Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2022 Written Update

Malishka Asking Kalyani, If She Saw Rishi. Kalyani Says Actually Ring Was Stuck On His Finger And That’s Why Staff Member Is Helping Him Get Out The Ring. Malishka Says It Had Happened With Me. Kalyani Says Same Thing Happened With Him. Malishka Asks Who Is Helping Him. Kalyani Says Lakshmi. Malishka Is Shocked And Asks Where Is That Room? Kalyani Shows The Side. Rishi Asks Lakshmi To Talk To Him And Says He Got The Ring Stuck To Talk To Her. Lakshmi Says You Have Given Me A Big Pain, And Telling About Your Small Pain. She Says You Got Separated With Me 3 Hours Back And Now Came Here With Malishka Here. She Says Tell Me, That I Am Thinking Wrong And I Will Be Quiet. She Says You Never Cared For My Love And Togetherness, And Tells That Malishka Is Asking Me To Show The Wedding Ring And Jewellery. She Says I Shall Congratulate You For Your Marriage And Congratulates Him. Rishi Hugs Her To Pacify Her. Lakshmi Pushes Him And Warns Him Not To Hug Her, And Says You Always Proves Me Wrong, Whenever I Think That I Thought You Wrong. She Says When You Saved Me From The Employer, I Thought You Are Good And Saved Me, But You Had Come There For Your Name And Oberoi Family. She Says When You Gave Me The Money, I Thought I Had Told Enough And Now You Came Here With Malishka. She Says It Was Bad That I Meet You. Rishi Says I Didn’t Do Wrong With You And Says I Love Malishka And Even Now. Lakshmi Asks What Are You Saying? Rishi Says But My Love For You Is Different. He Says I Didn’t Keep Bad Eye On You Like Balwinder And I Cared For You. Lakshmi Says You Made Yourself Bad By Comparing Yourself With Balwinder. She Asks Him Not To Say Anything. Rishi Says You Have Moved On And Doing Job Here, You Are Not Thinking About You. Lakshmi Says My New Life Was With You, But This Job Is My Helplessness, Which I Have To Do For My Sisters, To Earn Food For My Sisters And Me, And I Don’t Want To Burden On My Chachi. Rishi Says I Want To Share So Much With Me. Lakshmi Asks Him Not To Say Anything. Rishi Says I Always Think That I Meet You, And Don’t Want Your Hatred, As You Are Important To Me. Lakshmi Says If I Am Important Then What Malishka Is Doing Here, To Shop For Marriage. She Says I Can’t Become Your Friend, As I Can’t Break My Relation With My Husband And Become His Friend. She Says Leave It, You Move On For Your Happiness, And I Will Move On For My Sisters As I Have Promised My Bau Ji That I Will Take Care Of Them. She Says She Has No Reason To Live, Other Than Shalu And Bani.

Karishma Thinks Of Neelam’s Words, And Calls Malishka. Malishka Says Hello. Karishma Asks How Can You Be So Careless, And Says If You Don’t Love Him Then Why Did You Go Ahead To Marry Him. She Says How Is Now Suffering Because Of You. She Says Lakshmi Had Come Here. Malishka Says I Knew That Lakshmi Had Come With The Divorce Papers. She Tells That Even She Had Suffered And Tells That Viraj Broke Alliance With Her And Went Away. She Says She Is Not Upset, But Stressed. She Says She Is Feeling Suffocated And Stressed Now Also, As They Have Come To The Jewellery Store And The Salesgirl Is Lakshmi Here. Karishma Couldn’t Hear Her And Ends The Call. Malishka Thinks She Shall Talk To Her Later, First She Shall Check Where Is Lakshmi And Rishi.

The Salesguy Mohan Brings Ointment And Is Giving To Lakshmi. Rishi Says Its Ok And Asks Him To Take Out The Ring. Lakshmi Is About To Go, And Stops Hearing Rishi In Pain. Lakshmi Holds His Hand To Take Off His Ring, Applying The Ointment. He Thinks He Has Given Her Much Pain, And Wishes To Make Everything Fine. Malishka Comes There And Sees Lakshmi Trying To Take Off The Ring From His Hand. Rishi Feels Pain. Lakshmi Gets Worried For Him. Malishka Gets Upset. She Gets Karishma’s Call And Goes To Pick It. Karishma Says I Couldn’t Hear Your Voice And Says I Heard That Viraj Broke Off With You. Malishka Says Rishi Proposed Me For Marriage And He Told That He Will Tell Neelam Aunty. Karishma Gets Happy. Malishka Says Rishi Brought Her For Shopping, But Lakshmi Is Here. She Says Rishi Told That He Is Not Affected By Lakshmi, But He Has Guilt, Care And Respect For Her, And More Than That. Karishma Says He Has Broken Off With Lakshmi. Malishka Says This Girl Has Become Curse For Me, And Is Helping Him Take Off His Ring. Karishma Asks Her To Calm Down. Malishka Says They Had A Big Fight, But They Are Behaving As If Nothing Happened. She Says Rishi Looked At Lakshmi As If She Is Ms. Universe, And He Don’t Look At Me Infront Of Her. Karishma Asks Her To Ruin Lakshmi’s Respect And That Her Name Is Ruined For All Her Life, That Even Rishi Don’t Want To See Her Face. She Asks Her To Prove Lakshmi As Thief, So That She Gets Labeled As Thief And She Will Go Back To Her Village. Malishka Says You Are Right.

Ayush Thinks Rishi Bhai Might Have Talked To Lakshmi Bhabhi By Now. He Thinks Bhabhi Looks Good, But I Never Called Her Bhabhi. He Thinks To Call Her Bhabhi Always And Thinks Even Rishi Bhai Doesn’t Know What His Heart Wants, He Is Innocent. He Wishes And Pray That Lakshmi Could See His Heart And See That Only He Is In Her Heart. Lakshmi Gives Toffee To Rishi. Rishi Asks If I Am A Small Boy And Says I Am Not Mintu. Lakshmi Recalls The Incident. Lakshmi Tells About The Childhood Incident, And Gets Him Busy In The Talks. Rishi Says I Am Sorry, You Are Doing These Talks So That My Skin Don’t Get Scratched. Lakshmi Says I Am Not Like Before. She Takes Off His Ring And Walks Away From There. Rishi Feels Her Pain.

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