Business Ideas In India For Beginners

Maybe you’re looking for a job years after graduating, or maybe you’re in the wrong job, or maybe you want to live the life of your own terms? Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. There are a number of reasons why you might want to become an entrepreneur. But we are all stuck in one phase, which is looking for the best profitable small business ideas that can generate recurring income?

As a majority of middle-class Indians, we always try to secure a White Collar Job after graduation, since it is risk-free and gives us the money to secure our family’s future. What does it give us in terms of freedom or recognition of what we look for in our society? You can be the CEO of your company, but you cannot call yourself the founder of your company. Entrepreneurs will always be remembered as those who took the risk to start their business.

Despite some of you disagreeing, yes, why should we risk our future for a new venture if there is a much less risky alternative already available? In India, there are 1.6 million Engineers graduating every year, but only 6% of them are employed by the top 10 IT companies?

Business Ideas In India For Beginners

Business Ideas In India For Beginners

Digital Marketing

business ideas in digital marketing

Business ideas such as digital marketing are among the most coveted and trending today. To market your product to some targeted customers, digital marketing uses digital media like emails, social media, and Google Adwords. In comparison to other forms of paid media, this is a kind of advertisement that aims to reach larger audiences at an affordable cost.

Having a Digital Marketing Agency at home allows you to work as an agent for your clients to help them market their products and earn a commission.

There are also sites like Udemy and Digital Vidya where you can take free online courses in digital marketing or complete digital marketing certificate courses for a fee.

India’s digital marketing sector is one of the most exciting business opportunities to emerge.

Start blogging


Even if you spend only an hour or two a week creating a platform on which you can publish your stories, thoughts, or research, it may seem like an extremely simple idea. In addition, you can earn money by making small investments and getting more exposure for your articles. A second benefit of monetizing your blog posts is that blogging is a passive form of income, since you can spend only a few hours a week writing blog posts and make money as long as they are read.

Basically, if you love to write and want to earn money online, you should start your own blog.

Establish affiliates

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, which we translated into Turkish as an affiliate system, is a method for earning income by selling products that belong to other businesses and individuals. When a product is sold, the company or person that owns it gives the sales link to someone who mediates the sale, and this person earns a commission on each sale made through this link in various digital channels.

In Turkey today, Turkish Airlines, Trendyol, Gittigidiyor, and many other industries took part in the Amazon last month by providing Affiliate Marketing solutions to help market, develop marketing channels. Take action right away to discover new platforms for your Affiliate Marketing market or to develop your business.

Food or Bakery Business

Food or Bakery Business

Food and Bakery businesses can be started with little or no capital, regardless of your cooking skills or lack thereof. Everywhere, whether it is a small town or a big city, bakery items are in huge demand. It is a small business idea that can provide you with both profit and a lot of satisfaction as you prepare bakery products like cookies, cakes, bread, etc. You can also integrate a payment gateway to start your own food manufacturing and delivery business online.

Online Customer Service Center

_Online Customer Service Center

You can do just about everything online today, from paying your electricity bill to booking a hotel room. If you have some familiarity with computers and the internet, you can easily create an online customer service center for very low cost, you only need a PC or Laptop and an internet connection.

In India, many people are still unsure how to pay their bills online or submit a job application online. They can benefit from your online services and you can earn some fee-based income.

Start an Online Gaming Center

Start an Online Gaming Center

A person under the age of 21 can also successfully start an online gaming center, another flourishing and profitable business. Thousands of gamers from around the world visit gaming websites to register and play various games of their choice. 

When it comes to making money online, one of the most lucrative options is to start a gaming business that will make you a lot of money; a site like can make you a lot of money because everyone likes to play rummy. These are great business ideas for the Internet.



Do you love taking pictures and have a passion for photography? Your photos can earn you a nice living if you sell them online. A billion images on the internet are no different. In this world, there is no free lunch.

Creating an account on an appropriate website and uploading your images with a reasonable price range for the image you want is all you need to do. The sale of a photo is available on various websites.

Shutter stock and Fotolia are the top-rated sites for purchasing and selling photos. The sites also offer attractive incentives for conducting photo shoots.



The delivery job is simple. All e-commerce websites need delivery partners today, and all you need is your own vehicle and driving license. A salary job or a per day wage job could be available. The salary includes all petrol expenses. This is time- consuming yet simple job one can do.

Private Tuition Center

Private Tuition Center

There is an enormous demand for private tutors in every place, and it can be either a passive or an active business. With the help of other teachers or someone like you, you may be able to set up a Tuition Class in your area. In India, opening a private tuition center is an extremely profitable business idea.

