List Of Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India 2022

List Of Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India 2022

The mixer grinder will be an integral part of your kitchen setup as it is a fantastic mix of an electric hand-held mixer and an electric grinder all in one. It can be used to grind, puree, beat and churn the ingredients. Who knew that there are several types of mixer grinders available today? Since buying the right one can get tricky by just looking at the features, we’ve sorted through most popular brands that offer viable choices for every budget and requirement.

There are many brands which are manufacturing mixer grinders and all of them are claiming that their mixer grinders are the best. But is it true? Do all the mixer grinders do same work? Is there a difference between them? To get the answer you will have to check each and every brand. So, if you are going to buy a new mixer grinder then, don’t forget to check all these best mixer grinder brands in India, then only you can decide which one is your favorite and which one can fulfill your requirements successfully.

Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

1- AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics products are the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality, affordability, and convenience. The AmazonBasics line features proprietary products from the label known for excellence in the realm of consumer goods. It is an exclusive, a fan-favorite, and the preferred choice for most customers.  When it comes to kitchen appliances – from juicers, to microwaves, and steam cookers, Amazon offers a wide range of high-quality products at amazingly low prices. If you’re wondering where to shop for appliances online, check out the AmazonBasics mixer grinders.

2- Panasonic

The Panasonic company is one of the most reliable companies in India that has always given good acumen products. For the benefits of customers, Panasonic offers a wide range of mixer grinder models so that consumers can buy as per their needs. There are mainly two types of grinders available in the market which are mixer grinder and juicer grinder. The Panasonic mixer grinder is most commonly used because nowadays, there is a trend to add fruits while making any kind of food. Panasonic mixer grinders are an interesting device which has great value in its feature. You can use it for various purposes and even for your kitchen worktops which will perform multiple functions like mixing, grinding, slicing or beating as you wish. These devices are very precisely made by the manufacturer and are a great product for those looking for an easy-to-use device.

3- Havells

Havells has been one of the frontrunners in the Indian consumer durables industry, and that’s because it follows its core values. Started with a vision to create domestic appliances that are beautiful and unique, Havells is one of the fastest growing electrical brands in India. This makes a lot of difference to Havells customers and this is why Havells mixer grinders are among the best-selling products on It delivers a wide range of leading electric, blender and grinder products for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones or planning to cook in a stylish manner, choose from our quick sieve mixers, multi blenders, portable grinders and table top grinder.

4- Preethi

Preethi mixer grinders are world-class empowering you with tools to cook like a chef. A creatively designed ergonomic body enhanced with stainless steel is a smart choice. These mixer grinders run at a slow speed of 80 RPM, making them the perfect appliance for grinding tough ingredients like nuts and seeds. They can grind dry and wet ingredients, which might be a little surprising because most household mixers have different “attachments” that can be used for specific types of ingredients. They have multidirectional power transmission, thus providing higher torque at lower speeds. Guaranteed and safe with superior quality motor, shines through its robust structure, longer service life and noise insulated body. The product has on board attachment s and provide more space to place large vessels for mixing and grinding.

5- Prestige

Mixer grinders make our life easier. Gone are the days when we used old mixie to grind our chutney and other mixes. These mixer grinders have taken a new shape and you can now choose from different models in the market. The Prestige mixer grinder is one of them. This review makes it easy for you to choose which model is the best for you. Prestige is a popular brand, which also comes with a wide range of mixer grinders. The mixer grinders are innovative and can easily make all type of dishes from batter to delicious delicacies. The Prestige mixer grinders are affordable and easy to use. They have made grinding a quick task which otherwise could be frustrating, especially when the batter is lumpy!

6- Bajaj

Bajaj mixer grinders have come a long way in the evolution of kitchen appliances. From the age-old appliance Bajaj has become a household name in India. The Bajaj mixer grinders are known for their superior quality. Today, it is the manufacturer of some of the finest mixer grinders in the market and is regarded as leaders in the sector. These grinders not only offer the best of cutlery, but also ensure hygiene and durability. For people who consider these factors sacrosanct, Bajaj Mixer Grinders are certainly a sturdy option.

