Bhagya Lakshmi 1st February 2022 Written Update

Rupali Asking Lakshmi To Show The Ring. Rishi Turns To Look At Lakshmi, But He Couldn’t See Her. Lakshmi Looks At Rishi, And Recalls Kalyani’s Words That They Have To Show Best Ring And Mangalsutra To Malishka As She Is Getting Married To Rishi Oberoi. She Thinks My Relation With You Was Forced And Unwanted. She Turns And Looks At Him Again. Rishi Asks Rupali Who Is Lakshmi? Rupali Says She Is There? Lakshmi Hides Behind The Pillar And Cries. She Asks Mata Rani Why Is She Crying For Him, And Don’t Want To See Him, Asks Her To Keep Him Away From Her. Kalyani Shows The Necklace To Malishka. Malishka Says She Don’t Like It. Kalyani Says We Have Much Collection. Malishka Recalls Lakshmi’s Words And Gets Up. Lakshmi Turns And Looks At Rishi, Who Tells That Someone Went In His Eye. She Gets Concerned For Him And Goes To Him, But Stops Recalling How She Got Insulted By Him. Rishi Turns, But Couldn’t See Her, As Lakshmi Goes Downstairs. He Thinks He Felt Her Presence Here. Tu Hi Roye Gaa Plays……

Rano Says Don’t Know What Is Written In My Destiny. Her Neighbor Asks Her To Drink Tea. Rano Says What Is Left Now, And Tells That Her Dreams Are Shattered. Her Neighbor Asks Her To Drink Tea. Rano Gets Angry. Her Neighbor’s Son Asks Her To Handle Her Daughter Who Is Roaming With Salman Khan’s Duplicate. Rano Tells The Neighbor That Her Son Will Get Her Insulted. Neighbor’s Son Tells Her That Like Lakshmi, Neha Will Get Her Insulted. Rano Says She Is Not Like Lakshmi And Will Adjust In The Rich House. Neighbor’s Son Says Neha Doesn’t Have Any Self Respect. Rano Gets Upset. Neighbor’s Son Goes To Gamble. Neighbor Asks Rano To Suggest Preetam To Gamble As Well. Rano Wishes Neha Would Have Got Married To Rishi And Not Lakshmi.

Malishka Thinks I Shouldn’t Get Insecure, As Rishi Himself Is Marrying Me, I Didn’t Force Him. She Thinks I Shall Not Get Scared Of Lakshmi And Thinks She Shall Not Be Good With Her, And Shall Show Her Value To Her, She Is Not Rishi’s Wife Or Their Bahu, She Is The Rejected Wife Of Rishi, And Thinks I Am Not Snatching Anything From Her, I Will Face Her And Will Show Her The Place Which She Deserves. She Recalls Her Words And Thinks I Will Tell Her That Rishi Was Always Mine.

Pandit Ji Asks Neelam To Give Ahuti. Neelam Gives The Ahuti And Puts Something In Havan Kund. The Fire Increases. Karishma Calls Servant. Neelam Says I Will Take The Havan Kund Myself. Karishma Asks Servant To Bring The Snacks For Pandit Ji. She Takes The Havan Kund With Neelam And Asks Her Not To Worry, As Nothing Has Changed Since Lakshmi Went. Neelam Sees The Tulsi Plant Dried And Recalls Lakshmi’s Words.

Kalyani Thinks Malishka Is Upset Due To Lakshmi. Malishka Comes Back And Asks Kalyani To Show Some Necklace And Try Them On Some Salesgirl. Kalyani Calls Megha. Malishka Asks Kalyani To Call Lakshmi. Lakshmi Comes There. Malishka Asks Her To Try Big Necklace On Lakshmi. Kalyani Makes Lakshmi Wear It And Asks If She Is Looking Good. Malishka Says I Will Wear It For My Haldi And Asks Her To Show Something Different. Kalyani Makes Lakshmi Wear Another Necklace. Malishka Says I Will Wear It For My Haldi. She Asks Her To Show More. Kalyani Makes Lakshmi Wear More Necklace. Malishka Says I Will Wear It For My Mehendi And Asks Her To Show Something For Her Engagement. Kalyani Shows More Necklaces.

Karishma Asks Neelam Why She Is Worried About Tulsi Plant. Neelam Says I Am Not Selfish Like You, I Think About Family First, But You Think About Yourself. She Says I Got Rishi Married To Lakshmi For His Protection, But You Used To Hate Her, And Asks Why You Hate Her So Much. She Says Lakshmi Was Not Only Good Wife, But Also Ideal Wife, Sarvagunn Sampan. Malishka Asks Kalyani To Show Her Something, That When Rishi Looks At Her, He Shall Just Look At Her And Nobody Else. Kalyani Tries Polki Necklace On Lakshmi. Malishka Says I Will Wear It For My Marriage. Neelam Says The Tulsi Got Dried, As Lakshmi Went From Here. She Says Virender And Dadi Forgot To Smile, And Even Your Kids Ayush And Ahana Too. She Says Even The Servants Are Upsets, But For You, Your Ego Is Important. Karishma Says It Is Not Like That. Neelam Asks Her To Go To Room And Think And Says I Stay Silent Many Times, And Tells That Everyone Can’t Be Same, And Says Don’t Know When You Will Understand, Actually You Understand, But Don’t Believe It. She Says I Got Lakshmi Married To Rishi Due To Her Kundali, And Tells That Even If Her Kundali Was Not Strong Then Also I Would Have Accepted Her As My Bahu And Got Her Married To Rishi, As She Deserves This. Malishka Tells Kalyani That She Is Lucky To Get Back Her Rishi, As Someone Tried To Steal Him. She Says She Got Him As She Truly Deserves Him. Kalyani Asks How Did You Save Your Husband? Malishka Says She Saved Him. She Asks Her To Try Mangalsutra On Her And Not On Lakshmi. Neelam Tells That Malishka Ruined Everything. She Tells Karishma That She Can’t Bear Anymore And Goes. Karishma Says Even I Am A Human And Have Feelings. She Says You Scolded Me Due To Lakshmi, You Can Made Her Bahu, But She Is Not Less Than A Servant To Me. She Thinks Whatever Malishka Did Right. Malishka Asks Kalyani To Call Her Husband And Says He Will Make Her Wear Mangalsutra. She Tells That The Necklaces She Doesn’t Like On A Second Thought.

Precap: Rishi And Lakshmi Collide And See Each Other. Malishka Asks Lakkshmi To Show Her Engagements Rings And Says She Will Surprise Her Would Be Husband. She Says Rishi Is Mine. Rishi Tells Lakshmi That He Didn’t Do Anything Wrong With Her, He Used To Love Malishka And Even He Loves Her. Malishka Tells That The Ring Is Best And Made For Me. Lakshmi Says It Is Beautiful, But Sometimes The Most Beautiful Things Are Not Made For Everyone, It Can Be Bought, But Might Not Deserve It.

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