Bhagyalakshmi 21st December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Malishka Apologies to Rishi and request him to not fight with her. Rishi says it’s ok and he notices her sadness and asks what happened. Malishka says it’s our marriage but their is no rituals for us. Rishi says it’s not normal wedding so we have to be careful. Malishka insists him to take the card than Ridhi agrees and keeps the card in the file.javascript:false

Lakshmi comes to room and says i know that you guys must be waiting for tiffin so have it quickly. Malishka says we are getting late to our meeting so we have to leave and i will order food on the way. Rishi asks Lakshmi to have her breakfast and he tells her that they can have dinner together and waves her bye which irritates Malishka.They leaves. Lakshmi plans to surprise Rishi arranging candle light dinner in their room.

Malishka questions Rishi why he is acting sweet with Lakshmi. Rishi asks why she is reacting for every thing and questions if she jealous of Lakshmi. Malishka says why she feel jealous seeing her as Lakshmi is illiterate. Rishi warns Malishka to not talk bad about Lakshmi. Malishka says I’m talking facts and you’re supporting her bullshit stories.

Rishi says he likes the village things and wants to know about them and their village is like a family unlike us and i love to listen her stories. Malishka asks if he asks again whether she is jealous of Lakshmi. Rishi says not again, I’m not defending Lakshmi but it’s not good to involve her between our issues, so tell me where we have to leave. Malishka tells him she will drive. They leaves in Rishi car.

Ayush arrives to Shalu place and asks her to her take the Duppatta which belongs to him. Shalu asks from when he started wearing Salwar. Ayush says it’s my stole from Sherwani. Shalu scares him with knife. Ayush teases her telling story he get to know from Lakshmi. Shalu runs behind him with chappal. Ayush leaves giving Duppatta to her. Malishka apologies to Rishi and request him to smile. Rishi smiles and asks where is she taking him.

Malishka says it’s surprise. Kiran calls to Malishka and tells her that she will return to home tomorrow from her aunt place. Malishka arrives to temple with Rishi. Rishi asks why they came to temple than Malishka meets Pandit and asks if arrangements are doe. Pandit agrees than Rishi asks what’s happening. Malishka says small pooja.

Lakshmi decorates room for candle light dinner and plans to surprise him with his favourite food. Rishi asks what’s this pooja. Malishka says it’s Kuldevi pooja. Rishi denies saying he was married but Malishka insists than they sits in the mandap. Rishi asks how much time it takes. Pandit about to say something but Malishka stops him and asks him to start the pooja. Rishi recalls his marriage with Lakshmi while they are doing pooja.

Pandit ji places ghunghat on Malishka’s head and ghatbandhan cloth on Rishi’s shoulder. Rishi asks what’s happening. Virendra asks Lakshmi to bring brown file from Rishi’s room. Lakshmi tries to get the file but things fell down from it and she finds Rishi with Malishka’s wedding card with today’s date and she feels worried. Rishi asks what kind of Pooja.

Pandit recalls how Malishka bribed him to do a marriage without guy finding out about it. Malishka asks Pandit to finish it. Pandit asks them to do ahuti. Rishi denies. Kids comes there while playing and havaan turnoff as milk fell down in it because of them. Malishka asks who are they. Kid says Durga. Rishi thinks it as Maata Durga sign.

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