Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 1st February 2022 Written Update

Dipu Is Making Her Videos Where Kamini Comes There And Says That She Can Join It Where Dishu Makes Fun Of Her Where She Asks Him To Do Makeup In One Minute Where Dipu Makes Fun Of Kamini. Dipu Asks Kamini That She Doesn’t Need Children And Will Marry Some Rich Guy Who Has Lots Of Money So That They Can Live Peacefully. Kamini Leaves From There.

Nupur Comes There And Gets Tired Where Rama Tai Sees Nupur. Mini Thinks To Pamper Nupur Where She Gave Juice To Her But Nupur Remember Chikoo Where She Leaves From There. Dipu Comes To Rama Tai Where She Says That She Bring A Boy’s Picture To Her. Dipu Asks Her To Bring Rich Guy For Her. A Woman Shows Them Picture Where They Get Shocked To See Sameer Pictures.

Sameer Asks Chikoo To Take Injection Where Chikoo Tries To Do Something So That They Can’t Take It. Gajak Says That He Make A Tasty Gajar Ka Halwa Where Chikoo Tries To Escape From It And Says That She Will Eat Gajar Ka Halwa First Where Chikoo Eats It And Asks Them To Eat. Sameer Seea Chikoo Is Trying To Hide Injection In Gajak Pocket.

Mini Used Dipu’s Products Where She Insults Her Where Rama Tai Scolds Mini And Asks Dipu To Throw This Where Dipu Said That They Are Costly Where Nupur Asks Her That She Js Wrong And Her Thought Is Old Fashioned And She Needs To Change It Where Mini Gets Happy When Nupur Takes Her Side.

Mini Us Going Where Kamini Stops Her And Asks Her To Apologise To Rama Tai Where Mini Says That She Will Not Go Anywhere Where Nupur Comes And Asks Mini To Do It. Mini Gets Agree Where Mini Asks Nupur To Make Coconut Sweets For Her Where Nupur Thinks Of Chikoo And Asks Her To Help Her Where Mini Says That She Has To Do Homework Where Kamini Hints Mini Where Mini Says That She Will Come Where Nupur Asks Her To Do Homework.

Sameer Is Finding Injection Where Chikoo Hides In Cupboard Where Chikoo Is Laughing Inside. Sameer Asks Gajak That He Hides Injection In His Pocket Where Sameer Starts Singing A Song Where He Tries To Forget Something Where Chikoo Complete It And Come Out Where Sameer Silently Puts Injection. Chikoo Gets Angry And Starts Crying Where Sameer Comes To Talk To Her Where She Said That He Doesn’t Love Her Because He Lied To Her. Sameer Makes Her Understand That He Loves Her.

Pushpa Asks What Happened Where Sameer Says That She Hates Lying And Said That If She Knows Anything Then Where Pushpa Says That She Has No Family Members Thats Why She Kept Het Here. Sameer Looks On.

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