Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2022 Written Update

Malishka Asking Kalyani To Make Mannequin Wear The Necklace, And Says It Might Look Good On It. Kalyani Says Ok. Lakshmi Goes From There Crying And Recalls Malishka’s Words. She Takes Off The Necklaces From Her Neck. Kalyani Tells Malishka That She Will Be Back. Malishka Thinks You Will Have Tears And I Will Be Happy With Rishi. She Says Rishi Is Mine. Lakshmi Is In The Washroom And Thinks She Can’t Be Weak. She Wipes Her Tears And Thinks Neither He Is Important For Me, Nor I Am Important For Him. Malishka Thinks To Break Lakshmi And Says You Can’t Stand Infront Of Me. She Says You Have Hurt Me, And Now I Will Hurt You And Will Tell You That You Have Taken The Wrong Place. Lakshmi Thinks She Has To Think About Shalu And Bani And Also About Her Promise To Bau Ji. Malishka Comes Inside And Asks If You Are Crying. She Says Rishi Told You All The Truth About You, That You Look Simple, But Did A Big Drama, And Told Big Dialogues To Him While Returning The Money. She Asks If She Is A Trained Actress, And Says You Want Divorce From Him, You Will Only Cry And Will Do The Drama. She Asks Why Are You Feeling Bad And Crying, When I Am Starting My Life With Rishi. Lakshmi Says I Was Not Crying, Something Had Gone In My Eye, And I Was Taking That Out. Rishi Comes To Rupali. Rupali Says I Will Arrange Some Other Staff. She Gets A Call. Rishi Goes. Rupali Comes To Rishi. Rishi Asks About Lakshmi. Malishka Says Your Dream Was That Rishi Will Come Running Behind You, Or Virender Uncle Will Stop You. She Says Nothing Happened As You Thought, As You Lost Everything. Lakshmi Asks Do You Want To See Something. Malishka Asks Her To Stop It.

Rupali Says Yes, I Had Called Lakshmi. Rishi Says Why That Lakshmi Will Be Here, And Says I Am Thinking Wrong. He Says My Rishi Can’t Be Here, And Then Realizes What He Said. Malishka Asks Until When You Will Behave As If You Don’t Know Me. Lakshmi Says I Am Going Out And Asks Her To Call Her If Needed. She Goes. Malishka Thinks Lakshmi Didn’t React Hearing Her And Thinks Rishi Shall Not Meet Her. Rishi And Lakshmi Collide And Say Sorry To Each Other. Song Plays…..Lakshmi Bends Down To Pick The Necklace Boxes. Rishi Says I Am Sorry Lakshmi. She Asks If Everything Will Be Fine With Sorry. Rishi Says When I Heard Your Name, I Thought. Lakshmi Says She Is Lakshmi Bajwa. Malishka Comes There And Gets Shocked. She Tells Rishi That Lakshmi Works Here. She Asks Did She Tell You Something? Rishi Asks What? He Asks If He Is Still Thinking About Her. Rishi Says That Day She Asked Me To Return Her Love And Trust. He Says She Was Right, She Has Not Snatched Anything From Me, But I Have Snatched Her Everything. He Says She Asked Me To Return Her Love And Trust. Malishka Asks Him To Go And Apologize To Him, And Says Lakshmi Insulted You And Neelam Aunty, She Didn’t Stop. She Says I Tried To Talk To Her, But She Made Me Feel As The Culprit. She Says Lakshmi Acted To Cry Infront Of Salesgirl And Acted Innocent To Made Us Bad. She Says She Will Play Sympathy Card. Rishi Asks What Did She Tell You? Malishka Recalls Lakshmi’s Words. Rishi Asks Her To Tell.

Lakshmi Comes To Kalyani. Kalyani Takes Her To Side And Asks What Happened? Lakshmi Says I Need Leave. Kalyani Says You Shall Be Thankful That You Got To Wear Costly Jewellery And Asks Her To Be Thankful To Darshan Sir. She Asks Her To Write On The Paper, So That She Can Show To Darshan When She Throws Her Out Of The Job. Lakshmi Says I Will Do The Job. Kalyani Asks Her To Atleast Clean The Basement.

Malishka Tells Rishi That He Is Not Lakshmi’s Husband, But She Is Behaving Wrongly And Showing Attitude. He Says Shall I Talk To Her. Malishka Says If You Are Worried, Then We Shall Go To Some Other Store. He Says All My Guilt Is Over And Says I Am Not Worried, And Says Infact I Am Seeing You Worried. Malishka Says No Way. Rishi Says We Stay In The Same City And We Can See Her Anywhere At Anytime. He Goes. Malishka Thinks Rishi Doesn’t Care About Her, And When He Is Not Effected, Why Shall I? She Thinks Rishi Is Mine Now.

Ayush Calls Rishi And Says I Am Sorry To Disturb You. He Tells That He Is Not Getting Juneja’s File And Asks Where Is It? Rishi Looks At Lakshmi And Tells That He Has Done Wrong With Lakshmi, He Is Trying To Talk To Her, But She Is Not Willing To Talk To Him. He Says I Can’t See Her Working Like This In The Store. Lakshmi Also Looks At Rishi. Rishi Says Ayush, Lakshmi Scolded Me Much. Ayush Says Lakshmi Didn’t Marry The Rich Guy, But Married You For Love. He Asks Him Not To Miss This Chance To Apologize To Her. Rishi Asks Why Did You Call Me? Ayush Says Leave It, And Asks Him To Go And Talk To Lakshmi. Ayush Asks God To Sort Out Their Problem. Rishi Turns And Finds Lakshmi Missing.

Malishka Comes To Lakshmi And Ask Her To Show Some Engagement Rings Which Is Going To Happen With Rishi Oberoi. She Asks Her To Show Heart Shaped Pendant To Her. Lakshmi Shows The Pendant And Chain. Malishka Says Rishi Will Like It And Says I Am Buying It And Will Surprise My Would Be Husband By Wearing It. She Asks Her To Show The Rings And Scolds Her. Lakshmi Shows The Rings. Malishka Tries And Says Nothing Is Good In This Shop And Throws It. Lakshmi Picks The Ring. She Says Actually The Problem Is In You, It Seems Good As You Went Away From Here.

Precap: Malishka Tells That This Is Best Showing The Chain. Lakshmi Says It Is Beautiful, All Good Things Are Not Made For Everyone, You Can Buy It, But You Can’t Be Suitable For It. Later Rishi Tries To Wipe Lakshmi’s Tears And Says I Used To Love Malishka And I Love You Too. He Hugs Her. Lakshmi Pushes Him And Asks Him Not To Touch Her, Says I Feel Disgusted On Myself For Loving You Someday.

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