Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 2nd February 2022 Written Update

The men praised Sameer’s singing and asked him to sing again. Sameer goes. They ask Pushpa to explain that Sameer has to move on, he is an artist and he has to do his job or else people will forget about him. Chiku watches. Kamini tells about the art party where Sameer will perform again after a long time. Deepu and Tai say it will be good if he performs, it will be nice to see his performance. Chiku says daddy has to perform, I’ll talk to him. Pushpa asks what you are going to tell him. Chiku plays music and dance for Sameer. She asks him to sing one more time, the music is not mad at him, it will not leave him. He says it happens that something goes away from us. She hugs him and says I will never leave. He says I’m not talking about you. She says you’re talking about mama, she’s in your heart, we can’t see her, but she can always see us and listen to me. He says sorry and goes. Mini says Nupur doesn’t listen to me, she only sees Chiku. She asks Kamini to help her and blackmails. Kamini says fine, convince Nupur to attend the art party, you must be with her or else you will get out, get her out of her depression. Chiku is being treated. She says it hurts. Sameer says we must not give up the pain, we must win, try. Chiku gets angry. He asks what happened. She says you’re lying, you’re not lying to your wound. He says I’m fine. She says wound of mama’s death, it hurts you a lot, you don’t sing her favorite song, I’m your daughter, I’ll do what you say, I won’t fight with my pain. Don’t say this, he says. Pushpa comes and says that children will learn what they see from the elderly, you do not fight with your pain. He goes. He plays the piano. Chiku smiles.

Nupur wears the ghungro and dances. Mini comes and asks if you want to teach me how to dance. Nupur says not now. Mini says you just love Chiku, not me. Nupur says it isn’t. Mini asks why you make me feel this way. Nupur say sorry, tell me what to do to make you happy. mini says: come to the art party with everyone. Pushpa asks Gajak to give that card. She calls the man to say that Sameer has agreed to sing. Nupur says well, I’m going to the art party with you. Mini hugs her.

Deepu says Sameer agreed to perform at the arts festival. Tai says your wish has come true. Deepu says I’ve read a lot about him. Milind asks if you like him. Deepu stops Tai and tells me to like him, I come to the festival, I go to the mall for shopping. Kamini says you have a lot of clothes. Deepu says to keep my outdated clothes, I want a special outfit. Tai asks her to take as much money as she wants and bring the outfit she likes. Deepu hugs her and goes. Milin thank you, you agreed to come to the party. Nupur smiles. Chiku thinks what to wear.

Sameer is coming. Chiku says you are my father, if I am brave then you must become brave, you will sing well, my blessings be upon you. He greets her. He smiles as he talks to her. She shows the dress she has chosen. He says it is very beautiful. She asks if I will wear it and come. She goes. Pushpa becomes happy and blesses him. He says I’m afraid Chiku’s guardian will come, what are we going to do that day.

front hood:
Nupur senses Chiku and runs towards her. Tai stops her. Nupur says I thought I saw Chiku here. Chiku falls down and calls out Papa. Milind helps her

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