Top Rated Chemical Companies in Ankleshwar

Chemical Companies in Ankleshwar : Ankleshwar is a thriving town located in western India. of Gujarat and is well connected via railroad and roadways. It is situated within the Bharuch district and is regarded as one of the most industrial cities in India. It is rich in minerals and raw materials which make it ideal for setting up the new manufacturing firms and factories in the area. Because of its climate, this area is an ideal place to work and has attracted a lot of residents from neighboring states to make their business there. 

Because of its proximity in proximity to Mumbai and Ahmedabad The city has developed good connectivity, which allows for the export of goods and finished products to the destinations required.

Chemical companies located in Ankleshwar are highly sought-after these days. Chemical firms are well-maintained in their equipment and tools that are inspected and maintained on a regular basis. time. They also have top quality chemical testing that allows to find contaminants and create the highest chemical products for their customers. We will provide you with a the top chemical companies that are located in Ankleshwar that are currently trending and have received positive feedback from their clients.

Chemical Companies in Ankleshwar

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd.

This company first started working in 1996 and manufacture excellent chemicals required in the field of food processing and other activities. Structural dieting agents like Zeolite are produced and exported in massive quantities. Phase transfer catalysts are also an integral part of this company’s development and research. Other pharma and Agrochemical based products are also produced by this company that includes solvents, reagents, lubricants, etc. 

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 49 Google reviews
Address: 502, 17, Ankleshwar GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 075748 48534

Vihita Chem Private Limited

This company first started its operation in 1990 and is a leading producer of chemical products and fragrance intermediates. It has a well-developed research and development team that focuses on customized and non-customized chemical segments. They have good chemical refining processes and their products are available at a reasonable price. 

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 23 Google reviews
Address: 305, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 225 980

Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd

It is a leading producer of chemical intermediates in Gujarat and manufactures formaldehyde, hexamine, and phenolic resins in bulk quantities. They also provide services in the automobile and textile sector and come with excellent working professionals who rely on the highest industry standards. 

Rating: 4.4/5 out of 20 Google reviews
Address: Plot # 3407, Gidc Estate, Ankleshwar GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 251 960

Jackson Chemical Industries

This company was founded in 1992 and is highly specialized in the production of Dyes intermediates. Its main product includes PARA AMINO AZO BENZENE-4 SULPHONIC ACID that is produced in very high quantities. Their products also include acid, direct, and reactive dyes intermediates that are tested and checked thoroughly before they are manufactured. 

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 17 Google reviews
Address: Plot # 502/6, Gidc Estate, Gidc Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 98241 53451

Ramdev Chemical Industries

Founded in the late 1980s, this company is one of the biggest suppliers of chemicals in the field of ink and paint across India. Due to its excellent quality assurance, they have been recognized throughout the whole world. They also manufacture various chemical pigments for plastics that are safe to use and have less impact on the environment. 

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 11 Google reviews
Address: Plot No. 3441/B, G.I.D.C Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 252 299

Harihar Chemicals Industries

This company first started working in 2006 and has a well-organized operations team to handle large-scale chemical processing units. Their products include pigment powders, dyes intermediates, rapid fast dyes, Naphthol, etc. They offer great prices for these products and can be easily afforded by the common people.

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 10 Google reviews
Address: J-5248 ,NEAR KHWAJA CHOWKADI,GIDC, Ankleshwar GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 224 220

Atul Limited

This company is ISO 14001 certified company that has been serving over 30 international destinations including 4000 happy clients. It was first founded in 1947 and has a 22000 square feet research and development center that is constantly focusing on developing new chemicals and improving its high-quality products.

Rating: 3.7/5 out of 15 Google reviews
Address: 297, G I D C Industrial Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 251 416

Ambica Chemical Industries

They are one of the biggest producers of non-ferric alum and their products are available at a reasonable cost. They have good purifying and testing standards that help to manufacture the best of their chemicals for their customers. Most of their products are used for industrial and factory purposes and have high safety standards. 

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 6 Google reviews
Address: Plot#7414, Gidc Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 239 077

Zandu Chemicals Limited

his company was established in 1991 and is Successfully inspected and approved by US FDA & KFDA for their high-quality chemical products. Their customer-centric approach has helped them to earn lucrative revenues in the field of active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates. 

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 6 Google reviews
Address: Ankleshwar GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 220 039

Meridian Chem Bond Ltd

This company was first founded in 1997 and mainly serves chemicals in the field of pharma, insecticides, pesticides, bulk drugs, herbicides, etc. It consists of more than 200 employees who are highly dedicated and trained in this field to provide the best quality products for their customers. 

Rating: 4.0/5 out of 4 Google reviews
Address: Plot No 3209, Gidc Estate, Gidc Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002
Phone: 02646 222 564


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