Best Non-Chinese Headphone Brands! [ 2022 Update ]

Best Non-Chinese Headphone Brands! [ 2022 Update ]

Music is something very relaxing and soothing. People of all ages are fond of music.  So to feel and have fun! It’s better to get yourself good quality Headphones!

To have a far better experience.

As the Start of the Swadeshi Movement happened! People are aware of their country’s needs and started to purchase products within the country.

Chinese Products are nowadays the topmost priority to boycott! So if you are aware of world awareness and want to know about the best non-Chinese Headphone Brand with the high product quality product base? Then stay here and go through the article.

Today, we have listed the top non-Chinese  Headphones Brands with Great product Quality.

Best Non-Chinese Headphone Brands List!

Contents            Established          Brand
Evidson                              2015                        India
Boat                                   2015                        India
Mivi                                     2015                        India
iBall                                    2001                        India
Zebronics                          1997 India
JBL                                      1946 America
Bose                                    1964 America
Philips                                1981 Netherland
Senheiser                          1945 Germany
Portronics                         2010 India


People often get confused? Purchasing a product and at the back written Country of origin China. It causes a sense of doubt in people! They get confused like HEY! it says manufacture in India; Then why the back label printed says Originated in china?

Let me clear the doubt!  Most of the emerging Brands start to manufacture products in China! Due to high yield and fewer cost productions. That doesn’t mean that it a Chinese product just because manufactured there.

Manufacturing in a particular country doesn’t always mean it’s their product. Production involves figuring out the design, producing planning, which gets figure out in by the brand nation.

So don’t accept the origin story. There is a lot of backstory behind it.

I hope it’s clear now.

Here are some of the Non-Chinese headphone Brands:

1.    Evidson

The company got introduced in the year 2015! just when the ‘Make in India’ riot started.

The company starts to settle from then. Starts to produce good quality headphones which got advanced in gaining the trust of their users.

The company listens to the reviews and demands of its users and gradually fulfills them.

The company favors cheap and favorable product rates to their customers.

The main priority is providing quality, uniqueness, and durable headphones which last a lifetime.

From all the emerging headphone brands! Evidson is trustworthy and satisfactory.

Is Evidson a Chinese Headphone Brand?

It is an Indian Brand. I am an aware Indian nationalist! And fond of products made in India. But sometimes! we fail to reach pure Indian-made products. Evidson, on the other hand, does not rely on other nations and make pure Indian based product.

Top 3 Headphones of Evidson?

2. Boat

The company formulated in the year 2015. Aman Gupta acts as the co-founder of the company.

The company deals in Electronics services and fashionable lifestyle.

The Company gained pace in demand from the year 2017.

Is Boat Chinese company or not?

The boat is an Indian company. The manufacturing process happened in China as low-cost production! As I described earlier Origin got nothing to involve in the country brand.

Therefore it remains an Indian Brand.

Top 3 Headphones of Boat?

3. Mivi

Viswanath collaborated with his wife to start the brand in 2015.

They were aware of the Indian market demand and want to reach customers with Indian-made Products.

The brand Produces accessories like Earphones, chargers, Bluetooth with quality headphones.

The main priority is giving satisfaction to customers with quality and affordable rates.

Is Mivi a Chinese Brand or not

Mivi is an Indian Brand. A few months back, in December 2020, they launched Made in India Bluetooth Speaker.

Top 3 Headphones of Mivi

4. iBall Headphones

The company started in 2001. Anil Parasrampuria launched it.

The Company provides several devices like headphones, computer accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, and Laptop.

The company has succeeded in reaching the most number of users of 100 million.

Is iBall is a Chinese Brand Or not

It is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai. They occupy 25% of their parts and import the remaining to China.

Top 3 Headphones Of iBall

5. Zebronics Headphone

The Company got launched by Rajesh Doshi. The company impacted the Market and made its presence since 1997.

It is one of the leading brands that work in producing headphones, speakers, accessories, etc.

They don’t import maximum products from China. But a fact they mostly are dependent on them.

Is Zebronics Chinese Brand Or Not

It is a Non-Chinese Headphone Brand. The Headquarters is in Chennai. The company works with 1300 workers with 31 offices across India.

Top 3 Products Of Zebronics

6. JBL

The company is an American Brand. It succeeded in creating the maximum number.

First, they worked under the Harman International. Lately, they covered them and evolved as the owner of Harman International.

JBL has its production units in countries like China, Hungary, India, Mexico, and Germany.

Is JBL Chinese Company or not

JBL label is tagged as “Originated in China!” But it is an American Brand. The manufacturing part happens in China.

Top 3 Headphones Of JBL

7. Bose

It is an American Brand introduced in 1964. The brand collaborates with China, the United States, Malaysia, and Mexico for the manufacturing of its products within their country

It is one of the best options to pick as a Non-Chinese company.

The headphones are high rates and satisfactory in quality. They provide high-end audio sound and noise cancellation.

Is Bose Chinese Brand Or Not?

It is an Indian Quality Brand. The Headquarters is at Massachusettes (the USA).

Top 3 Headphones of Bose

8. Philips

It is a Netherland brand.

The Headquarters got placed in Amsterdam. The manufacturing units get carried in India and China.

It is one of the leading brands in the service of electronics.

They export to several other countries. They manufacture products like soundbars, speakers, etc.

Is Philips a Chinese Brand or not

It is a brand of Netherland. Most of their product manufactured in China due to low production costs.

Top 3 Headphones Of Philips

9. Sennheiser

It is a German Brand. The Headquarters originated in Wedemark.  Several countries such as Mexico, Ireland, Brasov, Romania manufacture their commodities.

They sell high-quality headphones at different price ranges.

Is Sennheiser Chinese Brand or not?

No, it is a German Brand. China only contributes to manufacturing its products.

Top 3 Headphones Of Senheiser

10.  Portronics

The patriotic owner is Jasmeet Sethi. It is one of the old leading Brands. The Brand has Been working in the electronics field since 2010

They Brand serves its customers and brings advanced technologies each year.

They specify on Providing a variety of quality products to their customers.

Is Portronics a Chinese Brand or not?

It is an India Brand. The Headquarters are in New Delhi. Some of their audio speakers get imported from China and tagged as their origin name.

Top 3 Headphones Of Portronics


I hope I cleared! all your doubts starting from the original tag to the Brands.

We need to admit that China is the source of high-deal of manufactured products.

But lately, in two-three years, many changes are pulled off because companies started to shift from China to countries like India and Vietnam.

So I would like an Indian nationalist love to plead to my viewers to support India and buy Indian quality products. Thank you.

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