Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 4th January 2022 Written Update

Rama Tai gets happy after seeing the family where Hira Amma hints at Chikoo. Nivan and Mini dance together where everyone is happy and Milind asks Nupur that Mini is dancing well where she asks Nupur to teach Mini. The light goes out where Kamini announced that Chikoo will dance now where Mini asks him to dance. Chikoo is thrown off balance when Nupur asks her to be careful. Kamini and Rama Tai criticize Chikoo. Chikoo remembers how she dances Nupur. Chikoo throws a flower on the stage and begins to dance where Nupur is surprised to see Chikoo dancing in her style. Kamini thinks that Chikoo dances just like Nupur. Nupur gets tense and everyone thinks how beautiful Chikoo dances.

Nupur asks Chikoo to show her where Chikoo said she remembered her and she started dancing. Nupur stiffens and asks how she copied it when Hira Amma threatens Chikoo. Nupur says that there is some connection between them. Kamini shows them the CD and says that Chikoo copies this from this CD. Rama Tai blames Chikoo and asks him to leave here. Savitri asks Rama Tai to stop and says that Chikoo dances well and everyone should clap for her where everyone is clapping for Chikoo. Nupur asks Chikoo that she doesn’t trust anyone where Chikoo says that she didn’t learn from anywhere. Nupur asks everyone to eat where Nupur asks Chikoo to talk later where Hira Amma asks Chikoo to feed her. Chikoo freaks out and thinks about doing something that could involve her in the family where Hira Amma follows Chikoo everywhere. Hira Amma shows the gun to Chikoo where Chikoo tries to save Nupur.

Chikoo arrives at Savitri and tells her that she wants to take pictures with them, while Hira Amma says that she will catch her today. Savitri meets her friend who is a police officer where Savitri introduces her to Shashikant where Chikoo thinks he can help her today where Chikoo has an idea and Chikoo tries to get her caught Where Chikoo pushes him where the bartender is caught. Everyone is surprised to see a gun. The police caught the waiter and points his finger at Hira Amma, where Hira Amma stops Chikoo where the light goes out and Hira Amma takes Chikoo away from there. The waiter runs from there where everyone asks to catch him. Nupur didn’t see Chikoo and started screaming for her where Chikoo disappears. Kamini is happy.

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