10 Best Gas Lighter Brands in India 2022

Best Gas Lighter Brands in India  : A gas light is an item which has been around for a number of years. It’s a must-have item for every household and must always be available. There are numerous kinds of lighters available which makes it difficult to choose the right one.

The next blog article will provide the basics of what makes an excellent lighter, and will also review various options to think about before purchasing.

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crystal lighter

The Crystal Lighter is produced by an Indian business, Haldiram Industries. It is constructed by zinc alloy, and also steel materials. The lighter produces the blue flame, which is perfect for cooking. It is also wind-proof at speeds of up to 5 km/hr.


Ritu lighter

Ritu Lighter Ritu Lighter is a windproof lighter that is made of magnesium alloy. It produces the blue flame that has intense intensity. It also has a safety switch on the top to stop sparks from exploding accidentally. The lighter is utilized to light gas stoves and burners in hotels, homes, and restaurants.


DEBIRE lighter

Debire is produced in the LB Goenka Group company, which has production facilities located in Maharashtra in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh with a branch located at Kandla Port. It is manufactured using the best raw materials for long-lasting and perfect performance.

It is also used to enjoy leisure activities like grilling barbecues and is commonly employed to light gas ovens in restaurants.


Generic lighter

This Generic Lighter is manufactured by the Akrimax group, a business which has been around since more than 16 years. It is constructed of top-quality materialthat is able to produce a strong flame that is adjustable according to the specific needs. This lighter is perfect to light ovens as well as barbecues.


KOFY lighter

This Kofy Lighter is made in Cozy Post Fire Works. Cozy Post Fire Works company that has been in operation for more than 30 years. The lighter is constructed of non-ferrous metal which makes it very sturdy. It has an emergency button to ensure that it will not burn accidentally. It comes with a unique feature that lets it operate even in extreme wind conditions up to 3 km/h.


Butterfly lighter

Butterfly Lighter Butterfly Lighter is manufactured by the Mysore Maharaja Fire Works Company. It comes with an extended nozzle that can be adapted to different gas burners. It has an iron body and produces an blue flame which can be adjusted according to your needs by pressing on the knob that is located over the top.


Alkey lighter

It is the Alkey Lighter is made in Taaza Fire Works Company. Taaza Fire Works Company, located within Kolkata, West Bengal. It produces a 78 kV ultraviolet beam which can be adjusted to suit the needs. It features an adjustable gas flow control which allows it to function in winds that exceed 3 km/h.


Srxes lighter

It is the Srxes Lighter is manufactured by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited, the first Indian petroleum marketing firm. It releases an intense blue flame with high intensity , and it is windproof at speeds of up to three kilometers per hour. It has a lock for safety on the handle to ensure it doesn’t ignite in the wrong way.


MR lighter

MRF Lighter MRF Lighter is made in the company Mukand Limited, which was founded in 1946. It produces an blue flame which can be adjusted depending on the needs. It’s windproof up to 3 km/hr . It is suitable for kitchens as well as bars, restaurants and pubs.


Zippo lighter

It is the Zippo Lighter is made through the Zippo company that has been operating for more than 80 years. It produces an orange flame with intense. It is windproof at speeds of up to 3 km/hr. It also comes with a three-year warranty. Zippo lighters aren’t subject to the elements and are therefore ideal to use in extreme weather conditions.

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