Bhagyalakshmi 22nd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Malishka scolds mother of Durga than she asks Pandit to restart the marriage. Pandit says setting of havan is bad sign and he leaves saying he can’t do this pooja as it’s sin. Rishi asks her to tell whats happening. Malishka says it’s normal pooja, don’t make it issue and let’s leave. Durga smiles. Malishka on call asks Pandit to arrange their marriage at home and they leaves to home. Virendra sends Ayush to get file from Lakshmi. Ayush goes to Lakshmi room and he tells her that he won’t tell anyone about their candle date and leaves taking the file. Lakshmi looks on.javascript:false

Rishi tells to Malishka he will leave as it’s 8.30. Malishka says it not late than Pandit asks where to keep Havan. Malishka shows him the place than Pandit says it’s better if they change their dress. Malishka asks won’t it happen in their dress. Pandit says they can marry in normal clothes too. Rishi takes her aside and questions how can she betray him and i didn’t expected that you lie to me. Malishka says I didn’t expect this reaction. Malishka says she didn’t wear the wedding dress as Dadu. Rishi says he paid for it and it’s not about dress and you tried to marry me without my knowledge and tried to make me fool. Malishka says I mentioned today as our wedding date. Rishi asks how can she change date and tells her that he is done with her and refuses to marry her. Malishka says you’re refusing as you love Lakshmi. Rishi asks her to stop involving Lakshmi in their matters and leave from that place saying it’s because of her actions he is refusing the marriage. Pandit asks her to call groom. Malishka shouts at him to remove the set up then she thinks why Rishi is worried and what’s the problem if I prepone the marriage.

Rishi sees Dadaji and Viraj arrives to Malishka place. Malishka welcomes them than she sees Rishi and feels happy. Dadaji asks her about Kiran. Malishka says she will come tomorrow then they gives her Shagun and asks her to wear it on her wedding day and tells her that they will discuss with her Mom about wedding date. Malishka smiles and accept it than she asks them to fix the date of next week saying she can’t wait to marry. Viraj and Dadaji leaves. Rishi comes to Malishka and what Tamasha she is doing. Malishka says it’s reality as you’re backing out so I can’t trust you. Rishi tells her they are getting married tomorrow itself. Malishka says she too wants the same. Rishi says he don’t know what’s he doing. Malishka says you love me and possessive about me so relax. Malishka holds his hair than he warns her to not touch it as he don’t like it and he leaves saying let’s meet tomorrow.

Rishi breaksdown in rain recalling everything and thinks he is getting his love Malishka than why he is feeling tensed and suffocated than he prays god to show him the way to stay happy. Lakshmi waits for him. Rishi returns to his room and takes the clothes to freshen up than he asks if she decorated the room. Lakshmi confronts him with wedding card than Rishi manages her telling it’s mistake of printing person. Lakshmi asks why he didn’t scold them. Rishi says i scolded them and he sneezes than she sends him to change his clothes. Rishi thinks Malishka is making him mad. Malishka throws te Shagun gifted by Dada ji and thinks their is no place for it As I’m marrying my love Rishi. Lakshmi cries. Rishi comesout and notices her tears than he feels worried and asks her to tell him what happened. Lakshmi hugs him.

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