Bhagyalakshmi 23rd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Lakshmi cries hugging Rishi. Rishi tells her he gets angry if she won’t tell him what happened. Lakshmi asks him to not get angry at her. Rishi promises her he won’t than she says i got scared thinking I lost you for a moment and you’re my identity and I’m nothing without you. Rishi says we are different and we can’t be dependent on eachother and it’s the life and we met many people that doesn’t mean we have to live with them for forever. Lakshmi asks won’t he wants to stay with her. Rishi recalls his moments with her. Lakshmi closes the window as Rain is entering the room and she gets drenched than she wipes her hair and body with towel. Rishi feels mesmerized seeing her. Lakshmi turns suddenly and apologies to him as her hair touched him. Rishi asks her to wipe his cheek. She wipes with her saree. Than he shows his neck. She wipes it too. Power goes off. They fell on bed because of slippery floor.javascript:false

Rishi places her hair behind her ear. Lakshmi smiles seeing their joined hands. Malishka asks organiser to arrange it beautifully. Organiser asks how many people will present at gathering. Malishka says bride, groom and sautan than she manages saying small gathering, than she thinks Lakshmi became her sautan and i wanted her to come to her wedding with Rishi than Oberoi family will not have any option than to accept me but Lakshmi have to stay with him for an year because of his markesh dosh and i know how to stop her. Rishi hears sound and he shouts saying snake.

Lakshmi coudnt walk because of her pained leg than he takes her out and they comes inside as Power comes in than Lakshmi tells him it’s belt not snake. Rishi places her on bed and tells her he just teased her. Malishka says don’t lie. Rishi says true, i got scared. Lakshmi smiles and says Darkpok. Rishi says Mumbai ki murgi. Both smiles happily. Than Rishi makes her sit and checks her feet and says it’s happened because of me right. Lakshmi says no and my injuries won’t heal soon and asks Rishi to think what will happen if she gets big injury. Rishi thinks how can she bear his betrayal and he thinks he hates himself for betraying her. Lakshmi asks if he wants to say something. Rishi says you’re so good but if I did any mistake you can’t forgive me but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Lakshmi says you take care of me that’s why I don’t gets scared of anything. Rishi applies ointment to her cut. Rishi says sometimes I get angry as you don’t care for yourself while thinking about others. Lakshmi says i can’t see anyone hurt and i can bear anything except your anger and never stop talking to me as i can’t live far from you and i can’t tell you what you mean to me as words are not enough to describe. Rishi asks her to sleep and he covers her with blanket. Lakshmi holds his hand. Than Rishi asks her to sleep.

Malishka thinks glad I separated Rishi from Lakshmi on time otherwise he may never leave her and glad I can see my love dreams and she sends I love you message to Rishi. He notices her message and replies her he loves her too than he switches off his mobile and recalls Malishka and Lakshmi words. Lakshmi dreams some unknown lady is taking Rishi from her, she wakesup in tears shouting Rishi name. Rishi comes to her asking what happened. Lakshmi hugs Rishi and asks him not to leave her.

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