No initial investment is necessary to set up a home-based tuition center, and you can use your own house or rent a house for your tuition classes.

Join Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (1)

By clicking on the reference link you will be able to earn a reasonable amount of money. To sell their products, e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon provide referral links. After a sale or purchase, these links leave a referral bonus.

It is just a matter of providing these links to the appropriate purchaser, who will be redirected to the product’s purchase page. Once the sale is completed and the buyer has received the product, a referred amount will be credited to your account.



In exchange for your services, you can earn some hefty compensation if you’re good at something others need. It is true that freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money online without spending a lot of money. It is possible for you to provide your knowledge and charge money to your customers if you have skills in Web Designing, Photoshop, or Content Writing. 

The popular freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr offer free accounts. In Asia, including India, freelancing is one of the most popular methods of earning income.

Accounting and Tax Consultancy Service

Accounting and Tax Consultancy Service

You can start your own Accountancy and Tax Consultancy business if you have experience with Tally or Accountancy, and all you need is an office space, a computer, and an internet connection for that. Many Banks in India needs projects for loan appraisal. 

You can also prepare projects for customers and charge a fee for your services. Tax Audits or GST returns can also be prepared by you for your customers. It is one of the most popular small business ideas with almost zero investment.


Classifieds website

Classifieds website

There was a bright future as more people around the globe used the Internet to find products and services locally. Prior to the Internet, classifieds websites were very popular.

If you want to build a classifieds website, then you should first pick a theme for Word Press. A classifieds website is best developed with Word Press, a popular open-source platform. A classifieds website does not require coding knowledge.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency

Travel is a passion for today’s generation. You should start a travel agency so you can gain experience in the industry. It is easy to promote your agency on the social media platform today through blogs and giving out exciting offers.

The price of the package should include travel expenses, hotel bookings, and food, for attracting more and more people.

Event Organiser

Event Organiser

Additionally, you can start your own event management company for very little money. Many social events occur throughout the year, such as weddings, birthday celebrations, or marriage anniversaries. You can assist your customers with venue selection, flower arrangements, food arrangements, and overall smooth conduct of events, and get paid for it.

Paper Plate and Thermocol Plate Making

Low-investment high-profit paper or thermocol plate making is a great business idea. A fully automated Paper Plate making machine costs approximately Rs.1.00 lacs and can be easily started at home. Paper Plate Making Machines can be purchased from the local dealer or at Thermocol making projects are no longer allowed locally, so it makes more sense to start a paper plate business in these states.

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

The role of social media in website growth has become increasingly important today. Marketing experts are in high demand for the popularity of an organization among the public using social media platforms such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER OR PINTEREST. 

Indirectly, these criteria may increase the company’s sales. You can run your own blog and market it in the same way to get famous and earn through it.

Retailing of Soft Drinks

Throughout the day, I will have to visit retailers, wholesalers, and directly with consumers. Soft drinks brands (Coca-Cola, Thumbs Up, Sprite, Pepsi) are available all over the world, as well as many companies that manufacture them. 

During summer, people love to have ice-cream and soft drinks, so if you are looking for a way to make money, you could sell soft drinks.

Video Marketing

Everybody wants to become rich without making any investments, i.e. zero investment. There is no such thing as an impossible task in this world. Your mind and efforts must be focused in the right direction. It is possible to create your own YouTube channel and upload cooking videos, prank videos, or anything related to your cooking skill. 

Just upload things that are loved by the public or if they don’t love it, then they shouldn’t get bored watching it. So, be funny or be interesting in your videos.

Stationary item suppliers

Stationery items are required throughout the year by various Offices, Banks, Schools, or Colleges. The cost of starting your own Stationary items supplier business is very low. It’s a simple concept, you purchase stationery items from local dealers and supply them to offices according to their needs, but in order to be successful in this business, you need to have some good rapport with these offices.

Baby Sitting

These are the old school jobs for teenagers who can take care of their younger siblings in their free time and earn some extra pocket money. These kinds of activities are happily paid for by parents who enjoy having a break from their busy routines.

Pet Care

As a pet trainer, you can help animals. Every fifth family has a pet at home. Nevertheless, these families require a trainer that could influence their pets to respect their owners or to listen to what they are commanding.

Gardening Services

In today’s economy, buyers also want a house with a stunning view and a spacious terrace garden. Then they could enjoy the green surroundings when they awoke or slept late. A gardening service provider could be you. If I have not made myself clear, please do not ask me for new business ideas.

SEO Services

The majority of businesses have their own websites, but having a website isn’t enough, you must rank it high on Google as well. In order to attract real customers. Therefore, they hire an SEO specialist to rank their websites for a particular keyword. It is possible for you to open an online SEO consultancy service by studying SEO on YouTube.

