Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 7th February 2022 Written Update

Nupur Calls Chikoo But Mini Was There Where Nupur Apologize To Her Where Mini Says That She Is Trying To Become Chikoo But Can’t Become Her. Nupur Says That She Become Guilt Conscious. Mini Asks About It. Nupur Says That She Wants To Meet Her Because Everything Because Of Her. Nupur Says That She Is Feeling Guilty All The Time. Mini Remember Everything And Feels Guilty.
Nupur And Everyone Comes Sameer House Where Kamini Locks Her Inside The Car. Nupur Says That She Is Not Doing Right Where Nupur Tries To Come Out. Dipu Comes To Meet Sameer And Asks For Marraige Where She Asks About Archie. Sameer Asks To Her That She Loves Children Or Not Where Sameer Asks Them To Sit. Sameer Says That She Can Marry To Someone But Why She Chose Her Where Dipu Shows Tatoo To Them. Sameer Says That Why She Did This Where Dipu Says That A Mother Love Doesn’t Decide Whom She Love.

Nupur Is Asking For Help Where Chikoo Opens The Door. Nupur Sees Chikoo And Gets Shocked. She Hugs Chikoo Where Chikoo Asks Her That Why She Is Crying. Nupur Gets Happy To See Her. Rama Tai Asks Pushpa To Proceed For The Wedding Where Chikoo Comes Inside With Nupur.

Everyone Gets Shocked To See Chikoo. Nupur Asks Sameer That He Lied To Him Everyone Questions To Them That Why Chikoo Is Here Where Pushpa Says That She Is Her Granddaughter Where Nupur Asks Why He Lied To Her. Pushpa Shows Proof To Them And Says That She Is Her Grand Daughter Where Nupur Says That Her Heart Is Saying Right. Nupur Asks Chikoo To Say Something Where Chikoo Hugs Sameer. Chikoo Says That She Is Archie Khetan And She Is Not Chikoo. Nupur Gets Shocked.

Pushpa Asks Gajak To Brings Proofs Of Archie Where Pushpa Shows Proof To Them. Rama Tai Asks That Nupur Lost Her Mind Where She Says That She Is Fine And They Are Lying. Nupur Comes To Chikoo And Says That She Is Angry With Her. She Asks To Recognise Her And Apologize To Him And Asks Her To Come To Her Where Chikoo Gets Scared. Nupur Begs To Her To Forgive Her But Kamini Asks Her To Understand. Nupur Gets Broken And Crying.

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