7- Philips

Philips’ mixer grinders are very popular and they can be seen in homes across India. One of the things that make these mixer grinders ideal for a household is the convenience offered by these products. The Philips mixer grinders have a compact design that fits easily into every kitchen. It is true that people have been using different types of mixies which include the conventional ones and hand blenders. But these noisy machines have been replaced by these mixer grinders that can deliver what every customer wants to have in a mixer grinder: speed, performance, and most importantly, exceptional results.

8- Butterfly

Mixer grinders have gone through a sea change in the recent years. Though the brands have been competing with each other for a long time, there have been subtle but major changes to their products, which we as consumers are bound to feel. Butterfly mixer grinders is one such company which has drastically changed its product quality and design style, almost every year. The company is constantly working to invent, innovate and implement new methods and technologies to make our kitchen appliances even better. The pursuit of perfection is never ending – with each product they design and deliver, they strive to make it better than the last.

9- Lifelong

The best part about the Lifelong mixer grinders is that they are made of good quality materials; hence, they are durable. When you buy a mixer grinder from this brand, you don’t have to worry it will break down after a few months or so. In addition to this, there is a wide range of mixers on the market today and it can be quite challenging for one to choose the best one.

10- Wonderchef

The Wonderchef mixer grinders are tailor made for Indian households. Equipped with high quality, durable, rust and shock proof stainless steel jars and blades, they are able to grind the toughest ingredients effortlessly. This range is powered by superior 750W motor which makes grinding faster and gives a longer life. The elegant design of the mixers comes with a 5-year warranty on motor and 2 years on product. The mixer grinders are available in attractive colors which will match your kitchen decor. This kitchen appliance is designed with safety features to make life easier for you.

11- Bosch

Bosch mixer grinders are versatile in performance and come with a range of excellent features. With these products, you will get the results that you are looking for. These products come with a speed control function that enables you to set the speed as per your requirements. The company has given an overload protection feature in these products that saves the motor from getting damaged by cutting off the power in case of overheating. These mixer grinders available in different sizes and capacities so that you can choose as per your needs. These products are affordable and durable so that they last longer.

12- Sujata

Sujata mixer grinder is a powerful, compact and high-end appliance that is ideal for small Indian kitchens. It provides an excellent solution to modern kitchen needs by being a perfect combination of power, performance and durability. It comes in the capacity of 900 watts and has a simple design and aesthetic look. It features three jars that are made from stainless steel material and it consumes 230 volts of electricity.

13- Morphy Richards

The Morphy Richards mixer grinder is a must-have because of its high power, large capacity and multiple jars. Whether it is the easy-to-use IntelliChopper or the efficient Aerocook, or the Superb juicer mixer grinders, you can be sure that you are investing in the best. These mixer grinders are capable of consistent performance and can be used for varied purposes such as grinding spices, making juices, making chutneys and others. These juicer mixer grinders come with a number of features such as leak-proof jars, speed control options, juice extractor attachments and more. These are functional as well as stylish and will add a touch of class to your kitchen.

14- Usha

Usha mixer grinders have been the number 1 choice of homemakers for the past four decades. They were the most common piece of kitchen equipment you would find in almost every household, barring a few which may just have had a hand mixer. But things change and Usha didn’t get left behind. Today, they still make some of the best mixers and they have introduced new ones. This time tested and proven brand has become synonymous with quality and performance in homes all over India.  An Usha mixer grinder will stand by your side through years of regular use because of its durability and high-quality standards.

15- Orient Electric

A mixer grinder is a versatile appliance that is used to mix and grind ingredients to make your food preparation convenient. From making the batter for delicious dosas to grinding raw spices, Orient mixer grinders let you do it all easily. The mixer grinders coming from the house of Orient Electric come with a powerful motor and metal blades for grinding purposes. The juicer mixer grinder price that you see here is very reasonable and pocket-friendly. These appliances are sure to make your cooking process easy and quick. So, if you are looking for a reliable, efficient and durable mixer grinder for your kitchen, then the Orient Electric mixer grinders are the best choice for you.

