Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2022 Written Update

Malishka Insisting Kalyani To Call Police. Lakshmi Says I Didn’t Know Who Has Kept The Necklace In My Purse And Says I Haven’t Come Here Since Morning. Malishka Asks If She Wants To Get Rishi And Her Relation Broke? Rishi Tries To Open The Door And Hits On It. The Door Bolt Breaks And The Door Gets Opened. Rishi Runs From There. Malishka Says Do You Think That Our Marriage Will Break. Lakshmi Says I Really Don’t Know Who Has Kept This Necklace, And Says You Know Me That I Am Not Ready And I Would Have Got Much Money Than This. Malishka Says Then Why Did You Do This, You Hate Me So Much, You Have Done This So That Rishi Break Up With Me. She Asks Kalyani To Call Police. Manoj Calls Police. Lakshmi Says I Really Didn’t Do Anything. Kalyani Says You Have Ruined Our Respect. Malishka Says It Is Found In Your Purse. Lakshmi Says I Didn’t Steal It. Kalyani Says You Shall Apologize To Her, And Rather Than That, You Are Arguing. Lakshmi Says I Didn’t Steal It. Kalyani Tells That Lakshmi Is The New Staff Member And Tells That She Must Have Cried Infront Of Darshan Bhai And He Helps Everyone, And Helped Her Too. She Says She Might Have Gained His Sympathy And Had Cried. Lakshmi Says I Haven’t Cried Infront Of Him And Says I Am Not Helpless, I Have Raised My Hands To Earn Money, Will Not Take Money For Someone’s Sympathy. Malishka Claps And Says Wow, What An Actress, And Asks Kalyani If You Saw The Thief Like This, And Says She Has Arrogance And Attitude. Lakshmi Says She Has Attitude As Her Character Is Pointed. Malishka Asks Her To Act Infront Of Police.

Manoj Comes There And Says Police Is Coming. Kalyani Says I Will Make Sure That You Don’t Do Job Anywhere. Lakshmi Says Call Darshan Sir Once. Kalyani Refuses And Tells That Police Will Handle You Now. Lakshmi Says I Haven’t Done Anything. Rishi Looks For Lakshmi. Kalyani Takes Lakshmi To The Police Inspector. She Tells That Lakshmi Has Stolen The Necklace. Lakshmi Says I Haven’t Kept That Necklace In My Bag. Malishka Asks If I Have Kept It? Rishi Comes There And Says I Have Kept It. Lakshmi Asks Why Are You Lying? Rishi Tells That I Have Kept It And Tells Inspector That He Would Have Told Malishka Later. He Asks Everyone To Apologize To Lakshmi. Lakshmi Thinks Why Rishi Is Saying This To Save Me?

Inspector Asks Why Did You Keep It In Her Bag? Rishi Says I Had Kept It And Was Not Aware That The Situation Will Become Worse. Inspector Asks Why Did You Keep It? Rishi Says I Want To Give It To Her As A Gift. Lakshmi Holds His Hand And Takes Him Away From There. Malishka Asks Where Are You Taking Him. Rishi Asks Malishka To Relax And Says I Am Not A Small Kid. Lakshmi Says Before Malishka Think Something Else, I Will Ask Here. She Says I Didn’t Keep That Necklace In My Bag And Knows That You Haven’t Kept It Either. She Says I Didn’t Steal It. Rishi Says Did I Ask You, I Know That You Haven’t Kept It. Lakshmi Says I Said As You Offered Me Money In The Morning. Rishi Says During The Molestation Case, You Knew That I Couldn’t Do Such A Thing And Like Wise, Even My Heart Knows That You Haven’t Done This. He Comes Back To Police And Tells That He Wanted To Give The Necklace As She Liked It. Kalyani Says Why You Will Give To Lakshmi. Rishi Tells That She Is His And Then Tells That She Had Saved Me Once And Had Lost Her Necklace. He Says She Wouldn’t Have Taken It, If I Had Offered Her Directly. Kalyani Apologizes To Rishi. Police Goes. Rishi Asks Kalyani To Apologize To Lakshmi. Kalyani Says It Is Clear Now That Lakshmi Haven’t Stolen It.

Rishi Tells Rupali That He Don’t Want To Buy Solitare Now For His Mom, As For Him, Respect For Human Is More Important And He Sees If The Employer Apologizes To Employee If Does Any Mistake. Kalyani Apologizes To Lakshmi. Lakshmi Says You Didn’t Need To Apologize And Asks Rishi Not To Make Her Say Sorry Forcibly. Kalyani Apologizes Again And Goes. Rishi Asks Rupali To Pack Solitaire Necklace For His Mom. Lakshmi Gives Necklace To Malishka And Congratulate Her For Her Marriage, Says She Don’t Want This Necklace. Lakshmi Washes Her Face With Water And Recalls Rishi’s Words. Malishka Is Upset. Rishi Makes The Payment For The Solitaire Necklace. Malishka Goes To Lakshmi And Asks What Do You Want? She Asks Do You Love Rishi Or Not? Lakshmi Says What Happens If I Love Or Not? Malishka Asks Her To Answer. Lakshmi Asks Why Do You Want To Know, You Got What You Wanted. Malishka Says Do You Love Rishi Or Not? Lakshmi Says There Can’t Be Simple Answer And Says I Don’t Know Why You Are Upset. She Asks Her To Change Her Question And Ask, If I Love Rishi Now Or Not, And Says I Don’t Love Him. She Says I Didn’t Question You Or Accuse You For Hoping My Dreams, As I Knew Who Was My Life Partner And Whom Shall I Accuse? She Says Rishi Is Your Lifepartner Now And You Shall Ask Him, What Does He Wants? Malishka Says If He Loves You Then? Lakshmi Gets Teary Eyes.

Karishma Tells Sonia That Malishka Has To Do A Big Drama. Sonia Says Malishka Must Have Done This And Will Ruin Lakshmi’s Respect. She Says People Trusts Rich People. Karishma Says I Shall Call Malishka. Sonia Asks Her To Call Her, And Ask How Rishi Reacted? Karishma Says Lakshmi Has Returned The Money, As She Don’t Want To Be Bad Infront Of Virender. Lakshmi Says Rishi Has Broken My Heart So Badly, That My Trust Went Away From Love, Says Rishi Never Loved Me, It Was All Lie. Rishi Comes There And Hears Her. Lakshmi Asks Her To Take Care Of Her Would Be Husband As He Has The Habit To Break The Marriage And Keep Eye On Others. Malishka Asks Her To Stop Her Nonsense? Lakshmi Says Didn’t You See What Happened Downstairs, And Says Rishi Haven’t Kept It, I Don’t Know How It Is Found In My Bag. She Says For Your Peace, I Am Telling You, I Didn’t Want Rishi Oberoi. She Says If You Want Then You Can Keep It, Just Take Care Of Him. Rupali Comes There. Rishi Feels Bad Hearing Her.

Precap: Kalyani Gives 10000 Bonus To Lakshmi. Rishi Tells Malishka That They Have To Go To Bank And Keep All Those Stuff In The Locker. Shalu Asks Lakshmi About The Bank Where She Will Deposit The Cheque. Lakshmi Says Bank Near Her Office. Neelam Asks Rishi Not To Go Out Today, And Says 6 Days Have Passed And Today Is The Last Day. Rishi Says He Needs To Go. The Robbers Come To The Bank. Lakshmi Is In The Bank With Shalu. Neelam Tells Dadi That If Lakshmi Would Have Been With Him Then She Wouldn’t Have Got Worried. Rishi And Malishka Come To The Bank.

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