Courier Business

Small business concepts like courier business are extremely popular for beginners and have tremendous demand, everywhere. Courier Business in India has become one of the most lucrative businesses with the growing popularity of online eCommerce sites such as Amazon or Flipkart. Partnering with brands like DTDC, Bluedart, and Ekart allows you to deliver items directly to your customers’ homes.

In India, Amazon has recently started its Amazon Flex service, through which you can earn up to Rs.120-140 per hour delivering Amazon’s Prime & non-Prime packages at your leisure. With your existing courier business, it can be an additional source of income for you. Every Wednesday, the money will be directly transferred to your Amazon pay wallet.

Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is a service that provides assistants virtually or over the internet. A virtual assistant is among the best upcoming jobs in India. It can be started very easily with a low investment. A computer, Internet connection, and a little marketing knowledge are required to start a Virtual Assistant service. Virtual Assistants are increasingly used by large companies to handle non-core activities like email sorting, auto-responders, appointment booking, database building, creating email lists for CRMs, etc.

iCe Cream Business

An India with long, hot summers is a country where ice cream never goes out of fashion. Therefore, running an ice cream shop or a good delicious ice cream business is considered as one of the most profitable small business ideas in India. If you purchase an ice cream maker, which costs approximately Rs.90000.00, you can begin operating your own ice cream parlor. Besides parties and events, you can also supply ice cream at other festivals.

Mushroom Farming

Growing mushrooms in India is a much cheaper, highly profitable business opportunity. It is possible for anyone to start mushroom farming at home without investing any money. There is a huge demand in India for mushrooms of excellent quality such as oyster mushrooms. Start your own mushroom farming business by learning mushroom cultivation online or at your nearest Horticulture Office. In a 20*45 Ft room, you can produce 600 kg of oyster mushrooms every 4 months, which you can sell for 200 per KG.

Web designs

A specialist in information technology is the focus of this business idea. Your own web-designing business can be opened if you know how to use Photoshop, illustrator, and other software. It is essential that you possess these skills in order to start the company.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

The advertisement of auto rickshaws is another excellent business idea. Local auto shops may display banners promoting their businesses behind them. This business concept is popular because it can reach every corner of the city due to its localized nature. You will need a printing firm to create banners to market Auto Rickshaw Advertising. You have to pay some monthly rents to the auto drivers to carry the banners. You can also create your own website for online advertisements for the business.

Grocery items Delivery Service

Due to the busy life of today, many working couples in big cities don’t have time to shop for the daily necessities of life. Grocery delivery services are simple to start in your community. Business ideas like this are becoming extremely popular in major cities across India these days. It’s easy for you to start taking orders online, on Whatsapp, or over the phone. In addition, you can advertise your services in local newspapers or in online local search directories like

Dance Classes

Then open your own institute to teach dancing if you are an excellent dancer. A lot of people love dancing and also do it as a co-curricular activity to stay active in this busy world where no one has time for anything. It could be the one place where they can forget all their worries and enjoy while staying fit at the same time.

Translation Services

Having to deal with language problems is a major challenge for companies in the modern age. It would be great if a translation service could solve any purpose for all types of documents, and it would also be a great revenue generator. Additionally, they will be able to attract legal and medical firms. If a person specializes in the language(s) they speak fluently, there are opportunities here as well.

Used Car Dealership

Every middle-class person in India dreams of buying a car. Because of the national economic situation, people prefer to buy used or secondhand cars in India. Also, taking a car dealership and making money by selling cars would be a good business decision. Title loans can also be obtained with cars as equity.

Driving Kid to School

To keep their families fed and comfortable, three in five Indian parents have jobs. Even their children aren’t given enough time to care for them. Picking up and dropping off children at school, for instance. In order to drive kids between home and school, one can become a professional driver.

On-Demand Service

The on-demand service means you can provide services for any type of requirement your customers may have. There are many on-demand services such as home repairs, plumbers, drivers, pest control, and carpenters. As a middleman, you would arrange all-around services based on your customer’s needs. Almost no capital is needed to start this type of service business. 

All you need is some good links to the actual service providers in your locality to start this small business. Newspapers and local directories such as or can be used to advertise your business.

Final Words

You should consider starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur if you want to pursue your dreams and live life on your own terms. Business ideas alone aren’t enough to make the path easy. Just choosing an idea won’t accomplish your Goal, as I have previously written. As long as you work hard, dedicate yourself, and share your passion, you will achieve your goals.

You may have a different small business idea which is more suitable for you. * The ideas discussed above are just examples.

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