Bhagyalakshmi 24th December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Lakshmi hugs him in tears and asks him to not leave her. Rishi asks if she had any dream. Lakshmi says it’s bad dream. Rishi says sometimes it happens and he notices time and tells her that he have to leave to office. Lakshmi asks him to don’t go anywhere today as some black shadow is trying to separate us. Rishi says nothing will happen and i have to leave. Malishka wakesup and she sees herself in mirror and says happy wedding day and you’re going to become Mrs oberoi and she notices she didn’t get any call or message from Rishi than she calls him and tells i love you. Rishi tells her love you too than Malishka asks Rishi to finish all the work and come to her house at 7 pm for their marriage. Rishi agrees. Malishka asks if he is fine. Rishi says he guess so. Malishka says everything will be fine so don’t worry and she cuts the call and thinks Rishi is not good so I have to make him feel it’s good decision to marry me.javascript:false

Virendra and Dadi enjoys tea prepared by Lakshmi. Ayush takes Virendra cup and enjoys the tea. Virendra asks him to thank him as he was the one who brought Lakshmi. Ayush thanks Dadi for giving birth to Virendra and he hits Ayush with fruits. Neelam comes there than everyone stays silent. Neelam asks if Rishi went. Rishi comes to meet his Mom. Neelam asks Rishi to stay at home today as Mumbai is in red alert of Toofan. Neelam promises to return before red alert time and leaves. Lakshmi prays to Tulasi maa. Rishi comes there. she asks him not to go today. Rishi says it was just a dream. Lakshmi asks if he have any important meeting. Rishi nods than Lakshmi agrees. Ayush comes there. Lakshmi asks Ayush to stay with Rishi in the whole day as I’m feeling not good. Ayush agrees to stay with Rishi for her. Rishi asks Ayush to come than they leaves in car.

On the way Ayush says Lakshmi attached to you and she loves you so don’t leave her Rishi Bhai and why you’re silent. Rishi says i already told you I love Malishka and i like Lakshmi as my friend. Ayush says I’m feeling you’re lying. Rishi asks him to not talk about it. Ayush says you’re unable to face the truth and only lucky people can get partner like Lakshmi and don’t convince me saying you love Malishka. Rishi asks him to stay silent. Ayush tells to Rishi that he hopes that Lakshmi gets much better guy than you. Rishi stops the car and asks him to not say in that way as Lakshmi is still my wife. Ayush asks him to tell seeing his eyes that he don’t love Lakshmi. Rishi coudnt tell and he drops Ayush in the middle and asks him to come to office in cab. Ayush thinks when you realise your love? When you lost Lakshmi.

Rishi enters his cabin and thinks what happened to lights than Malishka hugs him and plays their moments in projector. Lakshmi arrives to office. Receptionist informs her Rishi is in his cabin. Rishi tells to Malishka that he don’t repent that he proposed her as he loves her. Malishka says Neelam aunty wants our hapiness right. Rishi says yes. Malishka thinks now he won’t go back from marriage as now he marry me for his Mom and she asks him to come home on time and tells him I love you. Rishi tells her love you for 5times. Malishka goes out. Employee shows orders to Malishka. And she gets shocked hearing Lakshmi voice.

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