Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 10th January 2022 Written Update

Everyone wishing Payal all the best. They say she should win this time. Chiku looks at Nupur. The girls go for the race. Mini remembers damaging Chiku’s shoes when she goes to pray. Nupur cries and says that the Lord gave me two daughters this time. Miind asks him not to cry. Tai says that this time, Payal will win, I massaged her legs. Chiku runs. She goes slow from her ripped shoe. Nupur asks why Chiku became slow. Aai says something is wrong. Tai says Chiku was wrong about Payal, now he’s happening to her. Kamini says yes. Chiku drops the shoes and runs in the race. Milind says it means the problem was in her shoes. The master says that Chiku is running barefoot now, Chiku is running very fast, well done. Everyone applauds Chiku. Chiku runs ahead of Mini. She plans to make Mini Win for the sake of Nupur. She stops near the winning line. Mini wins the race and jumps happily. Mini gets first place. Chiku ranks second. They get the trophies. Tai asks Chiku to leave. Nupur says she didn’t lose, she came second.

Milind says yes, well done. Nupur says she knew it, they have talent, so she bought the chocolates. Chiku says I’ll get it. Tai says for him to call Shashi, she’ll be glad to hear it. Chiku goes to get the chocolates. Tai asks him to keep it for him. She scolds Chiku. Chiku says that she didn’t come to steal it. Tai calls her a liar. Chiku says that the box was already open. Nupur says it’s okay, I have the chocolates for everyone. Chiku thinks how the box can open by itself, there is someone. She turns and says it was Hira Amma. Nupur asks him to come, they have to distribute the chocolates. Hira says that Nupur will cry now, they will arrest her. Nupur says that I made the chocolates myself. She gives the chocolates to everyone. Children start to get dizzy.

Hira says that now Nupur will go to jail, and Chiku will die, you won’t get Chiku and Payal, the game will end before the truth comes out. Nupur asks Milind to call the doctor quickly. Hira thinks my revenge game has just started, you don’t know what will happen next. The doctor comes and checks the children. Hira catches a boy and tells him not to tell them anything, to do what I tell him. She takes it and acts. She says take the lady who gave these chocolates to my son, Nupur Joshi, she tried to kill all the children. All the parents get angry and go to see Nupur. Milind’s car is stuck in traffic. Nupur cares about children. She takes Mini and Chiku in the car.

She asks Milind to come to the hospital, she is taking them to the hospital. He says wait, I’m going too. People stop Milind and ask for Nupur. Milind asks what she did. Kamini says that she gave the children poisonous chocolates. Milind says that Nupur is not here. The man gets angry and asks where your wife is. The director says they have no reason to do this, they better go home and take care of the children. Doctor says we can’t see so many students, better take the children to the clinic. People scold Aai and Milind. Milind says sorry, I know he loves children very much, he can never do this, let me go, my children are sick too. Kamini says that Nupur fed them two chocolates. Aai says that Nupur didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Milind says I have to go now, my daughters are not well. Tai says that only Payal is your daughter, Chiku is not the daughter of our family. She argues with Aai. Hira looks and says I’m sure the girls will die this time, Nupur will go to jail. Nupur takes the girls to the hospital.

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