February 2022 Written Update

Sameer says something happened to you, we’re really sorry, she’s Archie, my daughter, we don’t want answers, end of discussion, we felt bad when you came to our house with the picture, don’t bother her , you have no right, please go away. Tai squeezes Kamini and says you couldn’t do any job right. Kamini says I locked the car, how do I know how she got here. Deepu says she’s ruining the alliance. Tai asks her to calm down. Tai says we’re going to go home and make the guest list for engagement. Nupur says I’m not going, I’m taking Chiku. Milin asks her to come. Nupur says no. Kamini says come with us, Nupur, don’t make a scene. Nupur says sorry Chiku, come.

Everyone comes home. Nupu says I’m glad Chiku is still alive, I hope Chiku will come back soon. Tai scolds Aai. Nupur says Sameer is a liar. Deepu asks why he would give such an orphan the luxury, does he have a reason for it. Nupur says, but there will be a way. Tai says that girl looks like Chiku. says Nupur, but that girl is Chiku. Tai says you mean all those documents and photos are fake, only you are true. Deepu says that girl said she’s Archie. Kamini says Archie was raised well, Chiku spoke in foul language. Nupur says the heart never says wrong. Milin says I agree, we need to think about it. Kamini calls him a woman’s puppet and goes. Nupur says I will find the truth. She goes. Tai asks Deepu to take the girl away from Sameer, it doesn’t matter if she is Chiku or not. Mini is concerned and tells me to tell the truth to Nupur, that’s it.

Kamini stops her. Mini says I’m going to tell Nupur the truth. Kamini says there’s no need to say, Nupur won’t leave you, that’s not Chiku, you know her, she was a speaker, she didn’t come, she’s not Chiku, she’s Archie. Sameer comforts Archie and asks her to sleep. She asks if you love me. She says so much. He says I love you too, sleep now. He goes to Pushpa and tells us to refuse this alliance. She says I thought the same, Archie remembered something. He doesn’t say yet. She says I will refuse them. He gets a call from a reporter. The lady says that Deepika has posted about the marriage on her social media account. He says the news of the marriage went viral. She asks how can they say I will call them. She calls Joshis. Nupur takes the call. She asks if you are afraid the truth will come out. She says you called to break up, right. Tai comes and asks Nupur to give the phone. Sameer says we want to make the relationship, a real person is not afraid, sorry to upset you, we are not afraid. Tai says yes why should you be scared I’m sorry I will ask pandit to get the mahurat soon. Sameer ends the call. He says that if I refused, her doubts would have become reality. Nupur holds a diya in hand and prays. She is crying. Chiku sees Nupur in a dream. She smiles. He says we are selfish. Pushpa says no she has not identified Nupur how can we let her go. He says right, they kicked her out of the house, it’s a good thing her memory didn’t come back, otherwise she would have felt bad, she just knows us, we are her world. Pushpa says yes, you are her father and I am her Dadi, they are not his real parents, you treat her so well. He says she came as my daughter Archie, the truth must not come out. Chiku comes and says I know that aunt, her name is Nupur, we met before, we used to play, she loved me a lot, I remember this.

Samer and Pushpa calm Chiku that dreams come often. He says I get good dreams, as you and I roam the world, we’ll be together. Chiku says we’ll always be together, it’s the truth. He says of course, it’s the truth. He hugs her. Gajak asks Chiku to go to sleep. Chiku goes. Sameer says we have to go back to Chiku. Pushpa says yes, Joshi’s don’t love her, you deserve it. He says I want to give her all the happiness. He calls to make a passport and book tickets. He says we don’t have an option now.

front hood:
Nupur says Milind, Chiku remembers nothing, so she remembers nothing, I will bring her memory back, I cannot lose her again.

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