16- Maharaja Whiteline

The Maharaja Whiteline mixer grinder comes with numerous features. They are very efficient in terms of power consumption, ease of use and have a great product warranty from the manufacturer as well. It is also very easy to maintain these mixer grinders as it is dishwasher friendly. These mixer grinders have been designed by keeping in mind the customers’ needs and demands and customization when it comes to cooking and cleaning. They are available at some of the best online stores in India.

17- Cello

The mixer grinder industry is exploding and there are a lot of brands and models to choose from. Why settle for the wrong one when Cello offers the best mixer grinders you can find in India? So, what makes Cello so different? The company pride itself in creating machines that mix, grind, chop, and puree with extreme precision. They offer both 1 L and 2 L jars so that you are covered regardless of your needs. The three jars are made from sturdy materials including the unique anti-dust pan that minimizes chances of any splattering or messes (making cleanup a breeze).

18- Kenstar

Kenstar mixer grinders are just one of the most popular and effective mixer grinders available in India. When we talk about Kenstar brand’s products of mixer grinder, both household and commercial products are available in its wide range. But when it comes to house hold type of Kenstar mixer grinder, there are various number of products from which you can choose from. These mixer grinders having different features and price ranges according to the needs.

19- Croma

Croma Mixer Grinders, India’s one of the leading mixer grinder brand companies present in India, these mixer grinders are a multipurpose kitchen appliance which requires mixing and grinding ingredients. Croma is fast in processing food and are engineered to transform any meal into an exotic and yummy treat. Every home appliance brand comes with a unique language, Croma Mixer grinders are user friendly that offer best motor performance and designs. It is a must have kitchen appliance for every household. If you want to save money then use mixer grinders offered from the house of Croma as they save time by doing multiple works at a time.

20- Pigeon

Pigeon is one of the leading mixer grinder brands in India. The mixer grinders that they manufacture are quite efficient and are the best mixers available in the market. Their manufacturing units are set up with state-of-the-art technology, which ensures high quality materials to be used for their efficient products in order to provide you a great performance. They have been in this business for several years now which makes them a trusted brand and hence it would be a good idea to purchase their products.

21- Vidiem

Vidiem is a mixer grinder brand which manufactures, wholesales and retails 0.25 horsepower mixer grinders. They manufacture and sell hand power mixer grinders and wet grinder at very affordable cost. Vidiem mixer grinder products are made using quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum that makes their products highly durable and compact. There are various types of wet grinders available in the market with different power sources, shapes, colors and sizes. These include 3 stone wet grinder model, 2 stone wet grinder model, crank handle grinder model, table top wet grinder model etc.

22- Home Plus

When it comes to a mixer grinder, no doubt you will always go for a Home Plus Mixer Grinder. This is because this mixer grinder has been popular among the customers and their reviews have been positive as well. These Home Plus Mixer Grinders have high power that measures 800 watts and made of top-class material having six jars. This machine helps you to prepare masala, chutney, and much more.

23- Sunmeet

SUNMEET is a well-reputed brand in India for mixer grinders. The company has launched a range of top-quality mixer grinders that have won the hearts of many customers. Their most popular product is the SMX 850 Mixer Grinder; it comes with several useful features and offers power and performance that you can depend on. The brand has made sure that its mixer grinder comes with features and utility if offered at a reasonable price, so you don’t need to sweat over your investments.

24- Platinagold

The Platinagold Mixer Grinders are one of the best mixer grinders in the Indian market. Unlike any other mixer grinders, this mixer grinder has a very special design and is manufactured by the company which is one of the best mixer grinder manufacturing companies in India. The products are specially designed to provide you amazing experience of food processing with latest technology included.

25- Agaro

Agaro has become a household essential and even indispensable in many kitchens. And while this simple, sturdy appliance fills a very specific niche and is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ you cannot help but marvel at its elegant simplicity. These mixer grinders are amazingly fast, able to mix and mince any ingredients within a short time. Agaro mixer grinders are a blessing for people who love to cook!

Now you can easily buy the best mixer grinder for your kitchen from the top brands with outstanding performance and price. After comparing brand, motor power, material type and much more you can buy the product, which suits your requirement.

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