Bhagya Lakshmi 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Lakshmi thinks about Rishi. She says Shalu’s course will end and you will become something. Bani and Shalu ask her to sleep. Rishi remembers Lakshmi’s words and becomes restless. He turns on the bed. Ayush asks Rishi to call the one he is missing. Rishi says to whom? Ayush says to Malishka. Rishi says I miss Lakshmi idiot and asks him to sleep. Ayush says it’s okay, come to bed when I sleep. Rishi comes to the window and remembers Lakshmi’s words. Lakshmi also comes to the window and thinks of Shalu’s words and Rishi asking Kalyani to apologize to Lakshmi. She remembers the words of her Bau ji and thinks that Rishi is not her saathi and saarthi and has broken that relationship with her. She remembers that Malishka hurt her. Rishi thinks Lakshmi saw me with Malishka and knows about my marriage to her, but it seems like she doesn’t want me to marry her. Malishka calls Rishi and says sorry. Rishi says I’m telling you one last time this thing won’t work. Malishka says I’ve often said sorry and asked for forgiveness. She says please, I love you. Rishi says I love you too. Malishka says I can sleep peacefully now and asks him to see her dreams. She tells me that I am finally in your mind, heart and everywhere. She asks if I’m there? Rishi watches and says ya bye Malishka. Malishka says good night and ends the conversation.

Ayush calls Rishi the next day and gets his call. He says you call me from home and ask him good morning. He asks him if he has a white coat because Neelam Mami said it is good to wear today. Rishi comes out of the bathroom and says it must be somewhere, and says that since Lakshmi left, the room is all messed up. Ayush smiles. Rishi says it must be somewhere else. Ayush asks if you want to go like this and tries to style his hair. Rishi says I don’t like anyone touching my hair. Ayush says I saw Lakshmi bhabhi put your hair on at the Ganapati festival. Rishi thinks about why he didn’t feel bad when she touched him at the Ganapati festival. He goes. Ayush thinks he wants to forget, but I won’t let you forget. Rishi comes out and wants to sit in the car. He remembers asking Malishka not to touch his hair, but he liked it when Lakshmi touched his hair. He thinks why I miss Lakshmi. Neelam comes there. Rishi hugs her. Dadi comes and asks what is wrong with your affection with your mother today? Rishi says so. Neelam asks him not to go anywhere today and says that 6 days have passed and today is the last day. Rishi says nothing happened and nothing will happen today. He says he will be back soon. Neelam sees Malishka’s wallet and asks if he has gone shopping. Rishi remembers a conversation with Malishka and asks Dadi to give prasad to Mama and him. Neelam asks him to call her. Rishi says ok and gets in his car. Dadi asks Neelam not to worry and says everything will be fine. Neelam says what to do with the fear that something is going to happen and when I say something no one understands. She says 6 days have passed and today is the last day. She says no one listens to me, if Lakshmi had been here I wouldn’t have worried. She asks Dadi to come in.

Shalu and Lakshmi come to the bank. Shalu says it is very large. Lakshmi says shall we go to the small bank. Shalu says it’s Mumbai and needs big banks to keep the money. Lakshmi says why it is so decorated. Shalu says today is Valentine’s Day and if you and you had been together, you would both have celebrated. Lakshmi says Rishi doesn’t love me so it wouldn’t have been our day. Rishi comes to get Malishka. Malishka sits in his car and hugs him. She says she missed him. He says I must miss me. He asks if you have an appointment and postpones it because we have to go to the bank to keep the jewelry we bought yesterday. He says Mommy would see it today. Malishka says didn’t you tell aunt? He says he will tell later when the right time comes. She asks for the name of the bank. He says the name. Malishka says it’s near Lakshmi’s jewelry store. He says we’re going to bank and not save.

The robbers are getting ready to steal the bank. The head of the gang says let’s go and rob the bank. Lakshmi tells the bank employee that she wants to open a bank account. The employee asks her to fill out the form and tell her that today there is a special offer for Valentine’s Day. Lakshmi sits down to fill out the form and sees a man proposing a girl. Shalu asks if I’m going to drink water. Lakshmi says okay. She looks at the couple and finds a ring in her purse. She wonders who owns this ring. Rishi and Malishka come to the bank. She clashes with the robber and gets angry. Rishi says I don’t know what happened to them.

Ayush and Karishma are also sitting on the couch. Karishma asks him to fill out the form. Ayush says the locker is in your name. The employee says my mom looks like her and lets me do all the work. Ayush is shocked and praises Karishma for not letting him do housework. The robbers enter the bank and knock the security guard unconscious. The robber woman asks the men to hide the bodies and sees Rishi and Malishka arriving there. Malishka gets mad at the mugger. The robber’s wife gives her an appropriate answer. Rishi asks her to go.

Precap: Lakshmi thinks about Rishi and tells Shalu. The robber tells them that their face won’t be in CCTV and sprays on it. An employee says your husband is Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi says no, he was my ex-husband. Rishi hears her. Lakshmi asks Rishi to become someone else’s. Shalu clashes with the mugger and says sorry.

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