Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 5th February 2022 Written Update

Nupur comes to apologize to Deepu. She says I have no problem with your alliance with Sameer, explain to Tai that he should not talk about caste and status all the time. I have seen Sameer, he loves his daughter very much, you should have love for a child in your heart. Deepu thinks I thought about the child. She says you should come with me to take the alliance for Sameer. Nupur says fine, I’m going, but I’ll call them on duty first. Deepu sends the number.

Nupur calls. Chiku answers the call. Nupur hears her voice and says you are Chiku, right. Chiku says this isn’t a fruit shop. Nupur says I’m Nupur, you’re right Chiku. Tai and Deepu stop Nupur and pick up the phone. Chiku says I don’t know, an aunt called. She hands the phone to Pushpa. Tai says I’m Ramabai Joshi, you’re Pushpa. Pushpa says yes. Tai asks who answered the call. Pushpa says my granddaughter Archie. Nupur remembers.

Tai says I want to make Deepu’s proposal for your son Sameer. Pushpa says I never thought of this. Tai say then think our Deepu is a beautiful and nice girl just send Sameer over here to meet Deepu we know about Sameer’s wife and daughter how long will you raise the girl alone I’m sure he will not refuse. Pushpa thinks.

Chiku and Sameer ask her what happened. Pushpa says there was a phone call. He asks what you told them. Chiku says an aunt called, she thought it was a fruit shop, she said she wanted Chiku. He smiles. Pushpa says calling was for you, they gave you an alliance. Sameer says not to talk about it, you know my reaction. Chiku is concerned. He says we’re going to watch a new movie. Pushpa says stop. He says we don’t talk about it, old Sameer is dead with Ayna. Pushpa asks him to get married. Chiku asks what the marriage is. Pushpa says to ask your father. Chiku asks him. He says I have a best friend that time, I don’t want this to happen again. He sends her. He says we’re not talking about this. Pushpa says get married because of this girl. He says why, I’m going to be her mother, she said she wants a mother. Chiku falls down. They rush towards her. Chiku says I’m fine, play a good movie. She goes. Pushpa says it’s not love, it’s selfishness, you’re afraid.

Tai says that if Pushpa calls, we should go to Sameer’s house. Kamini says I want Deepu’s wedding to take place soon, take Nupur, let me be here. Tai says I don’t want Nupur, you come with us, she always gets mad, I don’t want Deepu’s marriage to break. Kamini asks why you let Deepu marry the father of a child. Tai says you let your friend’s sister marry Milind, don’t try to be my Saas, just be a bahu. She goes. Kamini stops Mini.

She asks for her help and tells a plan. Mini yells no, I’m not doing anything against Nupur. She goes. Kamini says what happened to her, I’ll see her later. Chiku and Sameer watch a cartoon. She says older people watch romantic movies. He asks who told you, Gajak? She says no, I heard in a cartoon. She asks him to listen to his mother and get married. He says I don’t want to get married, please. She says please, get married. He says it is not necessary. She turns off the TV. She says you should meet Deepu sometime, I want a mommy. He says you had a mom. She now says she’s not there, I don’t remember her, I feel angry and like to cry, I want a mama, you have to get married. He remembers Pushpa’s words.

front hood:
Sameer brings Chiku. Joshi’s seeing Chiku. Nupur accuses Sameer. Pushpa says she’s Archie. Nupur asks Chiku to tell them that she is her Chiku.

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