Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 4th February 2022 Written Update

Mini Asking Nupur About Her Dress. She Helps Mini. She Recalls Chiku And Smiles. Mini Thanks And Hugs Her. Milind Says We Will Go Now. Nupur Says I Don’t Want To Go. He Says Sometimes We Have To Make Our Heart Understand, You Already Promised Mini. Sameer Gets His Selfies Clicked With Fans. Chiku Smiles. The Man Says Yes, All The Tickets Are Sold. Sameer Meets His Fans. Chiku Thinks My Dad Is So Nice.

Chiku Goes To Pick The Pen. She Goes. Nupur Turns To See. She Goes After Chiku. Tai Stops Nupur. Kamini Says Invite Came For Me, Not Her. Nupur Says I Felt I Have Seen Chiku Here. Deepu Says We Came Here To See Sameer, I Want Him To See Me Before Performance. Nupur Says I Will Go And See Chiku. Tai Says We Came To See The Guy For Deepu Here. Kamini Asks Who. Deepu Says Sameer Khetan. Tai Asks Why Did You Come If You Had To Do This Drama. Aai Says I Will Get Nupur, Calm Down. She Asks Nupur To Come, Milind Would Be Coming.

Everyone Claps For Sameer. Sameer Thanks Them For Love. Chiku Comes There. Deepu Says He Is So Handsome. Chiku Wishes Sameer All The Best. He Sings Tu Na Jaane…. Deepu Goes Live On The Social Media. Pushpa Says That Accident Snatched Everything From Sameer. Gajak Says Lord Has Sent That Girl In His Life, And Very Soon He Will Send Someone In Ayna’s Place. Sameer Sees Nupur And Recalls Her. Chiku Goes. Nupur Also Goes There. Sameer Looks On. He Sings. Milind Also Goes. Everyone Claps For Sameer.

Sameer Thanks Everyone. He Rushes To See Chiku. Chiku Falls Down And Shouts Papa. Milind Goes To Help Her. The White Powder Gets Over Her Face. He Doesn’t See Her. She Says I M Already Hurt. He Thinks This Voice. She Asks Him To Take Her To Doctor. The Fans Meet Sameer And Stop Him. Deepu Comes And Flirts With Sameer. Sameer Goes. She Thinks This Didn’t Happen With Me, He Ignored Me. Sameer Asks For Chiku. Pushpa Says She Was With You. He Says She Isn’t Here. Pushpa Goes To Find Her. Sameer Says That Woman Who Came To Ask For Her, She Is Here Also. Pushpa Says We Will Take Archie Home With Us. Nupur Asks Milind Who Is This Girl. Nurse Takes Chiku. Milind Says I Saw Her Fallen, So I Got Her Here, She Was In Pain, She Is Brave, I Thought Her Voice Is Like Chiku, I Felt I Held Chiku’s Hand, Don’t Know Who Are Her Parents. Nupur Says We Should Stay Here Till Someone Comes. Doctor Treats Chiku. Chiku Says My Dad Is Sameer Khetan, Who Is Performing Inside. Doctor Says I Will Inform Him. Chiku Says I Want To Thank That Uncle Who Got Me Here.

Doctor Say So Sweet. She Asks Milind To Come, The Girl Wants To Meet Her. Sameer Comes Running And Hugs Chiku. Doctor Says She Is Fine. Milind And Nupur Don’t See Her. Sameer Apologizes To Milind. Milind Says We Can Understand The Worry For Your Daughter, I M Milind Joshi. Sameer Says My Mum Is Waiting For Her, We Shall Go. He Takes Chiku In His Arms And Takes Her. They Don’t See Her Face.

Everyone Discusses About Sameer At Home. Milind Says We Was My Fav Singer Before, But Couldn’t Say Because Of The Situation. Deepu Says We Will Meet Him Again. Tai Says He Ignored You, He Isn’t Good. Deepu Says I Will Marry Him. Milind Says He Was Decent And Caring. Nupur Says Yes, We Met His Daughter, He Is Attached To His Family. They Ask What, Daughter?

Sameer Brings Chiku Home. Pushpa Asks Gajak To Get Juice For Archie And Tea For Her. Chiku Praises Sameer’s Singing. Pushpa Says He Had Many Fans. Chiku Says My Leg Was Paining, So I Went Aside To Sit, This Performance Was Special For Me, I Was So Happy To See You Singing. She Hugs Him. He Smiles. She Says I Forgot To Thank That Uncle, He Helped Me, You Call Him Once. He Looks At Pushpa.

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