Bhagya Lakshmi 5th January 2022 Written Update

Neelam leaves Rano’s house. Rishi asks if he found Lakshmi. She nods. No. He cries. She tells him that they will find her. She will be alright. Karishma tells her not to overthink Virender’s words. He’s hurt. He is angry. He didn’t mean what he said. He can never break the relationship. Rishi says: I’m not thinking about that. I am thinking of Lakshmi. I have done very wrong with her. She only wanted the good for me. But what I did? I don’t know anything about her. Whether she’s alive or … It’s all happened because of me. He tells Karishma to take Neelam home. Neelam asks and what about you? She says I’ll come. He is going somewhere. Neelam was going after him, but Karishma stops her and tells her to be alone for some time. Rishi runs down a road, thinking of Lakshmi and hers moments from her. He comes in front of a car. The car stops before a serious accident. She faints and falls unconscious.

Later, Rishi wakes up to see Lakshmi applying Haldi to her wound. He gets happy and says: Did you come back to me? She says: No. I came to get my belongings and saw this wound, so I thought about applying Haldi. After today, I will neither see any wound, nor apply Haldi on it, because I will not be here. She asks can I apply the Haldi? He nods his head in agreement. He continues to apply Haldi on his wound. After she finishes, they both look at each other. She gets up and starts packing her bag. He looks at her helplessly. Maafi Menu From .. The song is played in the background. She takes the suitcase from him and starts walking. He asks: Should you go? She asks: By what right should I be left behind? I came to this house as his wife, but you do not accept me as your wife, so I have no right to stay in this house. He says, you’re right because I … Then there is a pause and he says, you know that when they couldn’t find me, I was very scared, I was worried. I feel really bad when I do something wrong with you. She says I know. He says, and when she was with Malishka, I told her how much I cared about you. I’m starting to have feelings for you. She says, but you were marrying Malishka. She says: I didn’t know what she was doing. When I married you, I felt like I was betraying Malishka even if I gave you a smile. But today, everything has changed. I feel like I’m betraying you. She asks why He says because … She says, I have to go. It’s time for my train. Please don’t make it harder for me. He says: Difficult for you? He asks me what the difficulty is. It is very difficult for me to see you sad like this, your tears. It is becoming very difficult for me to stop loving you, to stay without you. I have started to love you. I know you think I was going to marry Malishka, but trust me, you’re everywhere, on my mind, sweetheart. I can not imagine my life without you. I need you. Please do not leave me. You’re everything to me. You are my life. Love you. Please, trust me. She gets emotional and hugs him. He hugs her from behind. All of this turned out to be her dream. He is still asleep, hugging a pillow and saying: Don’t leave me, Lakshmi. I need you. Neelam comes and hears it. She wakes him up. She realizes that it was her dream. She asks Neelam if Lakshmi came back. She says no, but don’t worry, everything will be fine. You cool off and go down and eat something. You know he had a little accident last night and Malishka left him here? He says: Yes, he was worried about Lakshmi. She tells him to get cool and informs him that Virender and Ayush have gone to the police station.

Rishi goes downstairs and sees Dadi praying. He also joins in and prays for Lakshmi. Other side, Lakshmi wakes up. She looks around her and is near a temple. She goes inside. The priest tells him to do the Arti. She thinks of Rishi and her betrayal while she does the Arti. Another priest comes and is surprised to see Lakshmi. He remembers seeing Lakshmi during Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. He is the same priest who was making the marriage of Rishi and Malishka. He calls Rishi and informs him of Lakshmi’s location. He asks her to come quickly as after Arti, Lakshmi can leave. Rishi says, I’m coming. Members of his family ask what happened? He says they find Lakshmi and hurries to leave. Lakshmi continues to remember Rishi’s betrayal and cries.

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