Bhagyalakshmi 27th December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Malishka says you always do in this way and even at office you hugged her. Rishi makes her sit in lap and assures her that he loves her. Malishka shows g saree and goes to try it. Rishi sees the sehra and ties to his face. Thunderstorm started. Lakshmi holds her nupital chain. Sanjay asks Lakshmi to leave saying he will clean it. Lakshmi recalls everything. Rishi sees Lipstick mark on his shirt than he recalls Ayush and Lakshmi words than he throws the sehra. Malishka comes out wearing saree and she says she is looking stupid seeing herself in mirror than she says I’m not looking good right Rishi. He says you’re good but didn’t weared it properly. Malishka says let’s call Lakshmi and asks her to help your would be wife to wear her saree. Rishi says how many times I have to tell you that not involve Lakshmi in our matters.javascript:false

Malishka says she was just kidding. Rishi says Lakshmi is so good and she trust us but you’re behaving in this way. Malishka asks why he is taking it to heart. Rishi says we are breaking her heart without thinking about her and we are cheating her for our selfish motives and she can’t bear it when she finds it and we are just using her and he cries. Malishka asks him to control. Rishi says you always thinks bad for her and we are bad not her and whenever you did wrong to Lakshmi, i feel that pain and it’s like snatching her life from us and how will she react when Lakshmi finds the truth? And what happens to her when she finds she is loving Dhokabaaz and betrayer. He breaksdown and Malishka tries to control him.

Neelam asks Pandit if everything is fine. Pandit says it’s not and he asks her to call Rishi. Neelam says he is not at Home. Virendra and others comes to room. Neelam asks everyone to silent. Pandit says Rishi is safe as he was married to Lakshmi but he is not out from Markesh Dosha. Lakshmi walks to Neelam room. Rishi says i have to feel happy to marry you but why it’s not happening. Malishka recalls Karishma warning that Lakshmi may win Rishi and his heart than she asks Rishi to stop thinking about it and we can’t change whatever going to happen so please smile and get ready. Rishi says i like Lakshmi smile but I’m reason she is going to loss it and you can never understand about it. Malishka says everything gets settled after marriage so leave it. Rishi says you can’t understand it. Malishka asks him to comes out when he feels fine and she leaves.

Neelam asks what’s the problem. Pandit tells to Neelam that Markesh dosh is overpowering Rishi’s kundali, don’t know why it’s happening as Lakshmi’s kundali controlled it until now. Malishka thinks Dad and Karishma aunty are correct but i will marry to Rishi today itself and it will break the marriage of Lakshmi and Rishi. Karishma asks why he is saying like Rishi is marrying someother. Lakshmi comes there and she asks them to not hide anything from her and she asks Virendra and Dadi to tell the truth as Rishi is her husband. Malishka asks Pandit to come quickly than she opens the door and gets shocked seeing her Mom.

Lakshmi says i know you love me and don’t want to stress me but tell me than she tells to Pandit about her Dream. Neelam asks why she didn’t informed her and your heart is warning you still you allowed him to leave. Malishka asks why she returned. Kiran says i know that you want to send me but I can’t love peacefully without you and at this time it’s not good for you to stay alone and I’m with you and i know your aunt is fine. Malishka thinks glad she didn’t find about marriage and she asks Kiran to leave saying she needs her space. Pandit comes to their place than Malishka lies to her Mom that he came for pooja. Kiran says you can’t even wear saree without me and she offers to help her but She denies and sends her Mom. Malishka sends Pandit to arrange everything in lawn. Virendra asks Neelam to stop. Neelam asks the Pandit what shall they do to save Rishi? The Pandit he can’t read anything as sunset is nearing and whatever is written in destiny will happen. Lakshmi request him to tell her solution.

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