Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 10th February 2022 Written Update

Chiku asks why don’t you let me go there, are you afraid auntie will take me away from you, she’s not bad, she loves me. Sameer says no one can keep you away from me, I lost you once and can’t lose again. She asks when did you lose me. He says I had a bad dream, I love you very much, I’m afraid someone may scare you away. She says I’m nothing that someone takes me, if someone takes me, I’ll come back. He asks for a promise. She says you’re my father, I love you so much, I’ll never leave. She hugs him.

Chiku is with Deepika. She asks if you want to take me to the game zone. Deepika thinks I got into this problem by listening to Nupur. Chiku asks Deepu for cotton candy. Deepu asks the driver to get it. Chiku thanks and hugs her. She says we will click on a photo. Deepu is looking for her phone. She thinks I can’t lose my phone, what should I do. Chiku says it’s okay, I won’t bore you, daddy doesn’t use the phone when he’s with me. Deepu says you’re in the car, I’m going home and get my phone. Chiku says no, daddy will know and get mad. Deepu says don’t worry. Milind says I tried to get help. He shows the children to Nupur. Tanki says we’ll try to get Chiku. Deepu comes and says Archie is in the car, Sameer asked me not to take her home, I forgot my phone so I had to come. Nupur asks what are we going to do next. The children go to Chiku and meet her. Chiku asks if I know all of you. Tanki says Milind told us about her amnesia. They ask Chiku to play. Nupur says she’s coming here. Milin asks her to come.

Sameer is concerned. He says Deepu can take her home, maybe it’s Nupur’s plan and she made Deepu do this, I have to go there. Pushpa asks him to call Deepu. He calls Deepu. Tai gets the phone. She says it’s a miracle, Deepu left without her phone. She answers the call. He asks if I can talk to Deepu. Tai says she does a lot of puja, she forgot her phone here and left. He says I want to talk to Archie. Deepu comes there. Tai says she’s here, talk to her.

Sameer says it means Archie is at Joshi’s house. Chiku comes home and remembers the past moments. Everyone is watching. Chiku gets dizzy. Nupur holds her and smiles. She says I will take you to your room, there are many things, come. Deepu says you are such a liar, Sameer was right, you should stay away from her. Chiku escapes. She says I’m Archie, not Chiku, I don’t know anything, my father’s name is Sameer. Nupur says you are Chiku. Chiku says Dadi told me a lot of people look the same. Sameer is coming. Chiku says I’m Archie. He calls Archie. Chiku runs to hug him. She says this aunt wants to take me away from you. He says I told you to stay away from my daughter. Nupur is crying. Milin says stop crying, it’s time to remind her of everything, where are the pictures, remind her that she is Chiku. Sameer asks Chiku to come. Deepu asks him to listen. He says you’re to blame, I told you not to get her here. He takes Chiku with him. Mini plucks Chiku’s bracelet. Milind asks what happened, will you let Chiku go. Nupur says yes because she is not my Chiku, she is Archie, she was afraid of me. Mini runs to give the bracelet to Chiku.

Mini sees the wound mark on Chiku’s hand. She remembers the accident. Sameer and Chiku leave. Nupur says it’s better she’s Archie. Mini says no, she is Chiku. Kamini is coming. Mini says Archie is Chiku. Kamini asks if you got angry. Mini says no, she is Chiku, maybe she lost her memory, it will come back too, if she tells everyone the truth then we have to go to jail. Kamini says no, you pushed her down. Mini says no, her hand slipped away. Kamini says no one will trust you. She scolds Mini and goes.

Sameer brings Chiku home. Pushpa hugs her. He says to call them and cancel the engagement, Deepu is not reliable. Chiku says no, it wasn’t her fault, don’t break the engagement. He says we’re all right, we don’t need anyone. She doesn’t even ask mommy? He says I will be your mommy and daddy, I feel Nupur is crazy. She says we don’t understand her pain so she does things like that, she loved her Chiku a lot, she misses her Chiku like you miss mommy.

front hood:
Sameer says we will be leaving this country very soon. Mini says Archie is Chiku. Nupur is shocked.

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